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ACA is probing the postponed helicopter deal costing 1.6 billion dollars. The agency has collected several documents pertaining to the deal, and, a file has been opened. Although two police reports have been made against Deputy Prime Minister Najib, involving this deal, ACA is so very reluctant to say whether the DPM will be called to explain his part. As the Defence Minister, Najib is the main person who would have made the decision and I wonder what type of a investigation this would be without the main person being questioned.

Just like the Altantuya case, two chaps who did not have a motive to kill her, are facing the court, and it is clear as crystal they may walk away free of the murder.

Hence in the copter deal it is a wasted effort if the main person is not grilled and questioned. Maybe the typist who typed the copter documents may be found at fault, who knows, in Malaysia anything can happen.


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