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Higher Education Ministry Wants To Help Sufiah ::

Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin, has lots of free time, there are umpteen things wrong with the education policy and there he wants to play Welfare Minister, I don’t blame him, he must be in page 1 of the long list of duties and responsibilities allotted to him. Secondly he does not keep abreast of current events, the Prime Ministers Department is helping Sufiah, and Khaled is in the dark.

Sufiah is not even a student, she is a hooker, why does the Education Ministry gets concerned with hookers. Please-lah Minister, don’t overwork yourself, any credit you may get in your ministry, will not come from the good words of hookers.

Higher Education Ministry Wants To Help Sufiah

PUTRAJAYA, April 2 (Bernama) — The fate of maths genius Sufiah Yusof, 23, who created world news by entering Oxford University at age 13 and now selling her body for a living has also drawn concern from the Higher Education Ministry.
Its minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said he would ask the Malaysian Student Department (MSD) in London to look into the matter and what drove the gifted girl to resort to prostitution.
“Based on the MSD’s report, we will find a way to help her, and see whether it’s really because of her financial problem or there are other reasons,” he told reporters here Wednesday.
Mohamed Khaled said the early report received indicated that her action was not due to her wanting to finance her studies as she had left her studies some time ago, but could be due to her family problems.
Sufiah’s mother is Malaysian-born Halimaton Yusof from Muar, Johor while her father Farooq Yusof, is originally from Pakistan. He is now in jail for sexually assaulting two 15-year-old girls whom he had home tutored in maths.
Due to her very strict upbringing, Sufiah had reportedly rebelled and ran away from Oxford three years later in 2000, claiming she had had enough after 15 years of physical and emotional abuse.
Mohamed Khaled said although the ministry was keen to help her, it had its constraints and it would also depend on Sufiah herself.
“She’s 23 now and she’s also a British citizen. She has the right to do what she wants… so our role is limited,” he said.
On another matter, he said the presentation of the National Academic Award 2007, given in recognition of the excellent achievements of academicians in their respective fields in 2007, would be held at the end of July.
There are six categories, including for the top academician, for innovation and product commercialisation, arts and creativity, best journal and best book publication.
Applications and nominations for the awards opened Tuesday and will close on June 2. Information and application forms can be obtained from



  1. The busybodies should leave her alone. Locals have no
    locus standi since she’s a foreigner. Do you see the
    Pakistanis getting involved since the father of the
    girl is from Pakistan?

    The problem is that Muslims in general, and Malays in
    particular, are always desperate for ‘heroes’, as Pak
    Samad once wrote somewhere. I forget where. He
    mentioned all the rumours spread in the Muslim world
    about Neil Armstrong, Princess Diana, Michael Jackson
    etc etc being Muslim. All untrue of course. Malays
    think the simplest way to get great Muslims is to
    convert great non-Muslims to Islam, according to Pak
    Samad in the article.

    Anyway, she’s either in self-destruct mode or has
    turned professional. She’s in it for the money.

    Won’t be surprised if some of our sex maniac YBs are
    among her kinky clients.

  2. Dear Fernandez

    I saw an item they are collecting money from people to send an expert to advise her. How stupid can it get. She is paid well, and she has no qualms about doing what she does – a quick buck before she gets old, please leave her alone.

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