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Now this death happened in the year 2007, and anyone following the case of Sujatha, in the papers, regarding the girl who took poison, smells a rat miles away. Too many statements that makes the reader wonder, how could this happen. Is Klang hospital, in such poor administrative state, that samples go missing, post mortems ordered are not done, a suspected pregnancy is allowed to float by as if this is the norm, and many more. We have seen our DG of health lately in the issue of Kugan, how methodically he diagnosed the death, and one is thankful of his medical knowledge to stop tongues wagging.


My main concern is the administration of Klang hospital, after all I am no relative of the late Sujatha; and surely our DG will hasten to prove to the patients visiting this particular hospital, their worries are baseless.

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We await the DG’s comments.

THE SUJATHA CASE: The case that went wrong in every way


While everyone is busy talking about the Perak fiasco, one case is going away almost unnoticed. It is the case of Sujatha the actress.

In the earlier enquiry blood tests which were supposed to be done have never be done. Samples are missing.

The police order a post mortem. The doctor ignores it and releases the body without a post-mortem. The doctor’s boss agrees that the doctor cannot disregard the order from the police.
Now here are the question for our health minister, home minister and DG of health:

1) Was there any enquiry what happenned to the blood samples sent for tests?

2) Is Dr. Saravana still in service, Was any action taken against him for releasing the body without a postmortem?

3) Did the police lodge a complaint against the doctor acting without authority by releasing Sujatha’s body without a postmortem.

If the answers to all these or anyone of the questions is in the negative, there is definitely a breakdown in our administration


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