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post op partial turbinectomy

hpe- ca ex pleomorphic adenama

plan for commpition operation


carcinoma expleomorphic adenoma of right middle turbinate


biopsy is the only sure way to diagnosis most cancers. Imaging tests like CT scans and X-rays can help identify areas of concerns, but they can‘t differentiate between cancerous and noncancerous cells. … Doctors use biopsies to test whether abnormalities in your body are caused by cancer or by other conditions.

I took my Driver’s licence in the year 1966, within 3 days after applying. I had no driving licence but was forced to buy a car, and without a valid licence registered it under my friends name as a temporary measure. I paid $50/ as down payment and the rest was covered with a loan. I could drive, although the car was parked in my house, with strict instructions from the second hand dealer I could not take the car out.

To get the drivers licence I had to pay something like $150/ to a driving school. And mind you part of this was the bribe to my instructor who passed me in the road transport system. By present day standards it was cheap.

Now I am told the driving school fees alone comes to thousands, and of course the bribe to the instructors in the road transport department.

Our new Transport Minister, Anthony Loke Siew Fook has promised no bribes for license,and it will help beginners to obtain licences.


After a break in my bloggers activity, I am trying to regain this activity. Blogging is very interesting, keeps you busy, but the best it keeps you involved in what is happening around you. I stopped blogging when there were restrictions, and then, sad to say people got worried that writing or commenting on issues on the government is not welcome anymore. I am too old to be called up by the authorites to explain what I write. My blogging now is, hopefully, within bounds. Let me enjoy what I like. Happy blogging.

Times are bad in Malaysia. A country that fared better than many other neighbours is today a laughing state because of mismanagement and people are suffering. I am not referring to world factors affecting the economy of this country, but how people here tend to react to whatever information they receive. Prices go up, who is to blame? Najib, the main culprit, financial rot, greed of people, the UMNO thing their leader can keep on leading as long as they receive their dues. It sucks. You cannot say anything, but pray. Many Prime Ministers come and go. Except Najib, things were not bad, or we did not know all the happenings that caused problems. Today, people are sure. Najib. The hurting part is, nothing can be done about Najib,he is too powerfull, and he is holding us ransom. What is next.

I am getting an extra $200/- in this budget. If this is not a bribe, what could it be. I feel for the poor, unemployed, those not registered, God please them.

I read this in Malaysia Today:


(The Rocket) – RM41.60 is enough to feed a family for a week, according to Prime Minister Najib Razak. In a speech boasting about the impact of the BR1M government welfare assistance program, Najib said that receipients of the RM500 aid would be able to buy food for one year.

“We have calculated that on average, a family can buy groceries such as 10kg of rice, 5kg of cooking oil and other essentials per month with RM41.60. That means they have enough to buy food for 12 months with the RM500 BR1M,” he told the crowd when  officiating the Terengganu state level “Program Jelajah Janji Ditepati” in Dataran Syahbandar, as reported by news agency Bernama.

Based on Najib’s calculations, each family would have a household daily food budget of RM1.40.

Rising food prices
Netizens have ridiculed Najib for his comment, calling him out of touch with the actual cost of living struggles faced by ordinary citizens. Threads in the popular forum are discussing Najib’s statement, juxtaposing it together with actual food prices.

A forum user calling himeself “t3arsCulprit” pointed out that the cheapest price for a 10kg packet of rice costs RM20 and a 5kg bottle of oil cost RM15.

User “scorptim” went further to divide the amount of rice that an individual could afford to consume within a month with a 10kg limit and three daily meals, working out to be 111g of rice per meal.

Users “Mie131085″, “exBlasTer” and “Acher13″ also doubted that the RM500 would be sufficient to cover living expenses for a year.

Illogical calculations

Meanwhile, PAS’s Parit Buntar member of parliament Mujahid Yusof Rawa called Najib’s calculation “illogical”, pointing out that the threshold level for poverty is a household income of RM1,200 a month. “It’s hilarious, whether Najib said it wrongly or he said it unconsciously, but he was wide awake,” Mujahid said.

DAP’s MP for Bukit Bendera, Liew Chin Tong called Najib “a political prince” who has no understanding of the lives and aspirations of the ordinary Joe. Liew said Najib’s statement showed that he has no inkling of what the people endure in an economy that doesn’t help the bottom 60 per cent.

In his speech, Najib added that this showed that Barisan is a government that looks after the people. As such, he stressed that the people should now realise the truth and reject the opposition coalition.

More than 20,000 people attended the event, including Najib’s wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor and Terengganu Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Said.

Najib must be referring to the times when a cup of coffee cost 25 cents – was it in the 50’s or what. What hurt me most was the fact that we have a Prime Minister lost in wonderland, impervious to the difficulties of the ordinary citizens. Perhaps, he was born with the proverbial silver spoon, to say $500 was enough to buy food for a year. He is so shallow of thought and if anything good is to come, he should go and buy his own foodstuff and see how much it costs. Whew! what a PM and he wants another 5 years. I think he has taken all the BRIM recipients as fools, and did not have the grace to keep mum. He is sure going to lose.

I was wondering how much he earns, but went far enough to find a web page, to know a Minister’s earning:


Basic salary: RM18000.
Entertainment allowance: RM10500.
Housing allowance: RM10800.
People’s representative allowance: RM10650.
Parking fee allowance: RM5700
Total RM55650 will credit to a minister personal bank account every month no matter him/her is working or not.
Wow, a lot? No yet, let’s see other benefits.
Foreign travel allowance RM50000 (this is pocket money only); it is claimable without any receipt and even the minister didn’t go for travel.
Free use of electricity.
Free use of water.
Free charge of using telephone.
Yearly renovation allowance is claimable maximum up to RM40000.
Provided a Mercedes S320 car, mobile phone, driver and free petrol.
All the donations expenses are claimable.
Open house for any festival is claimable maximum up to RM400000.

Apparently this is a 2009 figure. Is Najib joking?

It hurts badly that our Indian community has councillors who are dumb, “uneducated” and simply baggage that the Malaysian Indians have been tolerating for over 5 decades.

I am referring to the episode labelled “Batu Caves Condo” which is highlighted by Malaysiakini today.

I see a lot of adverse comments posted on  Deputy Foreign Minister A Kohilan Pillay and Hulu Selangor MP P Kamalanathan and the assertion they are involved in the condo project. I feel sorry for them. A good old Tamil saying goes (it may be there in other languages as well) when the cat closes its eyes the world becomes dark.

But these two chaps are not of that category. Comparing them to cats makes the category demeaning and now I realise the cats are “better educated” then them.

I suggest Datuk Seri G. Palanivel consider educating them. Case closed.



‘Duo not at meeting that okayed Batu Caves condo’

  • Lu Wei Hoong
  • 4:24PM Nov 2, 2012

Deputy Foreign Minister A Kohilan Pillay and Hulu Selangor MP P Kamalanathan were absent from the Selayang Municipal Council’s (MPS) full board meeting that approved the controversial 29-storey condominium near the iconic Batu Caves temple when they were councillors.
NONE“Yes. Kohilan (left) and Kamalanathan were not at the full board meeting,” a reliable source in MPS confirmed when contacted byMalaysiakini.
It is expected that MPS president Zainal Abidin Aala will issue a statement on the matter soon.
The plan for the massive condominium project near the historic Sri Subramaniar Temple in Batu Caves grabbed the spotlight after the temple committee, backed by MIC top guns, including former president S Samy Vellu, led a protest against the Selangor government.

Police reports lodged

However, Selangor executive councillor Ronnie Liu subsequentlyrevealed documents to show that the BN government had in 2007 approved the condominium project – considered by many to be an eyesore to the locality – when it controlled Selangor.
NONELiu was reported as saying that Kohilan and Kamalanathan were among those responsible for approving the condominium project.
However, both Kohilan and Kamalanathan have denied the accusation and lodged police reports on the matter.
Kohilan told Malaysiakini on Tuesday that he had nothing to do with the approval of the Dolomite condominium project because he did not sit on the MPS’ One Stop Centre (OSC) during his tenure as MPS councillor.
However, incumbent MPS councillor Lee Khai Loon refuted this, saying that all approvals from the OSC must be endorsed by the council before projects can be executed.