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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Najib is not the Prime Minister yet, can you imagine what will happen if he is the PM. I fear for this country and its future.
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KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 4 – All Pakatan Rakyat lawmakers staged a walkabout of the Dewan Rakyat approximately an hour into Finance Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s speech when winding-up the debate on the 2009 Budget this evening.

Speaking to reporters outside the House while Najib continued with his speech on the federal government’s economic stimulation package, Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said they protested against Najib’s “arrogant manner” in prohibiting them from speaking up during his speech.

Anwar added that the Dewan Rakyat Speaker, Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia, had even asked Najib if he would give way for the Opposition leader to rebut his announcements and Najib had stated “no.”

“If that is the case, what is the benefit for us to remain inside?” queried Anwar.

The top leaders from the PR coalition further accused Najib, who is also the Deputy Prime Minister, of being “dishonest”.

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Have you ever heard anything more ludicrous and silly. Oliver was detained for 3 hours by the police for wearing a t-shirt with a logo ‘No to ISA’. He and another two friends were on their way to attend a national level open house ceremony and Oliver was detained for wearing a dangerous shirt. As a result of wearing a dangerous shirt, he was considered a threat to the VVIPs which included Najib. I have wrecked my mind what could be dangerous with a t-shirt, besides its use as a weapon to wring a person’s neck. I am also sure the VVIPs including Najib were wearing some form of shirt, not necessarily a t-shirt, and the open house was a gallery of people wearing dangerous apparel.

Oliver was given the option to remove the offending t-shirt, or stay in the police beat base. He refused to go naked and as a result spend 3 hours detained.

At one stage he was even asked if he was paid to wear the t-shirt, I can’t blame Oliver for just saying no, he could have easily retorted yes he was paid by the 60 odd people detained under ISA, which could have entailed a longer wait at the police beat base.

ACP Wan Abdul Bari is reported to have said, Oliver was detained for documentation purposes and for his reasons for being at the event. This is even getting more mysterious. The national level Deepavali open house was organised by the Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry and therefore it was an open invitation for all and sundry. Have the police got soooo…. security conscious that wearing a t-shirt with a logo, a cap on the head, an ear ring, and what more have you, all these can be considered dangerous depending on how twisted your thinking is, and may require the person to be  documented and also to state the reason for being there.

What a led down for the organiser, the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, a person coming for his function being detained. Hindraf attended the function of the Prime Minister and the organisation was banned. Perhaps the Minister concerned will have something to say.

The morale of the story is, do not attend open house ceremonies organised by any Ministry where VVIPs are gathered, you can be detained by the police for wearing something dangerous.

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Shau Pang writing in the letters column of Malaysiakini, relates to his brother being robbed and assaulted in Petaling Jaya. Four men attacked his brother with a barang, at a McDonald outlet and when the police arrived they stood by doing nothing except to wait for the ambulance.

Robberies, rapes, assault with weapons, kidnapping; they are common place in our beloved country. Every time you read about such an incident or hear the news through friends, you get jittery and feel insecure. How could this happen you wonder, are the thieves that desperate, is it because of foreigners, or is the country turning lawless.

The police who are our guardians to protect us against such abuse must accept the blame for the indifferent attitude shown in curbing crime.

Look at the newspaper items today. Two snatch thieves man-handled by people in Petaling street, a catering business owner shot in Batu Pahat, four men charged for kidnapping in Johor Baru, a textile merchant and his worker abducted in Subang Jaya and kept in captivity, and the list is endless. What is happening?

The police have failed very badly in their responsibilities and duties arising in the increase of criminal activities. The only time I see police men on duty is when they are manning street junctions to direct traffic, and patrol cars stopping vehicles and motor cycles on highways checking I wonder what. Other than that it is rare to see any police patrolling to deter crimes.

I think the best way to discourage people from even thinking of committing crimes is the presence of policemen. I stay in the vicinity of Sri Muda, Alam Mega and Taipan. These places are crowded throughout the day. During my frequent visits to these places I can honestly say I have yet to find policemen going on their rounds. These places are haven for people to commit crimes.

As mentioned earlier, two snatch theft suspects were beaten up by the public, very badly, in Petaling Street last Sunday. MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Michael Chong was at the scene and stopped the victims being assaulted further. You can read this account here. People at random were assaulting the victims and giving vent to their pent up feelings. The police as usual, come out with the advise, call the police and never resort to vigilante justice. If every takes the law into their own hands the country will become lawless, they said.

It is true one cannot resort to violence when a thief is apprehended, but if you had been a victim, it is difficult to keep a lid on your feelings, as happened in this case; a former snatch victim giving a kick.

There are too many unscrupulous people out there resorting to robbery and snatch thefts to earn a living. This will not go away until and unless the police are serious to curb crimes. For a start patrolling, of shopping complex, busy roads, and housing estates, must be done and the presence of the man in uniform must be there to be seen, not just cruising around in patrol cars but moving among the crowd on foot. This will definitely reduce or deter crimes.


This is the news from down under, Australia:

EMBATTLED Assistant Health Minister Tony Stewart has been dumped following allegations that he abused a staff member and touched her leg.

More details here.,22049,24593851-5001021,00.html

This reminded me of our own JJ as he is known, and a one time Minister and ass crabber. You can read more here and here.

What is surprising is that, there is no further Police news of our own zealous ass lover. He is trailing in the nominations for vice president of UMNO.

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With 60 against 101 Shahrizat has to act now or become another has been. Remember 60 women groups scorned, will be your funeral song. Act wisely.
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Shahrizat gets three more for top Wanita post

Wanita Umno vice-head Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil obtained three more nominations today to challenge Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz for the movement’s top post.

Shahrizat’s new nominations were from Batu Kawan, Libaran dan Kulim/Bandar Baharu divisions, raising her total to 60 while Rafidah received five from Kota Baharu, Tampin, Kangar, Muar and Lipis.

Rafidah has secured 101 nominations so far.
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I wonder whether Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Shahrir Abdul Samad, really knows what he is blabbering about. He must be really dumb and his statement that the rebate system is not favoured by the people stings to heaven. With the increased fuel prices, the RM625 and RM150 cash rebate was introduced following complaints by the people the 41% increase was excessive – a scheme to lessen the burden of the people. He says people don’t care and he should prove this point, because in times of escalating prices who does not want some extra cash unless you are like the Minister earning enough not to bother about increased prices.

He further adds not many like the rebate system, is this true? Come on Minister, think before you talk, or alternatively he must have a sense of humour beyond comparison, that even in times of escalation of prices he keeps on smiling.

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ACA is probing the postponed helicopter deal costing 1.6 billion dollars. The agency has collected several documents pertaining to the deal, and, a file has been opened. Although two police reports have been made against Deputy Prime Minister Najib, involving this deal, ACA is so very reluctant to say whether the DPM will be called to explain his part. As the Defence Minister, Najib is the main person who would have made the decision and I wonder what type of a investigation this would be without the main person being questioned.

Just like the Altantuya case, two chaps who did not have a motive to kill her, are facing the court, and it is clear as crystal they may walk away free of the murder.

Hence in the copter deal it is a wasted effort if the main person is not grilled and questioned. Maybe the typist who typed the copter documents may be found at fault, who knows, in Malaysia anything can happen.

MalaysianFirst must be frustrated beyond words. Many Malaysians are in the same category. Look around you, racial issues, political scandals, misuse of public funds, inefficient governance and what else have we. It looks very bleak for Malaysia.
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November 01, 2008 00:54:30




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