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Monthly Archives: February 2008

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Blogger-candidate slaps himself – twice
Ki Mae Heussner | Feb 29, 08 7:30pm
Blogger and opposition candidate Jeff Ooi did something he never could have done online. He slapped himself on the cheek. Twice.

jeff ooi slap himself at a dap event 290208On the soapbox at a Bukit Bendera ceramah last night, Ooi revealed that he had previously voted for the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition.

Stumping for a spirited crowd, the DAP candidate for the Jelutong parliamentary seat in Penang confessed his political transgressions and paid his penance gamely.
“Ten years ago (in 1999), I was so stupid! I voted Barisan Nasional – so stupid!” the blogger-cum-politician exclaimed, smacking himself on the cheek.� “Cukup-lah!”
But he said he did not learn the lesson.
“In 2004, we got tired of (ex-premier Dr) Mahathir (Mohamad) and we have new Mr Nice Guy, Mr Clean (Abdullah Ahmad Badawi). I voted for him as well.
And what have I got? I got VK Lingam… Another hit on my face!” Smack!
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Theatrics aside, most of the people who traditionally voted Barisan Nasional, feel the same shame in various degrees, depending on age and status. From Mahathir to Badawi the people are strangled positively, every freedom from birth to death given a new meaning, ala UMNO. Barisan was formed in good faith with the main idea of uniting the Malaysians, live peacefully as citizens of this wonderful country Malaysia, Our fore-fathers who nurtured this country from infancy would now turn in their graves if they know, the plight, the uselessness, impotence the children grand-children and great grand-children of their groin are going through.If only they would have known the future by looking at the crystal ball, believe me the the British would have been better masters. Justice, fair play, rule of law, personal freedom, religion, education and all socio-economic issues were meted out without fear and favour. An orang putih and a local drain sweeper were the same. Each in his own way, on different layers of course, had a right in this country. A murderer was one whether he wore a three piece suit or a sarong, and an innocent chap was equal nothing based on colour, caste or creed.

Look today, every facet of life is linked with race, position in the ruling party or how much money you are willing to dole out.

I said Mahathir earlier, he was no angel, he lived on dividing the races on riches and religion but after 22 years his successors have fine tuned the process, corrupted people are likened to leading a normal life because it is a norm, I mean the corruption, every civil servant has to have a second income on which taxes are not paid, judges, who are a class by themselves, become witnesses to justify what they did as a judge, and painfully after retirement, the custodians of law and order laughed at because they treat law and order as a joke, VIP’s getting away with murder figuratively and in actual situations. All these and many more makes me to believe that although we had a head start, we are no better than some African country of anarchy, dictatorship and disintegration

So Jeff Ooi you are in good company, most of us should voluntarily slap ourselves, for allowing this country to go to this stage by electing the wrong people.

How are we going to do this. I was in a Taman near my house, the BN blue was everywhere, and in a round-about a few measly PAS flags. Explaining, I said BN has spend RM 3 million on expenses, for 3 days, and God alone knows what the total bill will be after March 8. Can a mouse fight an elephant. I knew no plausible answer.

900 farmers times 3 adult voters in a family, Komala may not want to lose 2,700 voters. I have my gut feeling, the farmers will get their land, or given a concrete assurance by none other than Toyol.Remember the honorarium of RM 2000 for Civil Servants by Cuepecs. What a waste waiting until March this year, take my word the coffers will be empty and Government will shed tears, crocodile tears I mean. Putrajaya voters it is not too late, Tengku Adnan is there, get the money now, it belongs to you, but voting is another matter, vote with your conscience.
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Kapar farmers: Return our land before March 8
“Return our land to us before March 8, or you can kiss our votes good bye.”
kapar parliamentary seat contest 270208 komala deviThis was the terse message from about a dozen former farmers and their family members from Kampung Perepat in the parliamentary constituency of Kapar to Barisan Nasional’s incumbent candidate P Komala Devi (photo, far right).
Describing themselves as victims of a ‘land-grab’ by a certain MIC-linked Datuk, they are bitter and frustrated at all the promises by government leaders and politicians to have the land returned to them.
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MIC candidates dodging the boss?
While some sources claimed that certain candidates are trying to prevent party president S Samy Vellu from visiting their constituencies, others have dismissed this.
“Out of respect, they don’t tell him directly. So they find excuses. The message is put across subtlety, they tell him things like ‘nothing to worry, the seat is safe, we can handle it’.
sungai siput nominations 240208 samy flanked by ahamad and cheah 2The sources said candidates are worried that the veteran politician’s presence will undermine their campaign, especially in securing Indian votes.
“The candidates have been working hard to reach out to Indian voters and they are afraid if he visits, all their effort will be in vain,” he said.
“They would rather lose the seat than tell the president not to come,” he added.
MIC candidate for the Batu Caves state seat T Mohan said Samy Vellu is the one who gave candidates the seats and it will be ungrateful of them to do such a thing.
“I am waiting for him to come and support me in Batu Caves,”
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This article has hit the nail on the head. It is, I am afraid, very true the candidates of MIC, who do have some local support in the constituencies fear that support will be lost if Samy is in the midst. He is some sort of a jinx given the existing political climate. Penang, Prai, Lunas, Padang Java in Klang, have had the share of booing, cursing, creating an uproar with loud voices clearly showing Samy is not welcome to that area. To give credulance to this Makkal Osai the Tamil newspaper relates another disturbance in Sitiawan.The gist of the matter is this. Samy Vellu went to Pasir Panjang in support of Dr S.Vasan. While campaigning, he was met by the people and they let loose lots of questions.While speaking at the sports meet at Sungei Wangi Tamil School, people were screaming and shouting at him.

After finishing the speech, he went to his car and the people shoted “Makkal Sakthi” or peoples power, and questioned Samy on Maika Holdings. and other issues.

At this juncture, Perak MIC youth leader, name not given, mouthed some deregatory words and a shuffle ensured. The crowd complained, they were there to seek answers from Sami but not to be abused saying are you not ashamed carrying the green PAS flag.
There were woman present and rude words were used, and what the members of MIC did was uncalled for.

The Police maintained order and send off Samy, but the commotion continued between MIC youths and the opposition and physical skirmishes took place.

This happened at about 5.30 pm with a crowd of 350 present.

MIC is a one man show by Sami Vellu, who lords over everything that is done in that party. From the time of Hindraf rally on November 25, how many second echelon leaders have come forward to defend MIC, correct me if I am wrong here. The bulk of the defense including facts and figures were articulated by Samy alone. Every move, every action was in the name of Samy, and he behaving like a dictator ran the party as a personal to holder affair. Sothinathan and Devamany tried to be different, at least once in Parliament and became victims of censure from UMNO, and of course Samy never intervened, it is easy now to compromise and say secret meetings were held with UMNO. I believe even the MIC parliament members are directed by the Director/Dictator and every word said, synchronized, like in a rehearsal.

The fear Samy Vellu will mess up the chances of the MIC candidates is there but then who is there to admit it and make amends.

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Taiping: Game of high stakes

Observers have noted that as PPP’s sole parliamentarian, M Kayveas is facing a ‘must-win’ situation to ensure that the party is represented in Parliament.

taiping parliamentary seatIn addition to this, Taiping voters have also been recently reminded by the DAP that Kayveas had not fulfilled monetary pledges to several Chinese guilds and pledges to build two new Chinese schools.

In a swift counter attack, Kayveas claimed to have resolved the matter with the guilds and the schools board members over the past two days.

Details however would only be released closer to polling day to avoid the opposition from using the announcement as campaign issues.

At a speech during the function yesterday, Kayveas said he had fulfilled his pledges of RM4 million and RM1 million for Chinese guilds and Chinese schools respectively.
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I was reading an e-mail and there were 3 reasons given why Kayveas should not be elected in Taiping.Reason No. 1

SJKT Kg Jebong Lama is a container!

TAIPING: SJK (T) Kampung Jebong Lama in Simpang may have the smallest “class” in the country. Measuring six metres by three metres, the container has been used by students since 2002 due to a shortage of classrooms.

Students have to alternate between the classrooms and another in an adjoining wooden building and the container. Those using the container can only do so until 11am as the heat gets unbearable after that.

When this happens, they adjourn to the canteen to resume their lessons.
I read also an allocation of RM 550,000 has been made for a new school.

Has anybody further news on this.

Reason 2

Kayveas called for closure of all Tamil schools. I am trying to get to the source of the article.

Reason 3

When Ali Rustam and the UMNO youth were up in arms with Kayveas, he did not fight back, but he does not mind locking horns with Gerakan and MIC.

And now some problem with pledges with money by Chinese guilds.

I believe it is good to refresh our memories of past actions of our leaders before March 8, and then caste our votes.

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Adnan’s clean-up job
KUANTAN: State Barisan Nasional chief Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob has some “cleaning” to do in his campaign trails but it has nothing to do with a broom.�
“The theme is ‘Adnan Cuci Anwar’ (Adnan cleanses Anwar),” he said referring to the talks he would give to counter the allegations made by PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.�
“I will go to places where he has delivered his speeches and do some ‘washing sessions’ with the people,” he told reporters after presenting financial aid to 186 people under the Urban Poverty Eradication Programme here yesterday.�
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State Barisan Nasional chief Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob has a lot of misgivings lately. He is angry he is not allowed the freedom to express himself in a way exclusive to him. He is angry that he has lost the privilege to be what he is normally, a trait kept under check, but according to reliable suorces, will be unleashed anytime. He is angry about this pussy footing statement that he must play nurse to Anwar to clean him up. He repeatedly asks why can’t I be what I am, but he is politely told by his followers Datuk you can’t do that, remember you are a Mentri Besar of a state and whether you like it or not must behave. Then he sulks. A new comer in the group asks what normally will Datuk do, Adnan heard it and retorted do you really know what I will do to Anwar and did something like this.
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AYER TAWAR: The Indian community should not vote against the Barisan Nasional just because emotions are running high, said Perak Gerakan chief Datuk Chang Ko Youn.�
“Cool down and keep your emotions in check. Please bear in mind that the DAP cannot do anything for you,” he said after visiting voters at Ladang Ulu Ayer Tawar on Wednesday.�
“If we (the Barisan) lose, who is going to help you? You will regret your decision.”�
The Barisan government was aware of its weaknesses and was ready to improve, he added. �
“Yes, we might not have done enough for the Indians. We need to work harder to uplift their standard of living,” said Chang, who is facing Perak DAP chief Ngeh Koo Ham in the Beruas parliamentary seat this general election.�
In Beruas, Chang added, Gerakan adviser and former MP Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik had done much for the Indian community in the five terms he served.�
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Datuk Chang Ko Youn admits Gerakan had not worked hard enough for the Indians. But he conveniently forgot to mention why this was so. Possible answers are, they were busy, they forgot there was an Indian community, Gerakan is not for Indians alone but for all Malaysians, but er…er…during the last 4 years never thought much of Indians anyway.Come election time, Gerakan looks for the Indians, but how do they placate them, blame DAP. Whip DAP. You are doing well Datuk Chang Ko Youn.The Indians remember well your predecessor Lim Keng Yeik the notorious judge of Indian people who, as alleged by him, hide behind rubber trees. They are still in hiding and I cannot imagine them coming out for Gerakan simply because the fear of an another accusation now they are hiding behind houses. Indians hide and they want to hide from Gerakan.

You say DAP can’t do much for Indians. Thany you for reminding the Indians of your personal view, but the Indians at least are not ungrateful, they remember DAP stood by them when they were ridiculed in Parliament and now the Indians are saying thank you DAP for your support.

I would suggest you try to bring out the hiding Indians, and over the next 5 years, gain their confidence and erase away the unpleasant taste in their mouth that Gerakan did not do enough. Thereafter Indians will like Gerakan.

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Ka Chuan: Why I did not fulfill 2004 pledges
MCA secretary-general and Perak MCA chief Ong Ka Chuan, who was defeated by DAP’s Fong Po Kuan in Batu Gajah in 2004, said the pledges could not be fulfilled because he did not win.
“We lost out. How could we do (anything)? Three parliament seats (Ipoh Timor, Ipoh Barat and Batu Gajah) were lost to them,” said Ong during a press conference in Ipoh yesterday.
mca press conference 151105 ong ka chuan“The principle is that – you won the seat, (therefore) it is your responsibility to carry out your vision, not the person who lost. We don’t have the ability,” he stressed.
Ong, who is contesting the Barisan Nasional ‘safe seat’ of Tanjung Malim, explained that due to his defeat, he was unable to face the prime minister and ask for development projects.
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I love this guy, so naive, so innocent, so stupid, I hope the Tanjung Malim people will know what to do with him, it’s a safe seat.He is the secretary-general of MCA, whether he has access to Badawi I don’t know, but I like his style and people can be rest assured he will carry the mantel for the Chinese.

He did make some pledges way back in 2004, hopefully some of them good for the people. He was not elected, pledges go down the drain, ungrateful people, let them suffer, I will bring this up the next time I stand again.

I love this, he has copyrighted the pledges, ala Ong Ka Chuan, but wait, some did vote him did they, let them die, not elected I won’t do anything.

So Tanjong Malim voters elect him, otherwise no fulfillment of pledges because I can’t see the PM, my brother got other things to do.

How clever can he get.

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RM1m spent in poll ads first 3 days

The ruling Barisan Nasional coalition has spent RM1 million in print media advertising in the first three days of the election campaign, said corruption watchdog Transparency International-Malaysia.

ramon navaratnam“In the first three days of the period under monitor – Feb 25 to 27 – BN was projected to have spent a cumulative total of RM1.049 million,” said TI president Ramon V Navaratnam.

According to TI, there was no election advertising by opposition parties – PAS, DAP and PKR – over the first three days of the electoral campaign in the 18 monitored newspapers.
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RM 1 million goes to the dogs. It is my money and your money. Malaysia has got the best TV and radio stations in this part of the world. They could have easily made use of TV 1 and TV 2 plus all government sponsored radios, to spread the message. Are they admitting most of us don’t watch or hear government visual and audio channels. Call up the Misinformation Minister ask him what’s happening, or is he still in Sungei Petani supervising clogged drains and parking lots. Somebody must answer.What stupid advertisements in the newspapers. MIC says Indians beware you will have to pay the price and you will be disintegrated. Using peoples money they threatenl them pay and get disintegrated. What justice is this.

The opposition did not use up money, but all the people are getting the message. How come.

Those reading this, I got a SMS that Najib will be speaking on Al Jazeera at 10.30 pm today, Thursday, relating to Hindraf. Can any of my readers fill me up on this tomorrow as I don’t have Astro.

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PENDANG, Feb 28 (Bernama) — Settlers of Felda Sungai Tiang were not only happy today that they got to see Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak in person but also got good news in terms of development for their area.
Felda Sungai Tiang Gets “Present” From Najib’s Presence

He presented their village with a “present” in the form of a two-storey building to be owned by Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) and a community hall.

The RM1.3 million Bangunan MARA will have have 12 units of shoplots.

“Follow-up action will be taken soon to ensure that the project runs smoothly,” he told reporters after attending a “meet the people” session here.

Najib, who is also the minister responsible for Felda matters, said Yayasan Felda would also provide a hearse costing RM90,000 for the village’s khariah committee.

“The hearse has been ordered and will be sent to the village in a matter of time,” he said.
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I am happy for the Felda settlers, their Santa Claus came in person bringing in goodies. Enjoy it while you can. Two storey building, a community hall and a hearse for RM90,000.While thinking of Felda, I also thought about Cuepacs fighting for the civil servants and possibly, yes possibly, in March will know the honorarium of RM2,000 each for civil servants is on or not.

Ceupacs made the biggest mistake. Once elections is over, the euphoria of Santa Claus, wont be there,

Najib gives, Badawi considers. Ceupacs should have banged on Najib. Poor Ceupacs.

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If you don’t vote MIC, ‘prepare to pay price’
The Barisan Nasional ruling coalition today warned the disenchanted minority Indian community that they would “pay the price” if they vote for the opposition in March 8 elections.
MIC, part of the BN coalition, took out full-page newspaper ads which said Indians’ prospects would “disintegrate” if they deserted the government. [See ad]
“If you don’t vote for MIC, then be prepared to pay the price,” it said in bold red letters, urging Indians not to cast a protest vote for PAS, which rules impoverished Kelantan.
“Vote for PAS and see where Kelantan is today. If you think that you are not progressing under MIC, then you can now imagine getting disintegrated under PAS,” it said.
“But the Indians are educated. They are not cowards. They will be not be intimidated by the threats. Indians want their rights that has been denied for 50 years,” he added.
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What another lie and threat. Najib warned about May 13 and Samy this. Congratulations.A vote for MCA, Gerakan, MIC, PPP, and other coalition parties is a vote for UMNO, it is said. A vote for MIC on the other hand, is to keep Samy active in politics till he is 77 years old, tottering about, playing God to UMNO, shake his head and say yes, pity at that time the motion comes in under reflex action and not by muscle control. Samy is all set to rule MIC and at every passing date he gets the shivers he may yet fail after 32 years.

Why single out PAS, what if Indians vote DAP or PKR, is it alright then, but MIC still becomes redundant and irrelevant.

The opposition at least stepped out of the way to defend the Indians when they maligned by UMNO members in Parliament. Remember Sothinathan and S.K.Devamany but you played cool and kept dumb. So who is better MIC or the opposition.

Indians have disintegrated well and good under MIC and what more could be worst.

By the way no temples were destroyed nor Indian Hindus buried as Muslims in Kelantan.