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There is evidence of UMNO sabotage in Rembau « * SUSAN LOONE’s blog *

The in thing now is everybody going around telling a tall story how UMNO lost the elections because of internal sabotage by the party’s members. To my mind this is bunkum as I don’t think individuals can cause voters to vote against the party they want to. Some dissenters unhappy they were not nominated may want to go against the party but this number must be small.

It is a wild goose chase, Badawi stating sabotage as a state of fact and Najib demurring of hearsay, clear evidence, and unfounded allegations.

The actual reason or reasons for the defeat goers back 4 years and originates from Badawi not carrying his promises as stated. Secondly, the kitchen cabinet took over the functions of government with Khairi throwing his weight around, Najib doing what he wants to do, his prominence in a court case, adding fuel to the fire. Therefore it is just not one reason for the defeat, but many.

While at this, a MIC candidate in Negri Sembilan, bragged, he did not require the Indian votes, as he was assured of 5000 postal votes. I wonder if these were the votes that went to Khairy, and the MIC candidate lost – this could be another reason votes meant to help one candidate going to another that caused the defeat.

PKR candidate for Rembau in the last general elections, Badrul Hisham Shaharin (aka Chegu Bard) claims that he has evidence of UMNO being sabotaged in the state. This act of sabotage led to the loss of UMNO in the Paroi state seat.

I support (Prime Minister) Abdullah’s (Ahmad Badawi) statement that there was internal sabotage against UMNO…I am prepared to expose…I contested in the Rembau seat…it is true that there was internal sabotage against UMNO and because of that (UMNO lost) the Paroi seat and P131 would be lost too if there were no trickery,” said Chegu Bard in his blog today.

“Chegu Bard knows who are those people…” challenged the young teacher.

Deputy prime minister Najib Tun Razak says today that:

“We cannot take action hastily but we cannot simply close our eyes to acts of sabotage. We will act based on clear evidence and not hearsay or unfounded allegations”.

So, Chegu Bard, please hand over the evidence to Najib…

Chegu Bard is still sore from the fact that he lost the Rembau seat when an initial count for the Rembau parliament constituency in Negri Sembilan on the night of March 8 showed that PKR had taken the seat by a razor-thin majority of 141 votes. A recount however saw a complete reversal – Khairy won by a staggering difference of 5,000 votes. This stark gap came in as a shock and consequentially became a solid basis for suspicion. Chegu Bard is considering a legal challenge against the result. (Malaysiakini)

There is evidence of UMNO sabotage in Rembau « * SUSAN LOONE’s blog *


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