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Fer Fook’s Sake: Maths is sexy?

I have posted earlier on Sufiah and the enthusiasm of the Prime Minister’s department and Higher Education Ministry wanting to be saviours of a girl who has a mind of her own, and who is contended with the popularity and benefits she now gets with tons of money. She is enjoying herself and why must our people short-circuit her fun. There are other deserving cases in our country alone. This is from YouTube.

I have also the post of blogger anfield devotee reproduced below.

Maths is sexy?

Am sure some of you logged in this morning expecting to continue the war of words on the subject of Tun Salleh Abbas & royalty. But then me was sent a link to this video & certainly thought it worthy of yer attention.

This may be old news to some of you but me was quite oblivious having actively boycotted local mainstream media fer some time now. But just in case some of you are also fooking oblivious like moi, the pretty young thing in the vid is a lass of Malaysian descent (her mum’s side). Living in the UK, she was a child prodigy & was the youngest ever Math student accepted in the revered halls of Oxford University at 13.

However, an overbearing father & a broken marriage led to a few screws coming undone & was recently exposed by the News Of The World as a hooker plying her trade in the less than salubrious surroundings of Salford, Manchester.

Tragic tale but most will have to admit, nice pix Cik Sufiah Yusof! Malaysia Boleh?

Am sure the News Of The World paid her handsomely fer troubles & this being the UK, she can now look forward to a career as a minor celebrity doing the chat show & reality TV curcuit. . . Unless of course, she takes up the local offers to “save” Cik Yusof. Wonder what they had in mind – new president fer Puteri UMNO? Well, she’s certainly got the brains! In fact, she’d be the most qualified person in the party next to that other whore KJ!!!

Fer Fook’s Sake: Maths is sexy?


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