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Chitrakala Vasu is not that innocent as it was thought of at first. She portrayed herself as an innocent CEO of MIED, the education arm of MIC, and apparently Samy Vellu was bent on destroying her. She was “my girl” of Samy Vellu, pampered, and paid RM18,000, to be the CEO. She was brave enough to accuse Samy Vellu, and when Samy Vellu hit back more unsavoury details are immerging. One is she has interests in 13 companies and in league with T.Mohan, the MIC Youth Chief, has been, to say the least, a successful business woman. One cannot forget, the help rendered by Samy Vellu, husband getting 2 distributors licence for car dealership at the behest of Mahathir, and even a loan of RM3 million.
There is allegation of funds being diverted from MIED and Samy Vellu has called her a thief devoid of any morals.

So is Madam that innocent. Only time will tell.
Chitrakala: Chitrakala’s 13 companies

Makkal Osai, Sunday, March 29, 2009

While the Indian community is pondering the causes for the smoldering in MIED, the latest disclosure of former MIED CEO Chitrakala’s interest in 13 companies shocked top leaders, according to MIED source.

The top leaders are further astounded by the revelation of Mrs. Chitrakala and MIC national youth leader T Mohan being directors in the same companies, the source added

 3.5 m hijack

It seems things went smoothly in MIED when Chitrakala took over the CEO position.

But, troubles started after the official opening ceremony of AIMST College, Kedah.

Later Chitrakala resigned, a three member investigation committee was setup and a series of police reports followed.

Now, Dato Sri Samy Vellu is apparently enraged on T Mohan for his involvement with Chitrakala.

It looks MIC leadership has decided to remove T Mohan from his position, in a couple of months.

Dato Sri Samy Vellu is saying that during his tenure many were given opportunities and positions, yet they are working against him. Millions of shares in many companies shocked many including Dato Sri Samy Vellu.

Chitrakala is director and shareholder in the following companies:

1. Surya Setia Capital Berhad

2. Vista surya Sdn Bhd

3. V C Publications (M) Sdn Bhd

4. V Media Sdn Bhd

5. Vista Cheriya Sdn Bhd

6. Juara Masuri Sdn Bhd

7. Jernih Permai Sdn Bhd

8. Vistam Peace Publications Sdn Bhd

9. Silver Line Service Sdn Bhd

10. Pyramid Symira Theater (M) Sdn Bhd

11. E S Communications Sdn Bhd

12. Konsortium Surya Setia Sdn Bhd

13. Indrani Holdings Sdn Bhd

On these, Indrani Holdings operates at Minara Manikavasagam building where MIC headquarters is.

Mrs. Chitrakala has 1 share in Indrani Holdings. She is a director of Silver Line and Mohan a/l Thangarasu has 1.4 million shares. Malays and Chinese are also partners in Chitrakala’s businesses.

Because of these business dealings between Chitrakala and T Mohan, a venomous campaign is being carried out, the source said.

The desperate women Chitrakala joined the long list of Samy Vellu cronies who enjoyed power and after fall out cry foul. 
Chitrakala says, she is no monkey but a Chartered Accountant and MBA holder to deserve the high income of RM 18,000 for being MIED CEO. Yet she hijacked RM 5.26 million MIED fund. Sources say, 3.2 million was transferred to her business partner T. Mohan, MIC youth leader and the rest was deposited in her children’s accounts which have since been frozen by the authorities.
Any monkey would have known better ways to stash the loot.

T Mohan

T Mohan, Chitrakala’s Business partner and MIC National youth chief

Chitrakala’s Business partner questioned

NST, March 04 2009 — "She had told me it was money collected from her family members. I only knew the money might be connected to the MIED when police began this investigation," he told the New Straits Times when contacted.
A source close to MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said about RM3.5 million was taken out from the MIED account "some time in the third quarter of last year" for a "personal business purpose"


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