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Monthly Archives: May 2009

MIC and PPP leaders are in ecstasy, now that the 3 remaining ISA detainees of Hindraf have been released. I think they are a bit hasty, and as I see it, this new development may eventually be the death knoll for MIC and PPP. These two parties have been hoodwinking the Indians that they champion their cause, but in realty it was just a ploy to gain political mileage and benefits from the government. People like Samy Vellu, T.Murugiah, Dr S.Subramaniam, and Vell Paari should consider early retirement as their background and the sacrifice made by the 5 Hindraf people will surely ring a bell in the minds of Indians.


Samy is great. ISA does not auger well in international circles. There was no humility as I see, it was more repentance as another blogger said and a way to lessen the Perak fiasco.  


Murugiah feels he had a part in the release, he had spoken to Najib when he was the Deputy Prime Minister and now getting the mandate of the Prime Minister, Najib has acted. Don’t teach grandmothers to suck eggs, even with no gums their excel in this job, and don’t be a macho that your conversation with Najib caused this – surely for a new leader you would have minded your words; just congratulations would have sufficed. In any case, Kayveas says your own division in Silibin is de-registered and I don’t want to burden you more.


The Doctor had to say something. People-centred my foot, please doctor is there anything better.


Vell Pari takes the cake. How many sad chapters have their origin in his authorship.


T.Mohon dreams. These Hindraf chaps only did things the MIC could not do. Keep on dreaming then.


Mr R.Nadarajah is entitled to his opinion and I hasten to add, means nothing.

MIC: Decision will boost country’s image

KUALA LUMPUR: The release of the ISA detainees will do well for the image of the country, both locally and internationally, MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said.

He said the Government showed concern and humility in releasing them.

“We can now move on and concentrate on more pressing matters to bring progress to the people,” he said.

Samy Vellu said the Prime Minister and the Home Minister had shown sensitivity to the suffering of the families of the ISA detainees by releasing them so that they could be reunited with their loved ones.

“Our Prime Minister has kept his promise to be a fair leader to all Malaysians,” he said.

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk T. Murugiah said in Seremban that he had previously met Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, who was then Deputy Prime Minister, on the possible release of the Hindraf leaders.

“I appealed to Najib for their release and he told me that he would consider it when the time was right. Today, he has proven to be a good leader for keeping his word,” he said.

Murugiah said the trend of the Indians throwing their support for Barisan Nasional was already evident during recent by-elections.

“With the release of the three, the Indians would return to the Barisan fold,” he added.

MIC secretary-general and Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam said he was grateful to the Prime Minister, the Home Minister and the Government for releasing the 13 detainees.

“It shows that the Government is people-centred,” he said.

MIC Youth adviser S. Vell Paari said the release of Hindraf leaders would put an end to a sad chapter in the Malaysian Indian affairs.

“It would heal the hearts of the Indians as their detention was bothering them,” he said in a statement.

Vell Paari, who is chairman of the MIC Unity Committee, said MIC had still a lot of work to attract the support of Indians to the party.

MIC Youth coordinator T. Mohan hoped the release of the detainees would lead to the Indians returning en masse to support MIC.

Malaysia Hindu Council president Datuk R. Nadarajah said the council believed that the Government under Najib would bring about more changes and benefits for the people.

DAP chairman Karpal Singh quipped in Ipoh that the ISA should be “pensioned” off, adding that the three Hindraf leaders should not even have been detained.



Now this death happened in the year 2007, and anyone following the case of Sujatha, in the papers, regarding the girl who took poison, smells a rat miles away. Too many statements that makes the reader wonder, how could this happen. Is Klang hospital, in such poor administrative state, that samples go missing, post mortems ordered are not done, a suspected pregnancy is allowed to float by as if this is the norm, and many more. We have seen our DG of health lately in the issue of Kugan, how methodically he diagnosed the death, and one is thankful of his medical knowledge to stop tongues wagging.


My main concern is the administration of Klang hospital, after all I am no relative of the late Sujatha; and surely our DG will hasten to prove to the patients visiting this particular hospital, their worries are baseless.

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We await the DG’s comments.

THE SUJATHA CASE: The case that went wrong in every way


While everyone is busy talking about the Perak fiasco, one case is going away almost unnoticed. It is the case of Sujatha the actress.

In the earlier enquiry blood tests which were supposed to be done have never be done. Samples are missing.

The police order a post mortem. The doctor ignores it and releases the body without a post-mortem. The doctor’s boss agrees that the doctor cannot disregard the order from the police.
Now here are the question for our health minister, home minister and DG of health:

1) Was there any enquiry what happenned to the blood samples sent for tests?

2) Is Dr. Saravana still in service, Was any action taken against him for releasing the body without a postmortem?

3) Did the police lodge a complaint against the doctor acting without authority by releasing Sujatha’s body without a postmortem.

If the answers to all these or anyone of the questions is in the negative, there is definitely a breakdown in our administration

‘They threw me out of Kamunting’
Humayun Kabir | May 9, 09 5:18pm
P Uthayakumar, the last of the five Hindraf leaders to be released today, claimed that he was thrown out of the Kamunting Detention Camp after he refused to give in to pressures from the prison authorities to sign the conditional release papers in exchange for his freedom.

Recollecting the events that transpired inside the Kamunting prison before he was freed this afternoon, Uthayakumar said the prison officials had dragged him out of the camp and thrown him into the prison van following his repeated refusal to sign the conditional papers.

“I stressed that there must be no conditional release. Otherwise, I would continue to stay here,” he told journalists and about 100 Hindraf supporters at the gate of the Kamunting Detention Camp, Perak, where he was held for 18 months under ISA detention.

According to him, his ordeal started at 8am when prison officials came to his cell and told him to get ready for his release in the afternoon.

He told the prison officers that he was ready to leave only if there were no preset conditions to his release.

Subsequently, Uthayakumar refused to listen to the various requests by the prison authorities to agree to his conditional freedom.

Uthayakumar also claimed that he was tricked into seeing the prison director who said the he could sign a release order instead of the conditional papers.

“However, when I got into his office, the director gave me the conditional release papers (to sign). Again, I refused."

The Hindraf leader said when an officer read out the clauses of his conditional release papers, he closed both his ears with his hands.

"After that, a guy forcibly took me out of the office and threw me into a prison van,” said Uthayakumar.

In the melee, Uthayakumar said he hurt his right leg, near his damaged toe for which he had earlier sought treatment while in detention.

It is learnt that the release of the other Hindraf leaders today are subject to a number of conditions, including being barred from speaking at public functions.

‘I’m wearing the same blue pants’

Uthayakumar said he feared that he could be forced to sign the conditional release papers before he even reaches home today.
“I was told that Special Branch (officers) are waiting for me to take me to Brickfields police station to sign the papers. But I will not bow to this,” he said.

“If they force me, I will not do it as I prefer going back to Kamunting prison,” he vowed.

Uthayakumar also said he was grateful for the support given by his family members, supporters and friends who had campaigned relentlessly for his release from the camp.

However, he refused to express gratitude to the government for freeing him after “514 days behind bars”.

“I won’t thank the government because I should have been brought to court in the first place and given a fair trial. But this procedure was not followed,” said Uthayakumar, who appeared haggard.

Uthayakumar and his family later went to Sri Maha Mariamal temple near Kamunting for prayers where he gave another speech to about 100 people who had gathered there.

The lawyer, who has not combed his hair nor shaved his beard since the day of his arrest on Dec 13, 2007, conceded that he may “look like a mad man”.

“Since Day One, I have grown this beard and hair, and I vowed never to shave it off (until his release).

"And these are the same blue pants that I have been wearing ever since," he added, showing his shabby prison trousers.

Nevertheless, he said the detention had made him wiser and gave him inner strength to meet new challenges ahead and he has a few ideas on improving the livelihood of the Indian community.

At about 4.30pm, Uthayakumar along with his family left Kamunting for his mother’s house in Seremban.

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How many hands are required to remove a Speaker from a State Assembly , and how strong must be the grip. This picture shows all.

It may be worthy for all our Speakers, in the state or parliament, to learn defence tactics, to avoid embarrassment – it may happen to any one of them now that a precedence has been set, and Speakers may be dislodged right, left and centre. Be fore-warned.

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Having seen the mockery of democratic process being ruined by the illegal take over of the Perak State Assembly by the Barisan National Government, I cannot help wondering how vulnerable an ordinary citizen becomes if the police, judiciary, the executive, and all the establishments that have been set up to guard the man in the street, turn their eyes away and an individual becomes undressed and open to abuse. This happened to the Speaker Sivakumar who was physically removed by the Police in the line of duty to protect the state assembly being turned into a circus.


The Raja Muda had not initiated the commencement of business by delivering his address, and wham even before that the BN representatives have replaced the Speaker Siva with an appointed Speaker.


Some eight lawmakers were arrested by the Police, and even a person drinking tea in a mamak restaurant is not spared.


Elsewhere I read that in the coroner’s inquest on the death of Sujatha, the Police wanted a post mortem done, but the hospital authorities thought otherwise, and no post mortem was done.


With all these incidents, comes the fear, our country in fast turning into a lawless state and where money and power is enough to hoodwink all rationale of good governance and practise. Is the clock being put back to the days of Hitler and his gestapo the secret police, as Pastor Martin Niemoller lamented in his poem “first they came…..”. Will we end up with no one speaking up for the ordinary man without political pull and money.