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You are instrumental in bringing down a President of UMNO, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, and now you become theatrical and apologise to appease yourself. This is dastardly unbecoming and it would have been better if you had not done so, as least Badawi would have understood this is politics. Reminds me of a cat eating the mouse and telling “I’m sorry cat”. You have not realised the agony, heart-ache, misery, and pain you have created, but at least the opponent on the other side, Badawi, kept his cool.

Badawi is great, he swallowed your venom, but please don’t try it out with Najib, it may not work.

Muhyiddin to PM: I have done wrong, forgive me

Syed Jaymal Zahiid | Mar 28, 09 3:23pm

The man who openly attacked Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s leadership and had undoubtedly hurt the prime minister’s feelings along the way apologised publicly today.


Newly-elected party deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin in his closing speech today ‘poetically’ admitted to have done wrong to Abdullah and asked for his forgiveness.
najib mahathir pak lah umno 2009 agm final day 280309 11“I admit to have wronged you, I hope that you forgive me,” said Muhyiddin in citing a traditional Malay pantun (poem) to convey the message.
Muhyiddin was one of the main players behind the early retirement of Abdullah and was the most vocal Umno leader to have called for the latter to step down following the party’s poor electoral performance in the 12th general election in 2008, its poorest performance since 1969.
His public assaults triggered the domino effect that hastened Abdullah’s departure when other senior party leaders began to openly call on him to step down.
Under tremendous pressure then, Abdullah conceded and a power transition plan was mooted.

Although admitting that the party needed the transition plan, Abdullah said he was “a bit disappointed with Muhyiddin” for his open assault against him.
muhyiddin hishamuddin zahid shafie deputy vice presdient umno 2009 victory 270309 04But for Muhyiddin, what Abdullah felt is secondary.
For him, the salvos was translated into huge support which clinched him the party’s deputy presidency. He is now set to become deputy prime minister.
Meanwhile, the new Umno deputy president also thanked Abdullah for his open endorsement to Najib and him to lead the new party.
He also commended Abdullah for fulfilling his promise of meting out the power transition plan as promised and regarded it as a big sacrifice on his part in the interest of the party.
“I would like to thank Abdullah and he will be remembered as the leader with a big heart who sacrificed himself for the party. I thank him for showing and teaching me all this while,” he said.
Another coup in the making?
Muhyiddin also made an apparent bid to dispel allegations of his ambition to take over as the party president and the prime ministership.
pak lah and najib raising the umno flag agm 2009 260309 02“A number 2 must be like a number 2 and he cannot act like number 1. If I do, then the ship will sink.

"The experiences of all the number 2 will be my reference to serve and there is no better example of a number 2 than Najib,” he said to laughter from the delegates.
In typical Umno fashion, Muhyiddin then pledged his allegiance to Najib as the new Umno president and called on all party members to follow suit.
“Najib is committed to the agenda of change. I urge members to help Najib with sincerity and commitment,” he said
According to Muhyiddin, he believes Najib can strengthen BN as its new president and this, he said, is very much the hope of the people.
“The new leadership will start to focus on transforming Umno in order to restore public confidence in the party following its dismal performance in the 2008 general election.
“The effort to do this must be immediate and must also be implemented in the BN in order to win back public support to the coalition.
Finally, he pleaded with the Malays to stand by Umno and BN as the party faces a great challenge ahead in the three by-elections scheduled on April 7.
“We will fight to the end and rumble through the opposition strongholds to ensure victory for us,” he said.


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