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Monthly Archives: March 2008

‘Two-faced’ Samy slammed on HIndraf 5

If he is two faced as alleged, and M.Manoharan’s wife did not go to see him, what can we make out of Samy Vellu. Can we call him a monster, or is he too smart and in his heart says, all these foolish talk, they have not seen me as a dramatic actor, which I was in the past, and I will go on play acting until I am dead. If this is true, how does the heck he sleeps at night. He must be the most hated person in Malaysia, diabolical, cunning, smart and a fool, which he will never admit. Greater men than him have fallen it is a matter of time. He is rubbish and the more you know him, he does not even fall into the category as a human. I dread reading what he says.

‘Two-faced’ Samy slammed on HIndraf 5

Mar 31, 08 7:25pm

S Samy Vellu’s call for the release of the Hindraf 5 from Internal Security Act (ISA) detention is a political ploy by the MIC president, alleged the Abolish ISA Movement (GMI) today.

gmi election demands 270208 syed ibrahim syed noh“The demand made by the former works minister is dishonest and is apparently politically motivated,” said GMI president, Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh (right) in a statement.

He said the timing of Samy’s call for the release of the five was suspect as the MIC boss had never made such calls prior to the general election on March 8.

In a dramatic move, Samy, at an event at the party’s headquarters yesterday, publicly called for the release of the Hindraf ISA detainees as he said ‘there were no longer reason to detain them’.

The veteran politician said he would meet Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi soon to discuss this matter.

He also urged Hindraf chairperson P Waythamoorthy – who is currently in London in self-exile – to return to Malaysia, saying he latter was not a political refugee.

samy vellu and micSamy’s call came in as a shock to many as he was among the government and BN leaders who had vociferously criticised the Hindraf movement prior to the arrests of its key leaders on Dec 13.
Meanwhile the wife of ISA detainee and Kota Alam Shah assemblyman M Manoharan today denied she had sought help from Samy Vellu for the release of her husband.

“I didn’t go and see Samy Vellu,” S Pushpaneela was reported by Star Online as saying.

Samy Vellu had on Sunday claimed that Pushpaneela had met him to discuss the matter.

Release all detainees

Hindraf has been credited for being partly responsible for the worst ever performance by the MIC in a general election following the March 8 polls.

hindraf isa detainees 141207 updatedSamy Vellu lost at his parliamentary constituency in Sungai Siput while the rest of the party’s top leadership fared no better, losing in all their respective constituencies they had contested.

Syed Ibrahim said Samy’s call for the release of the Hindraf 5 was a move necessary for him to regain the trust of the Indian community which saw Hindraf as a voice for their struggle against increasing marginalisation by the government.

“If he is really sincere about justice, why does he not call for the release of all 70 ISA detainees, all of which have been denied their basic right to a fair trial,” questioned Syed Ibrahim.

He said GMI would continue to insist that the government release all the 70 ISA detainees being held and not just the Hindraf 5 as the detention of all the 70 was unjust and a violation of their human rights.

‘Two-faced’ Samy slammed on HIndraf 5


This was an e-mail received on the new proton car and pictures of accident on New Proton Saga-BLM Crash with Honda EX5.

Pictures are embedded.



I can only say, please be careful.

Proton recalls 34,000 Savvy cars

PETALING JAYA: Proton is recalling its Savvy cars over a possible problem with regards to the car’s rear-wheel bearing.

The company said a recent inspection has brought to its attention that water could get into the bearing, which could lead to a malfunction.

“The safety and satisfaction of our customers is a primary concern. As a precautionary measure, we are recalling all Savvy’s for inspection and repair,” Proton managing director Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed said in a press statement.

The recall will affect a total of 34,000 cars. All Savvy owners are advised to take their cars to the nearest Proton Edar or EON service branch for an inspection.

Proton said it would conduct the necessary checks and replacements at no cost to the customer.

They can also call Proton i-Care at 1-300-880-888 for further info.

Proton recalls 34,000 Savvy cars

Update: Buntong assemblyman retracts resignation


To all my readers who commented on my earlier post of A.Sivasubramaniam, he has now retracted his resignation.

First and foremost someone must drill into his head the relationship he has to maintain with the voters who have made him to be an assemblyman. Some would have encouraged him to stand in Buntong, but for the rest, he was an anonymous person who, because he was a DAP man, stood there and got elected. In order of importance, he is obliged to the voters first and the party. If he had no party, I doubt the people will consider him significant. Whatever he maybe in private life, his position improved because of the people and party. He has no track record to prove his brilliance and this so called brilliance can only be accessed after serving his constituency for some years. But he chose a rebellious way, forgot the factors that brought him to this position, let his imagination run wild and egoistically let down the people and party.

His first argument is he was promised  there will be two Indian representatives. one from Buntong and the other from Tronoh. Did he discuss with his party the reasons why the two were left out. He has not made known the reasons given by DAP for not adhering to the promise.

Second he talks about the mandate, the voters care two hoots if he is not in the exco, only he feels treated slightly, and he should keep the people out of the argument. The people want good government and that is why they voted him and not because they want him as an exco. This exco thing is his own doing.

Sivanesan is from Selangor, please tell me how many of the excos are from Perak. In any case, so,  a Selangor man will only serve the people in Selangor, but then he, Sivanesan will be in the Perak Assembly, does that disqualify him based on his home state. This is faulty argument. 

So A.Sivasubramaniam you are a very ambitious person, fighting for your own glory, forgetting to reciprocate the kindness of the voters and party who voted you on 8th March. What difference is there between you and the members of the former ruling party who were greedy. Your greed to ‘give me, give me’ has been shown, and you will remain a villain in the eyes of not only the Buntong voters, DAP and the rest of Malaysia. You are being watched.

I hope your further statement will clear up the mess you have got into. 

Update: Buntong assemblyman retracts resignation

PETALING JAYA: Buntong assemblyman A. Sivasubramaniam, who earlier quit all posts in the DAP, has retracted his resignation.

Buntong assemblyman A. Sivasubramaniam

He was scheduled to hold a press conference Monday evening to explain his about-turn.

In a letter to DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng earlier Monday, Sivasubramaniam said he had had lost confidence in the Perak DAP as it failed to fulfill its promise to appoint two Indian state executive council members.

He added the decision was a “big slap” in the face of Perak Indians and tantamount to deceiving the community.

“My victory in Buntong was a mandate given by the Indian community in the area, and therefore I cannot accept the decision made by the Perak DAP,” he added.

When contacted, Sivasubramaniam said he would not vacate his seat and would instead serve as an independent.

“I have no intention of joining any Barisan component party but will fight for the people of Buntong as an independent,” he said.

He also questioned why DAP central executive committee member A. Sivanesan, who is from Selangor, was chosen as an exco over other Perak DAP leaders.

Sivasubramaniam claimed that he and state party committee member and Tronoh assemblyman V. Sivakumar were supposed to get the exco posts as they had worked hard and sacrificed a lot for the party.

He added that even if an Indian Perak DAP member were to get an assembly Speaker or Deputy Speaker post, it could not “do much for the Indian community.”

“This is not right. The leadership should be discussing the allocation of exco posts and other appointments with all 18 DAP assemblymen,” said Sivasubramaniam.

Of the 10 exco members sworn in on March 29, six were from DAP, including one Indian representative, Sungkai assemblyman A. Sivanesan.

In the March 8 general election, the Opposition coalition won 31 state seats in Perak – 18 seats went to DAP, seven to PKR, and six to PAS – while Barisan bagged 28 seats.

Update: Buntong assemblyman retracts resignation


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MIUP was bound to fail from day one. To start of K.S.Nallakaruppan had a dispute with Anwar over Ijok state selection candidate, and left in a huff, started a another Indian based party when the political climate of this country is already saturated with too many Indian parties, MIC, IPF, and  PPP. Secondly what was the motive to begin this party rather than to teach Anwar a lesson. It is too darn personal for forming a new unit. What was the party supposed to be fighting for, bring down Anwar.


His followers are no better, Nalla fought with Anwar, now the members fight with Nalla, damn funny. I have no sympathy for all the discards from other parties who chose Nalla to be a political leader. PKR and DAP must be very cautious about these 4,000 members (is it correct) they have roving eyes, feet and mind, unable to stay put, they may move on seeking greener pastures elsewhere.   

MIUP falling apart in Penang 

MIUP falling apart in Penang

Athi Veeranggan | Mar 31, 08 1:16pm

The newly formed Malaysian Indian United Party (MIUP) is rapidly heading towards oblivion, at least in Penang.

nallakarupan interview 231107 respondMIUP was formed by KS Nallakaruppan following his fallout with PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim.

If talk on the ground is true, MIUP Penang, which was launched last month, is expected to close shop soon. This means the closure of 130 MIUP branches throughout the state and the defection of an estimated 4,000 members to other parties.

Majority of the defecting MIUP members are expected to join PKR while others will make a beeline for DAP.

This will deal a devastating blow to Nallakaruppan’s political ambition.

It is learnt that MIUP Penang chairperson L Balasupramaniyam, 44, and his supporters are upset and disillusioned with Nallakaruppan’s ‘diddling’ political style.

Personal blow

MIUP’s disorientation would also be a personal blow to Balasupramaniyam who was hoping to make a major breakthrough in the state politics.

The former MIC branch leader in the Bukit Bendera division jumped at the chance to lead MIUP in Penang when he met Nallakaruppan a few months ago.

He set up about 100 branches and enrolled more than 3,000 members in double-quick time to exert his political position in the party.

He was eager to perform and demonstrate that ‘MIC’s loss is MIUP’s gain’.

However, Balasupramaniyam lost his patience when Nallakaruppan remained equivocal on whether MIUP would join the Barisan Nasional (BN) or opposition coalition for political survival.

He has spoken to all the branch leaders in Penang recently to dissolve their MIUP identity and move their branches en bloc under PKR. Balasupramaniyam has held talks with the PKR state leadership to seal the move.

Although the majority of branch leaders have agreed to switch to PKR, several of them have decided to transform their branches into DAP entities.

When contacted, Balasupramaniyam declined to disclose his intention although he admitted that party members were upset with Nallakaruppan.

Wrong timing

The trouble in Penang MIUP did not brew overnight.

It is learnt that the party’s leaders and members in Penang were already in disagreement with Nallakaruppan’s hasty decision to announce the infant party’s intention to join BN on the day when the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) held its now famous rally in Kuala Lumpur on Nov 25.

“The timing was wrong. He should have adopted a ‘wait and see’ approach. It was premature for MIUP to announce its alliance with BN,” said several party insiders.

Nallakaruppan’s speedy announcement was seen by several experienced politicians as an alleged attempt by the MIUP president to earn major political gains and concessions from BN.

“It was more of self-interest than a common one,” alleged an insider.

anwar ibrahim pc 180208 01Things got from bad to worse when Nallakaruppan announced during the election campaign that MIUP would back BN to win the swaying Indian votes.

The situation worsened when Nallakaruppan fired seething personal attacks against Anwar at the height of the campaign.

The members felt Nallakaruppan should have stayed away from electoral politics and make a calculated move now.

“He had compromised the interests of thousands of MIUP members for his selfish gains to enter into the good books of BN leaders,” claimed the insider.

He said due to Nallakarupan’s hasty moves, MIUP is now heading nowhere and the members are wondering what’s next.

“BN got a severe beating and it jeopardise our position. So the best thing to do is to dissolve MIUP Penang and join PKR or DAP,” he added.

MIUP falling apart in Penang


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Perak: DAP assemblyman quits


So, what does he want to do? Join Barisan Nasional, join PAS, PKR or remain as independent, he should have said this in his statement. This political manoeuvring is not at all good for Indians and the people of Buntong. Remember it was not only Indians who voted you in. PAS, PKR and DAP are three parties forming a coalition and with the limited exco seats, not all can sit there.


Forgetting the party he represents, he should have thought of those who voted him in. Once selected his ego is up is it, being an assemblyman, what about the poor voters who thought they will be represented. You should have resigned rather than playing this political game. Remember your name will be remembered for a very long time. People with short fuses don’t make good assemblyman.

Perak: DAP assemblyman quits

Mar 31, 08 12:46pm

breaking news In a major blow to DAP, newly-elected Buntong state assemblyperson A Sivasubramaniam has quit the party because only a single Indian was appointed to Perak’s state cabinet.

In a letter to DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, Sivasubramaniam claimed that DAP Perak chief Ngeh Khoo Ham had reneged on his promise to appoint two Indian Malaysians in the state executive council.

“This is a major blow and a lie to the Perak Indian community,” stated the disgruntled DAP leader in his letter, a copy of which was made available to Malaysiakini.

Perak: DAP assemblyman quits


clipped from

0e2a594eeacf4936e1133e6ca3ce0fb2.jpgபகாங் மாநில ஆட்சிக்குழுவில் மஇகாவின் பிரதிநிதிக்கு இடமில்லை. நாங்கள் கேட்க வேண்டியதை கேட்டுவிட்டோம். போதும். இனிமேல் இதற்கும் அதற்கும் பிச்சை கேட்கப்போவதில்லை என்று டத்தோஸ்ரீ ச. சாமிவேலு கூறியுள்ளார்.

மாற்றரசு கட்சிகள் கைப்பற்றியுள்ள மாநிலங்களின்ஆட்சிக்குழுவில்இந்தியர்களுக்குபாரிசான் கட்சியைப்போல ஒரு இடம் மட்டும் கொடுத்திருப்பது குறித்து சாமிவேலு அக்கட்சிகளைக் கடுமையாகச் சாடினார்.

மேலும், சுங்கை சிப்புட்டில் தோற்றது நானல்ல. மக்கள் தோற்கடித்தது பாரிசானை என்று சிறந்த விளக்கமொன்றை சாமிவேலு வழங்கினார். (தொடரும்)

  blog it
This is from malaysiainru. Translation:

“There is no place for the MIC representative in the exco in Pahang. We have asked for it, enough, we are not going to beg, says Samy Vellu. Where the opposition gained victory, only one seat has been allotted to Indians as was done by Barisan said an annoyed Sami Vellu,

I did not lose at Sungei Siput, The people there defeated Barisan as now claimed by him. “

Any comments. My late grandmother talking about women will say, when you are drenched to the skin do you still must cover your head with a scarf. How appropriate, especially said in Tamil.

Malaysia Today: Your source of independent news – Samy: I’m not dead


This is a Sun Newspaper articled quoted in Malaysia Today. It was posted at 6.15 PM yesterday, as I write this there are about 45 comments on the article. Not one comment has anything good to say of Samy Vellu. Every word used is venomous, vicious and spiteful. It is just cuss words as if the writers are on a warpath to set something right that hitherto has been overlooked. I do not believe in curses having any effect on the recipient, although when something happens bad to a person it is common to say ‘well he deserves it, he did not notice it coming, his past doings-lah, his karma what you sow you reap etc’. If this curse words had worked or had  been true, Samy must by now disintegrated to dust or at least his physical image would have shrunk by a couple of inches. Nothing has happened so far. He stands as a solid rock undaunted by all criticism, and puts up a brave front.


But what about the listeners at the gathering he addresses, do they have the same type of revulsion taking every word uttered with a pinch of salt or do they curse under their breath. It is hard to say. Do the MIC members, sit up and take notes, hanging on every word that comes out as gospel truth. Or, do they, dismiss him with a shrug that he is just blabbering.


During the short span of time blogging and reading comments, I have not seen another individual, particularly politicians, vilified as much as Samy, and condemned. Good old Samy takes it in the stride. But as a leader of MIC the party suffers, if all and sundry are not satisfied with a leader, the group he leads suffers as well. There is no Integrity and if it is not Samy, any other person or any card holding member coming out with any statement or comment gets a walloping as well. A leader must decide when he is not welcomed any more, and putting aside considerations of  all that he has done for the party, the people, the long hours spend as a workaholic, his emotional or personal ties to the party must cease. 


A strong decision must be taken, this is the party I led for 32 years, do I want it to continue and be relevant, or do I drag it along with me until it becomes a memory or another insignificant NGO. Samy must decide. The work now he is doing is similar to pushing back the paste that you have pressed out from a tooth paste tube.       


     Samy: I’m not dead

Posted by kasee

Sunday, 30 March 2008

(The Sun) KUALA LUMPUR (March 30, 2008): “I’m still very alive, I’m not dead, you understand? I’m alive! I’m alive! I’m a workaholic and I will work for the community all the time,” said MIC president Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu.

He made the more than 160 grassroots leaders from all over the country sit up in their seats while delivering his keynote address to a MIC Divisional Leaders’ Workshop titled “Rebranding the MIC” on the party’s headquarters today.

Samy Vellu also issued advice and pointers for the party’s new journey at all levels – branches, divisions, for state executive councillors, and even for the three leaders who were appointed to the new cabinet.

He said among the people’s concerns were employment issues involving the Social Security Organisation, youth training, the welfare of estate workers, the lack of employment for Indians in the government and micro-businesses finding it hard to manage.

“In squatter housing areas, there will be 10 Indian shops but once they are relocated to flats or new houses, there is only one shop, if they are lucky.
“How are businesses to grow this way?” Samy Vellu cited an example.

Reminding the participants that the party is “guardian for the Indian community and only we can voice for the Indians,” Samy Vellu said the MIC will establish an Implementation Coordination Committee (ICC) to review and analyse community needs and requests through divisional leaders’ submissions.

He said the ICC will meet on a bi-monthly basis and MIC will continue its ‘Meet-The-People Session’ on Tuesdays from April to listen to the concerns of the people.

“MIC recognises that there are many unresolved community concerns and it is in addressing these concerns that MIC launched ‘An Agenda for Action to Address the Socio-Economic Disadvantages of Malaysian Indians’ which is comprehensive and will be implemented with the Federal Government’s assistance,” he said.

At a press conference later, Samy Vellu revealed his plans of going on a nationwide roadshow “from state to state and district to district” and expressed confidence of working with former deputy MIC president Datuk S. Subramaniam despite their supporters having disagreements amongst each other.

“Just because two or three people cannot see eye-to-eye, it doesn’t mean all of them cannot agree.

“I’m very confident that we will do well and if you want, I can call the whole membership in. You just give me a few months after I visit state to state,” he said.

Asked when he would hand the party reins over, he replied: “I will lead the party until I die. People want me to die earlier but because of you, I will not die”.
“If the opposition doesn’t care about race issues, why are they going back to what BN is doing?

“Why only one Indian (state exco) in Perak, only one in Penang and one in Selangor? There must be three fellows!

“In one month (since the elections), I learnt a lot about how to tell lies to people and attract them but we do not do that,” Samy Vellu added.

Malaysia Today: Your source of independent news – Samy: I’m not dead


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History is being made in the political scenery of Malaysia. I am referring to the proximity of the Indians towards PAS the Islamic party. Indians are fearful of PAS, yes fearful, that Indians would never benefit from the country being ruled by PAS which will turn the country into a full fledged Islamic nation, and non-Muslims will have to eat humble pie at the hands of PAS. Freedom of the individual under PAS will be cemented by Islamic principles, no this, no that, until the Indian identity will be no more, and you have to subjugated to Islamic principles of life. Anybody can say, the Koran is fair to all religions, it was even so when the religion was formulated 1400 years ago in Arabia. Unfortunately, Indians don’t know any Koran or they have not read it, and feel their religious believes will be compromised. Indians are idol worshipers, they pray to many Gods and this is against Islam, Indians drink alcohol for them it is nothing wrong, their ladies consume alcohol after child birth, even alcohol is offered to prayers to those who are not with us. Islam agrees to beef, but for a Indian of Hindu origin, the cow is a mother and they don’t consume its meat. The list is endless, comparing them will take a book.

So with all these fears is it justified the Indians fear Islam and PAS. Please,please,please, anybody but PAS. They might not hate PAS as such, because they do not know what is in store for them, but it is a definite no for PAS.

PAS forayed into Indian territory, and the person who broke the duck was Miss Kumutha Raman, Star paper states her name as Kumutha a/p Rahman, and I was perplexed, yes Indian but an Indian Muslim. Anyhow I believe she is Indian and not a Muslim. She was selected by PAS as a candidate, she stood for election in a state seat under PKR but unfortunately lost. Things would have been different if she had stood in Penang, Kedah, Perak or Selangor. Any way she lost. The video below shows this lady addressing a big crowd of PAS supporters. I wonder how many were Indians. Of course in the elections there were many Indians wearing PAS t-shirts and campaigning for the party, not forgetting that PAS could garner this popularity and the Indians were partially or in some cases totally responsible.

The second surprise is the Kampung Jebong MIC branch in Simpang here was officially dissolved when 110 of its members quit the party to become members of “Kelab Penyokong PAS” (PAS Supporters Club). Relax, they are not PAS members but supporters. Tell me, if PAS were to be a party for all irrespective of religion, why is there this supporters thing. Hello, remember religion and state cannot mix – this is an old age experience by people before us. So this 110 Indians are step sons to PAS, and possibly, only on conversion to Islam they would be welcomed with a hug and made full members. Come PAS please explain. In an earlier post I was worried about the Kedah Mentri Besar, and I had good reasons. He is there to govern, but what are you an anti-alcohol or gambling minister. My religion does not say so, so what gives. Or second thought did the MB during his campaigning promised he will do away with these two terrible vices, and if he had done that, and if the people had still voted him. particularly the Indians, I can only say there was this sudden microphone failure the Indians did not hear.

You have convinced Kumutha, I hope she does not adds Rahman to her name, the Kampung Jebong 110 Indians, but remember there are about 2 million Indians, who may still consider PAS as anti-Indian,unless of course you make some dramatic changes in your policy, which with the Ulamaks around is next to impossible.

Sunday March 30, 2008

MIC branch dissolved, members become PAS supporters


TAIPING: The Kampung Jebong MIC branch in Simpang here was officially dissolved when 110 of its members quit the party to become members of “Kelab Penyokong PAS” (PAS Supporters Club).

Branch chairman M. Muninathan, accompanied by committee members, submitted their application forms to Bukit Gantang MP Roslan Shaharom at a village temple here on Saturday night.

Roslan said the welfare of the former MIC branch members and members of the Indian community would be taken care of.

“We will take care of you because any problems affecting the Indian community will also affect members of the other communities,” he said.

Roslan said he was indebted to the Indian community here as more than 95% of Indian voters within the Bukit Gantang parliamentary constituency had voted for him in the recently-concluded general election.

He said members of the community had every reason to rejoice as two of the three state seats in the constituency had been won by Barisan Rakyat, and the victors — Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu (Changkat Jering) and Tai Sing Ng (Kuala Sepetang) — had been appointed exco members of the new Perak state government.

MIC branch dissolved, members become PAS supporters

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Samy calls for Hindraf 5’s release
There can be better news than the 5 being released from Kamunting. They are innocent, and only wanted the world to know the plight of the Indians in Malaysia. They are not terrorists, trouble creators, threatening the security of the country or peace.
Again I say, Hindraf had no ill intentions against Samy Vellu or MIC. It was Samy who treated the group as if they were untouchables. For this he has paid and is in limbo now.
If what he says is true and he wants to make amends, he is welcome, there must still some human milk of kindness and feelings within him. Only the results will tell.    

Samy calls for Hindraf 5’s release

RK Anand | Mar 30, 08 12:14pm

In a dramatic about-turn, MIC president S Samy Vellu today called for the release of the five Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leaders held without trial under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

The veteran politician said he will meet Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi soon to discuss this matter.

He also urged Hindraf chairperson P Waythamoorthy – who is currently in London on self-exile – to return to the country and be reunited with his family, saying that the latter should not be a political refugee.

Samy Vellu was speaking to reporters after opening the MIC divisional leaders workshop at the party’s headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

hindraff isa detainees 141207The Hindraf leaders detained under the security law are Waythamoorthy’s brother, Uthayakumar, V Ganabatirau, M Manoharan, T Vasantha Kumar and R Kengadharan.

The five – four of whom are lawyers – were arrested shortly after organising a mammoth street rally in Kuala Lumpur which drew some 30,000 people on Nov 25 last year.

Approached by detainees’ families

Samy Vellu revealed that the families of Manoharan and R Kengadharan had approached him for assistance.

“Because they made an approach, I will talk to the PM (about securing their freedom),” he said, adding, “We also don’t want them to be kept inside.

malaysia budget 2007 2008 070907 samy vellu“The government has to make a decision. Kenghadharan is very sick, Manoharan is an elected member. So I think it is quite reasonable. I am going to ask PM (to release them) and meet the Internal Security Minister (Syed Hamid Syed Albar).

“I made some moves on this earlier, but I didn’t tell anybody. I will now make a very strong move to see what can be done,” he added

Manoharan won the Kota Alam Shah state seat in Selangor under a DAP ticket in the March 8 elections.

In the past, Samy Vellu had been critical of Hindraf and the Nov 25 demonstration. The movement, in return, also accused MIC and its party boss of failing to uplift the status of the Indian community.

Not a publicity stunt

Responding to a question, Samy Vellu denied that the move to call for the five’s release was a publicity stunt.

Describing it as being motivated by “fairness”, he said: “At the same time, we feel that as Indians, we have to do something about this.”

hindraf british petition rally 251107 malaysian flagsThe MIC president also revealed how he had helped secure the release of four students detained with scores others in the wake of the Hindraf rally.

Thirty-one detainees were later charged with the attempted murder of a policeman, but this was subsequently dropped.

Samy Vellu said this happened because he spoke to the prime minister and attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail.

“But one of the detainees’ fathers scolded me like hell… (the father said) ‘Who the hell are you?’, ‘Where were you when my son was arrested?’

“He ashamed me, it was very unreasonable. But I didn’t take it to mind, as long as the students were released and the (attempted murder) charge against the others was reduced,” he added.

The MIC president said “many had argued for them because they want publicity.” “We only want the truth,” he said.

Samy calls for Hindraf 5’s release


These delinquent youths are there because of lack of parental control. Parents must ensure the good behaviour of their children; easily said than done, but the first and foremost duty of the father and mother is the assurance they are their friends. Building this relationship will go a long way in building up the character of the kids.