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This part of the anatomy, especially of the female variety, is titillating reading especially if a man of importance feels the need to carouse one. This type of exercise is allowed in privacy and when done with a known person, it is nothing sensational. But when you select a woman at random and allow your tentacles to feel them at their lower end, and in public, it becomes a sensation. We have had two buttock lovers, one JJ all of us know, his overindulgence is a matter for the Attorney General to decide. It is already a month since this incidence took place and the people are waiting for the results.

Not to be left behind comes AJY a deputy director of the Tourism Board in Taiwan. JJ did this act in the confines of a hotel, but unfortunately AJY had the urge seeing a female shop assistant which I suppose must have been in an open area. AJY ran for his life when the girl screamed but was detained by the guards. AJY must be still upset that he could not out-run his pursuers. Anyhow he was caught, and he joins JJ in the list of bottom lovers.

Like in the case of JJ, we await the Police and the departmental action on AJY shortly.

The morale of the story, if your hands itch when looking at a woman’s buttock, please hide your hands in your pockets. No hands, no shame.

PETALING JAYA: The Tourism Ministry is waiting for the case facts regarding a Malaysian tourism deputy director reportedly arrested for molesting a female shop assistant in Taiwan, before deciding on the next course of action.

“We cannot take action just based on media reports. If there is a case, we will refer it to the disciplinary board for further action,” Tourism Ministry director-general Datuk Mirza Mohammad Taiyab said yesterday.

“We are waiting for the facts of the case from his superior,” he added.

On Thursday, it was reported that Ahmad Junaidy Yahya, deputy director of the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board’s representative office in Taiwan, was detained on Tuesday evening for allegedly groping a woman’s back and private parts.

He was questioned by the police but released on Wednesday morning after apologising to the victim. But she reserved the right to press charges of sexual harassment.

“The disciplinary board will have to consider the gravity of the situation, but the maximum penalty is expulsion,” said Mirza, who earlier launched the Asia International Tourism Expo (AITE) 2008 at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) here.

On the three-day expo, Mirza said it was a good platform for smaller players in the travel industry to show what they had to offer, as “it is very expensive for small players to take part in big international fairs.”

He said that there were some 156 international buyers and 71 seller organisations at this “maiden expo.”

It is jointly organised by the Association of Tours and Travel Agents, the Bumiputra Tours and Travel Agents Association, the Malaysian Chinese Tourism Association and the Malaysian Indian Tourism Association, in close relationship with the Tourism Ministry and Tourism Malaysia.

Ministry waiting for Taiwan molest facts


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