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Monthly Archives: January 2008

And Rashid the Elecion Commission Chairman says he has no time to complete investigations. He is a dumb ass and elections in this country does not follow democratic principals.

Are the 17000 who registered with the SPR in the last quarter eligible to vote in the coming elections?
The Elections Commission Chairman has announced that over seventeen thousand have registered as voters between the months of October-December2008 but these voters may not be eligible to vote in the coming elections as “investigations could not be completed by then”. This is really disappointing. Or are the 17000 new voters perceived as going to vote against the Barisan in the coming elections. Why it takes such a long time to verify and gazette the new voters? We urge the SPR to speed up the process and gazette all the eligible voters so that they can vote in the coming elections. The SPR should if the need be employ more staff for this purpose. The SPR wants powers to sue those who make “wild allegations” against the SPR. Instead of trying to shield from criticisms the SPR should come clean and do its primary work of gazetting eligible voters the soonest possible.
The SPR spends over RM80 million a year to carry out voter registration exercise. All this is shear waste of tax payer’s money as all the particulars of eligible voters could be obtained from the National Registration Department and the data could be used to up date the records of the SPR.

In countries like New Zealand and in many other countries:

  1. a voter can register as a voter a day before elections and why this is not the case in Malaysia;
  2. can register as a voter by email but this not possible in Malaysia;
    The SPR chief has traveled widely around the globe to witness the election process but the question is why the good practices in those countries are not implemented in Malaysia? Recently we met him in Ipoh and he had just come back after the Australian general elections but nothing has changed since then.

My Voice :: Pak Lah take Dr.Mahathir’s advice, release Hindraf 5 :: January :: 2008

Indians never had it better. Look around, appreciate, feel grateful and say thank you to all those groups who are bend on assisting the Indians, come what may, to make them special, privileged, and be a class of their own. Indians are assured that they will be up-lifted to a point where paradise will have to be a second place compared to Malaysia and Indians will forever live happily on this new paradise.
Let as pause for a moment, take stock and itemise the various groups who are hell-bent in offering help and assistance to the impoverished Indians. The forerunner is none other than MIC. How could the Indians ever forget the past contributions, the present on-going measures being taken and the planning of the future for the sake of the Indians. Are not the Indians ashamed of themselves for receiving so much from the MIC. Look at the leader, Datuk Samy Vellu, are Indians bereft of sympathy and compassion for this noble leader. Can’t you see him worn out, tired, appearing older than his age in the media. How he toils, dreams, running here and there, a day in Ipoh, another in Sungei Siput and then back to Ipoh again, forever busy and all he cares for, are the Indians. Indians must not be greedy and avaricious. The Indian New Economy is more than what the Indians ever expected. Enough is enough. Can we now say thank you to Samy Vellu, and allow him time to look after himself. Indians overlook the fact that he has families of his own to look after, that he has to save something for the future so that he can have a well earned retirement. The time has come gentlemen and women to desist and say no more, you don’t want a fellow Indian to suffer, particularly at old age, do you.
Then we have Pandithan and his group, Nallakarupan and his group, another splintered group from Pandithan’s group, anymore, I have left out. They are doing so much good for the Indians, believe me, the cup runs over. Even to these group, the Indians graciously request, please no more, look after yourself, your families and friends. The Indians do not want to be guilty of selfish motives in wanting everything at the expense of you.
As the Indians relax and enjoy all the goodies brought in by our Indian leaders, there comes another, S.Vijayaratnam who wants to join the band wagon. He is from Gerakan, a party well known for its philanthropic work. This causes a problem. There are Indian based philanthropic political parties who have traditionally led us through the maze of difficulties encountered and satisfied every whim and fancy of the Indians. The Indians are more than satisfied, but tradition has it that one cannot be rude if a gift is offered. So Gerakan, what is that you to offer. A good old Tamil saying goes you can’t see the teeth of a cow given to you free. Thus, let the Indians be politic, and clarify with Gerakan the following.
Your idea of a Tamil Kindergarten is wise. Where are you going to get the funding. Normal Tamil schools have shortcomings like bad state of repairs, school is held in a container, funds are approved for another school but some one goofed it up and the school did not benefit at all, and so forth. Shouldn’t normal schools take priority. I thought the Hindu Sangam is or has a database on temples. Are you going to improve on the details of the database or what. Jobs, business and social issues are there. Here again do you know the extend of all these problems or is this a stereotype assumption that lots of Indians are drunkards.
Ah yes, finally, did not your leader say something about Indians hiding behind rubber trees in Bruas. Has he changed now – his observation. It may sound good if this is clarified because the Indians will not be bamboozled by this sudden hype of interest by your party. Or is this because of the wrongly spelt word erection. Please get back.

Gerakan task force for Indians

Jan 30, 08 2:26pm

Gerakan has formed a special task force on the Indian community which will be headed by party vice-president S Vijayaratnam.

In a statement today, the Barisan Nasional (BN) component party said there are four sub-committees to look into the various problems faced by the community.

The sub-committees are focusing on education, religion and cultural affairs, employment and imageentrepreneurship as well as social and family development.

As for education, Vijayaratnam said the committee has recommended the establishment of kindergartens in Tamil schools.

“This is based on the experience of the Maju-Diri organisation in Penang, which has successfully implemented the scheme in some Tamil schools in the state.

“We intend to expand this to other states through the cooperation of Gerakan elected representatives,” he added.

Database on temples

On religion, Vijayaratnam said a database is being set-up on registered and unregistered temples nationwide.

“In this we will seek the assistance of other related associations, non-governmental organisations and other BN parties,” he added.

Under employment, the vice-president said the committee is exploring ways and means of getting jobs for Indians in various sectors, including the civil service.

“We will also get Indians acquainted with SMEs, small businesses and help locate and obtain financial assistance and loans from banks, government sources, etc.”

As for social issues, the committee is addressing problems such as alcoholism and domestic violence.

“Gerakan resource centre (Sedar) will also be involved. The committee will also look into sourcing funds to finance the various activities proposed,” said Vijayaratnam.

Other members on the committee are vice-chairman and party vice-president Dr Teng Hock Nan, party deputy secretary-general Lum Wng Keong, central committee members Gooi Hoe Hin and A Kohilan Pillay, Youth central committee member G Krishnan, Wanita central committee member B Jayanthi and Penang state liaison committee member N Gobalakrishnan.

image Vijayaratnam said more members will be appointed in future.

The plight of the Indian community in Malaysia made headlines following the Nov 25 massive street rally organised by the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf).

While the government has accused the movement of being an extremist outfit, observers credit it for spawning a political awakening in the community and forcing the government to act on the community’s grouses and woes.

Five key leaders of Hindraf are currently being detained without trial under the Internal Security Act.

Gerakan task force for Indians

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He is the cause for everything, including Badawi, and alas he weeps. Crocodile tears don’t mean much. His he brave enough to admit his shortcomings, and come out clean. He started it and to save grace he should end it. Otherwise it is another Malaysian Suharto story.
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Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad is on yet another mission – this time to promote a ‘clean-up’ of the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition, in particular the dominant party Umno.

In this respect, he expressed the hope that BN supporters will not vote in “corrupt and inefficient” leaders in the next general election.

mahathir selected letters book launch 300108 rostrum“I’m trying to promote a cleansing of the (coalition) by the people because it seems that it is not possible (for BN to cleanse itself),” said Mahathir when asked what role he would play in the polls.

“Should people name some deadwood or some corrupt person as a candidate, BN supporters should not support them. That is the way we can clean the…BN and Umno.

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The Royal Commission of Inquiry is defying the Agong. Unfortunately he has no powers to act being a constitutional monarch, but from now on I am sure he can say “please don’t drag my name because you do not need me anymore”
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The royal commission of inquiry probing the scandalous judge-fixing video clip, dubbed as the Lingam tape, today decided not to accept the third segment of the clip which was revealed on Monday.
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Twice I have referred to Datuk N.S. Nallakarupan the President Of MUIP, and on both of these occasions I have been unkind to him. He was active in PKR and his boss was Anwar. Both of them were buddies of a special kind and by all appearance they were inseparable. Then Ijok by-elections came. Whether Nallakarupan was offered this seat I am unable to say, but when another candidate was proposed, Nallakarupan walked out from Keadilan and formed his own party MUIP. Nallakarupan was and is no heavyweight in politics. But pretends to be. His only hope is that Barisan Nasional will give his party some crumbs and become a full fledged politician. Samy Vellu knows him too well as Nalla was a youth leader. Pandithan tried but Samy Vellu put his foot down that his splinter party cannot be co-opted to BN. So Nalla is hoping and praying the Gods will be merciful and one day Nalla may lead the Indians. Why discourage him. Read my post:

I was reading a Tamil newspaper, Tamil Nesan, Nanban or Osai I did not see. The news item is encouraging. Nalla is concerned the Bat Caves temple which collected offerings and have totaled the figures but have not released figures on the amount collected. R.Nadarajah may have a dream Lord Muruga told him not to reveal the figures because that is God’s money. But people have not become mad yet.

Congrats Nalla

This is from Anil Netto’s Blog

Vincent Tan denies he is influential; so tell us about the Sports Toto privatisation…

Malaysiakini has just reported that Vincent Tan has denied that he had much influence under the Mahathir administration:

He also said that it was a “real joke” to suggest that Mahathir consulted him on the appointment of judges as indicated in a video clip which featured lawyer VK Lingam.

“If I am so influential, I would have gotten many government projects but I didn’t,” he said.

Little influence, huh. One thing comes to mind: the privatisation of Sports Toto. Take a look at the Berjaya website:

The history of Sports Toto began in 1969 when it was incorporated to run the Toto betting business. It was essentially the Government’s effort to raise funds to promote and develop sports, youth and cultural activities.

Sports Toto was privatised in 1985 when its Chief Executive Officer, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan Chee Yioun, through his private company acquired 70% of the paid-up capital.

It was one of the first privatisations under the Mahathir administration and it was done without open tender (Searle, Riddle of Malaysian Capitalism). State-run Sports Toto had recorded a profit of $7.03 million in the 12 months prior to the privatisation. So why the need to privatise in the first place?

At that time, Mahathir justified the privatisation by saying that “the idea came from a private sector group and it would have been unfair if their unique proposal had been accepted by the government and then awarded to someone else.”

What “unique proposal” to take over a profitable state-run lottery?

Today, Berjaya Sports Toto is the cash cow of the Berjaya group.

On another note, Vincent Tan should also tell us what he plans to do with theSun, until now the most independent English-language newspaper in Malaysia, and the reason for the timing of his takeover.

Vincent Tan denies he is influential; so tell us about the Sports Toto privatisation… «

A report in Asia Sentinel:

Can Malaysia judge its judges?

Our Correspondent

30 January 2008

A Royal Commission in Kuala Lumpur expands to embarrass the bench, becoming a free for all in the process.

image A Royal Commission appointed to probe questions of political favoritism in the appointment of some top judges is threatening to spin out of control and envelop the entire Malaysian judiciary in charges of deceit, corruption and factionalism. Fingers are also being pointed at some of the would-be reformers in the Malaysian Bar Association.

The commission was appointed by the government last year after opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim made public an eight-minute segment of a 2002 videotape purporting to show a prominent lawyer discussing the appointment of top judges.

With Malaysia’s courts often accused of being under the thumb of the country’s political leaders, the commission’s work offers up a tantalizing look into how the judiciary may be compromised by intervention from on high. It remains to be seen if there is any real appetite to rattle the skeletons in the judicial closet, however.

VK Lingam, the lawyer on the tape, is seen in conversation with Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim, then the country’s third-ranking judge who was in charge of most senior judges. The conversation seemed to indicate that Mahathir Mohamad, then the prime minister, was closely involved in the appointment of malleable judges. The videotape purports to show that some of Mahathir’s closest cronies, particularly gaming tycoon Vincent Tan, were involved as well. Ahmad Fairuz later became chief justice of the Supreme Court, now called the Federal Court.

However, Mahathir’s involvement has been largely pushed into the background as the case has gone well beyond Fairuz to reel in the names of other judges and attorneys, including some in the reform movement. The commission has widened its terms of reference to go well beyond the issue of a single lawyer – Lingam – discussing a limited number of judges to delve into wider allegations, including charges that the bar association is not above seeking favors itself.

A hearing by the commission turned into a free-for-all Monday when Lingam accused Robert Lazar, a lawyer representing the Malaysia Bar Council, of seeking Lingam’s help to become an appellate court judge, bypassing the lower courts. Lazar denied the charge.

Anwar, who made the original tape public on September 20, has not been asked to testify, adding to suspicions over its independence. In response, Anwar held a press conference Monday to release a five-minute continuation of the original 14-minute tape, showing more purported judicial chicanery.

Commission chairman Haidar Mohd Noor described Anwar’s revelation as “news” and questioned why he hadn’t forwarded the tape earlier. In a press statement, Anwar said that “the decision by the commission to arbitrarily disallow me to testify would certainly lead one to the conclusion that some unseen hand is at work. This hand is so powerful that the commission will stop at nothing to prevent me from giving evidence, even though the evidence concerned will definitely shed light on the testimony given so far. “

In one tape made public by the commission itself, Dzaiddin Abdullah, who served as chief justice between 2000 and 2003, is implicated for accepting gifts and payments from Lingam. In addition, as an example of the factionalism in the court, Dzaiddin was asked to explain yet another videotape, in which Lingam claimed that he hated his predecessor, Eusoff Chin, and that Chin had blocked his chances to become a candidate for state honors.

In the meantime, both Fairuz and Lingam have dodged all questions with a fusillade of excuses. Lingam has refused to acknowledged that it was his voice on tape although conceding that “it looks like me and sounds like me.” In a kind of half admission that it could have been, he said he was “bullshitting and bragging,” and that “this is my house. I’m in the privacy of my home,” he was quoted as saying by local reporters. “I can talk rubbish in my own home.” On other occasions, he has said he might have been drunk when he made the call.

Fairuz has also denied he was the person that Lingam was speaking to when the tape was recorded. Both Lingam and Mahathir repeatedly told investigators they had no recollection of the events on the tapes.

In the instance involving Dzaiddin, Lingam was also said to have been videotaped by the son of a Chinese businessman alleging that he and Vincent Tan had given the former chief justice “the most expensive gift,” making it unlikely that Dzaiddin could “attack us.” Lingam also acknowledged meeting Eusoff Chin in New Zealand, saying that “people, see you know more, like Eusoff Chin, because I met him in New Zealand.”

Lingam said that when he argued with Dzaiddin in court, Dzaiddin was polite to him.

“I have been sending cakes every Hari Raya (the feast day ending the Muslim fasting month). Vincent (Tan) has been sending. He can’t go and say he is very clean, correct or not?”

In the latest clip, according to local media, Lingam also says he was close to the late Court of Appeal President Wan Adnan Wan Ismail and repeated how he had “helped” former Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz attain his position. “But he is sometimes a bit scared.” Lingam reportedly says on the tape. “I must play shadow from behind.”

“The whole inquiry puts the judiciary in absolute shame,” a senior lawyer told Asia Sentinel. “It’s all fault-finding and from hereon in the judiciary will continue its decline with no hope. This whole thing tarnishes lawyers and judges vis-à-vis the public.”

Malaysia’s judiciary has faced a long series of allegations over fairness and corruption. The independence of the court has been severely undermined since 1988 when Mahathir sacked the several top judges and effectively ended court autonomy.

The system largely remained under Mahathir’s control from that point onward. Some months ago, the Conference of Rulers, made up of the country’s nine sultans, stunned Prime Minister Badawi by refusing to ratify his candidate to become chief judge. The position remained vacant for several months. In addition, the Perak Sultan, Raja Azlan Shah, later made an unprecedented speech indirectly criticizing the judiciary.

Several recent cases, particularly the trial of three defendants for the brutal murder of Mongolian translator Altantuya Shaariibuu, have underscored the court’s problems. One of the defendants, Abdul Razak Baginda, is a close friend of Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak, whose name has surfaced during the trial but who has never been questioned. The case has droned on for seven months, raising suspicions that both prosecutors and defense would like to draw it out until it disappears. In addition, tycoon Eric Chia, a close friend of Mahathir’s, was abruptly acquitted last year of criminal breach of trust involving the scandal-tainted Perwaja Steel Corp. The judge summarily shut down the trial after the prosecution presented its case.

Prime Minister Badawi came to power in 2003 promising to clean up corruption and depoliticize the judiciary. So far, however, he has made little progress. The current panel cannot compel witnesses to testify or interview those implicated although it is questionable how far the probe would go in any case.

Asia Sentinel – Can Malaysia judge its judges?

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Another routine case of arresting an illegal band. What made me laugh was, now our Immigration Officers have turned Moral Officers. Surprisingly, it took them 3 days to come to a conclusion on a moral issue of wearing bras and panties. Why are they so concerned on morality, when you have others doing the job. City Hall had not been doing their work and the Immigration Department volunteered to help. I suggest Immigration chaps be trained to detect moral or immoral performance as their expertise is nil, having had to witness the band repeatedly for 3 days before hitting the right answer. While they were there they should have also helped the Customs Department to check on the drinks served. They could have taken a week to do that. Talk of efficiency, Immigration Department takes the honour.
Another fear, while going through any Immigration check-post see that you are morally dressed failing which, you know the consequences don’t you.Immigration enforcement director Datuk Ishak Mohamed, you and your men are doing a good job. Congrats.

Mariam Thany

THE Immigration Department will propose to City Hall to revoke the operating licence of an entertainment outlet in Jalan Ipoh for illegally hiring a foreign band.


Immigration enforcement director Datuk Ishak Mohamed said such a move would serve as a warning to all entertainment outlets to toe the line when it comes to hiring foreign acts.
“In previous cases, only the club owners had to pay the fines. But this time, we take a serious view of the offence committed by the lounge in Jalan Ipoh,” he told The Malay Mail yesterday.
Last Thursday, the performance by the seven women was cut short by eight Immigration flying squad officers, who had posed as patrons for three nights, when they nabbed 11 illegal workers in the lounge.
The lounge, which had been operating between 9pm and 2.30am for a month, had not applied for professional passes for the foreign band, rendering them illegal workers. Ishak said the indecent performance by the female Filipino and Thai band members, who performed nightly in bras and underwear, was immoral.
“We can decide on the penalties to be imposed if the owner was only found guilty of hiring illegal foreign band but in this case, the owner had crossed the line,” he said.
It was learnt that the lounge was competing with other clubs in the neighbourhood, thus it had probably decided on getting the women strip to their bras and underwear after a few riffs to attract more customers.
Besides the band members, two Bangladeshi bartenders were detained in the two-hour raid.
Those detained were aged between 20 and 25.
The club manager was also arrested for hiring foreign workers without permits.
Investigations revealed that the band members had entered the country as tourists and were granted social visit passes.
Foreign bands are supposed to obtain special permits from the Immigration Department as well as the Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry before they can enter the country to perform.
Those detained in last week’s raid face charges under Section 33(b) and Section 55(b) of the Immigration Act 1959/63.
If found guilty, they can be fined up to RM10,000 or jailed up to five years, or both.
Ishak said illegal foreign performers who are nabbed in raids will be charged in court before they are deported.
They would also be blacklisted from entering the country again. Last month, a club in Damansara was also raided by the Immigration officers for illegally hiring foreign workers.
The owner was fined RM21,000 for hiring illegal foreign workers.
“However, the band members performing there were decently dressed and they did not perform any immoral acts on stage,” said Ishak.
He urged local authorities to seriously consider revoking the operating licences of entertainment outlets if their performers were caught performing immoral acts.
The Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry as well as City Hall could not be reached for comments.

Malay Mail

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This is another pathetic story of a mother who had for 7 years fought her case in court to inherit her son’s insurance money. The son converted to Islam but before that he had named his mother as beneficiary. Non-Muslims cannot inherit property of a Muslim.
Remember the case of an elderly ethnic Chinese man who had been buried as a Muslim after his Buddhist family lost a battle with the Islamic authorities who said he had converted.
Police seized the body of Gan Eng For, who died on Sunday aged 74, after his oldest son – himself a Muslim convert – said he had switched to the religion last year.
Other family members said Gan could not have converted because he was senile and paralysed after suffering two strokes.
To those people out there who have ideas of converting, please be careful.

GEORGE TOWN: A woman fighting to inherit an insurance payout left by her son who died after converting to Islam has rejected an undisclosed amount offered to her to settle the case.

The widow’s lawyer, Darshan Singh Khaira, yesterday described the settlement proposal as a “fairy tale offer that just cannot be accepted”.
He said the amount offered to his client, Rukumony Muthiah, 61, was too little.
Darshan said this when the case was brought up before High Court judge John Louis O’Hara.
O’Hara later adjourned the case to March 14 after the parties agreed in chambers to get further instructions from their clients on a counter proposal.

Rukumony, who works as a cleaner, has been involved in a seven-year legal battle to claim her son’s insurance payout.
In her suit, Rukumony named Koperasi Angkatan Tentera Malaysia Berhad and Amanah Raya Berhad, a government-owned trustee company, as defendants while Majlis Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan is acting as an intervener.
Amanah Raya Berhad was represented by Rosmaidar Mustafa while Ahmad Kamal Abu Bakar represented the religious council.
Rukumony claimed the co-op had taken out a policy on her son but refused to pay her the RM56,300.
The money has been deposited with Amanah Raya instead.
The co-op claimed that Rukumony cannot inherit the money because, under syariah, a non-Muslim cannot inherit the property of a Muslim.
This is despite Rukumony being named as a beneficiary under a trust deed made by her son before his conversion.
Her son, E. Ragu, was a bachelor and had converted to Islam on Dec 31, 1999. His Muslim name was Mohamed Redzuan Abdullah Ellaippan.
Redzuan was a ranger based at the Wardieburn camp in Setapak before he died on Aug 2, 2000.

The New Straits Times Online…..

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