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Shocking!! They always called Samy Vellu a gangster and a thug. Perhaps this was one reason he controlled MIC for 32 years. He is supposed to have helped Indians, but here, I am being fair, there have been instances when he had helped out Indians in need. But with all the scandals in MIC, the help he rendered is considered pittance – he could have if he intended to help the Indians, more.


Well, he is reaching his end days, and I can tell you it is frustrating to know you have not done the best having been given the chance. God help him to find his peace.


Now we see the younger gangsters and thugs within MIC. Samy was a Batu Caves one, where does T.Mohan come from. He can’t beat Samy, he cannot last 32 years, and seeing his picture:


I can vouch he is too young and being in a precarious position to follow Samy. I believe his wife is involved. My suggestion to this family, you cannot be like Samy, he was special because the Indians were foolish to believe MIC was there for them. Now, they curse Samy but with the present political upheaval, Mohans cannot do anything for the Indians. Please get on with your lives, you cannot be another Samy. You may end up being sorry. Good luck.


What intrigued me was this statement:

To questions from reporters, Latheefa said the mob shouted that the issue of stateless ethnic Indians was an MIC issue, and asked why PKR was getting involved.

Why are Indians made stupid by MIC. You can’t do it, why not let others do. MIC is a washout but there are some “never die” members, displaying prominence, have you forgotten why Najib is even willing to bring in Makkal Sakthi, to get Indian support. 300,000 Indian people were not helped. Where are you MIC.   



MIC thugs attacked us at PM’s office, decries PKR veep

  • Koh Jun Lin
  • 5:47PM May 2, 2012


PKR claims that its delegation to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) this morning was attacked at the gates by MIC thugs, causing one member to be warded in Putrajaya Hospital for his injuries.
NONEThe party’s vice-president N Surendran said he and about 30 PKR leaders and supporters were there for an appointment with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak on the issue of secondary school student Reshina Batumanathan’s citizenship.
“We found hundreds of MIC gangsters waiting there for us.
“What was even more shocking was that they were led by MIC Youth chief T Mohan himself, and other MIC leaders,” Surendran told a press conference at PKR’s headquarters in Tropicana, Selangor.
In the incident about 11.30am, Surendran said, the MIC men charged at him and Reshina, but they were blocked by PKR supporters. They were then able to enter the PMO.
NONE“However, PKR Puchong division chief S Murali was pulled out and seriously beaten by the MIC gangsters. He was bleeding from his eye and fainted. He was then admitted to the hospital,” he said.

PKR’s Women’s wing chief Zuraida Kamaruddin, who was also with the delegation, expressed disappointment that police officers at the scene did not intervene in the scuffle.
Other PKR leaders in the delegation were its director of strategy Rafizi Ramli, legal bureau head Latheefa Koya, MP for Kapar S Manickavasagam and information bureau committee member K Gunasekaran, all of whom were also present at the press conference.
Latheefa claimed that the attack was pre-mediated and that the group was not there by coincidence, for they carried banners making reference to Surendran.

‘MIC Youth leader’s wife tweeted, asking for Surendran’

Also, Mohan’s wife had tweeted, “Where are you Surendran, we are waiting for you,” prior to the attack.
To questions from reporters, Latheefa said the mob shouted that the issue of stateless ethnic Indians was an MIC issue, and asked why PKR was getting involved.
NONEReshina, 17, was expelled by her school last month because she did not have an IC to register for the SPM examination, even though she was born in Malaysia and her father has a blue IC, indicating that he is documented as a citizen.
“Under Article 14 (of the federal constitution), she is automatically a citizen of Malaysia because her father is a citizen,” said Surendran, who also showed the father’s IC to members of the press.
He said Reshina “is living proof” that the government’s MyDaftar programme to register undocumented Malaysians was a failure, and claimed that the programme’s taskforce consultant, Siva Subramaniam, had advised her to register to study as a foreigner.
This was unacceptable, Surendran said, as Reshina is not a foreigner but a Malaysian who does not have the documents to acknowledge her citizenship.
He urged Najib to recognise her citizenship within 24 hours, since the pertinent documents had already been handed to his aide Ghazali Ibrahim.
As for the attack, Surendran said a police report would be lodged on the matter tomorrow afternoon.
As of late this evening, Malaysiakini’s attempts to reach the MIC’s Mohan for his comments have been unsuccessful.


Hindraf is making the biggest mistake in not supporting the PKR candidate in Bukit Selambau. This is going to cause ripples and repercussions far more than what the leadership thinks. If there are issues at hand with Anwar then this must be settled with him, but just because  RS Thanenthiran was not given the right to contest brings them to a low undignified position that the party is more interested in being assemblymen and parliamentarians and the perks that goes along for the position. They are no better than Samy Vellu claiming to help the Indians but in the end it is the power, the money and the perks that he gets and wants to maintain until when nobody knows. 

Hindraf started well with the intention of helping and overcoming the marginalisation of Indians. To be politically correct the group was there to help the Tamils but the Indian community, some who did raise this issue, felt not left out but thought at least an important issue is being discussed. By showing the true colours in wanting positions, the noble cause for which 5 people are detained under ISA and another exiled in England, has gone to the winds.

If these leaders want to be elected, why not open up another political party like MIC, PPP or Gerakan. When they help out in their saffron wear they are not helping Anwar, Lim Kit Siang or Hadi Awang, but do so for a cause that in any change of government it is hoped the Indians are treated differently. It is not for the party they work but to maintain the reasons for Hindraf.

You cannot have your cake and eat it as well. Either Thanenthiran gets out and joins any existing political party to fulfil his ambition to be a Yang Berhormat, or leave Hindraf alone. It is useless to drag his followers who are misled to forget the original concept why Hindraf came about. That is for the active members in saffron, but for the Indian community are they idly going to give in to the whims of ambitious leaders set on improving themselves, unmindful of the origin concept, and still have good thoughts of Hindraf. Indians outnumber the saffron group and they are the voters. To bring in the other races into the picture, will be a shame, they too will think and remind themselves of the et tu Brute analogy exemplified by Thanenthiran. 

Thank God the choice is not Thanenthiran or Samy Vellu. 

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Hindraf will not help PKR’s Manikumar

Athi Veeranggan | Mar 31, 09 2:38pm

Barisan Nasional’s MIC candidate S Ganesan would be relieved to know that he would not face the army of orange T-shirt clad electoral soldiers in the current Bukit Selambau by-election campaign in northern state of Kedah.


brickfields uthayakumar hindraf 280209 marching to stationUnlike in last March general election, the saffron-clad supporters from the outlawed Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), popularly known as makkal sakti, will not be campaigning against BN and MIC this time around.
Instead, Hindraf has decided to throw its full support behind PAS candidate Nizar Jamaluddin, the former Perak menteri besar, in the Bukit Gantang by-election in Perak.
In the last election, Hindraf was instrumental in ensuring victory for independent candidate V Arumugam against MIC’s S Krishnan in this urban-rural constituency located in the rice bowl state.
Citing personal problems, Arumugam resigned on Feb 9 to pave the way for fresh polls.
Aggressive Hindraf supporters

MIC campaigners were not relishing their electoral chances in facing another round of battle with the aggressive Hindraf supporters, who were among the major reasons for BN’s unprecedented electoral reverses in 12th general election.
But by twist of luck, Hindraf has decided to stay away from Bukit Selambau, which would see a record number of 15 candidates, including 13 independent candidates, vying for the seat.
The decision was made by local Hindraf leadership on Sunday.
"We will mobilise our supporters and, spend our time and energy only for PAS in Bukit Gantang," said the human rights group’s Penang deputy coordinator, R Sanjeeviramah, also known as Sanjay.
suaram human rights award 091208 rs thanenthiranThe Hindu rights movement’s local leaders and supporters have decided to boycott Bukit Selambau in protest against PKR and its supremo Anwar Ibrahim’s decision not to field its national coordinator RS Thanenthiran as PKR candidate.
They were also aggrieved that PKR chose an unknown S Manikumar as party nominee ahead of several other potential local Indian leaders such as PKR deputy youth leader Dr R Krishnamoorthy and Sungai Petani municipal councillor K Masilamani.
"Only Anwar knows why he chose a parachute candidate ahead of other potentially better candidates.
"Perhaps he was taking the Indian voters for granted," said Sanjay.
It has been decided that Hindraf supporters will not campaign for the PKR candidate in Bukit Selambau, unless the movement leaders such as P Waythamoorthy, his detained brother Uthayakumar or Thanenthiran, were to announce otherwise.
Praying for a PKR defeat in Kedah

"Unless our leaders were to tell us to support PKR, Hindraf will not get involved in the Bukit Selambau by-election.
"But Hindraf will go all out to campaign for a victory for PAS in Bukit Gantang," said Sanjay.
Nizar faces BN candidate Ismail Saffian and independent Kamarul Ramizu Idris in the Bukit Gantang parliamentary constituency.
zaid ibrahim book launch nik aziz anwar ibrahim pc 230309 03Some Hindraf grassroots leaders and supporters were silently praying for a PKR defeat in Kedah to teach a political lesson to Anwar and company for failing to value the movement and its army of supporters.
"Perhaps then Anwar and company will know how to appreciate Hindraf and Indian votes," said Sanjay.
Bukit Selambau’s 35,140 registered voters comprise 50.2 percent Malays, Indians 29.5 percent, Chinese 19.3 percent and one percent others.
Hindraf was convinced that the Islamic based PAS had been the only party in the Pakatan Rakyat coalition to have given recognition to it and appreciated the enormous contributions made by its army of supporters in the 2008 general election.
Hindraf to help Nizar secure massive win

"PAS has been the only party to respect us and value our contributions," said Sanjay, accusing DAP and PKR of only giving lip service to Hindraf.
p waythamoorthyWhen contacted, London-based Hindraf leader Waythamoorthy confirmed that the movement would go all out to secure Nizar a massive win.
However, he declined comment when asked on Hindraf’s boycott on PKR in Bukit Selambau, which would be a big blow to PKR’s armoury.
PKR is already being besieged by internal dissent among local Indian leaders over the choice of Manikumar as candidate.
Yesterday former Jerai division chief B Kalaivanar and some 500 supporters resigned from the party and closed down their branches.
Kalaivanar is upset that Anwar had overlooked him as a candidate and accused the PKR supremo of being a dictator. The former PKR leader was charged in court last year for two counts of cheating involving RM3,600.

Two other PKR members, S Moganakumar and A Jayagopal, meanwhile are contesting the seat as independent candidates, allegedly under protest against Manikumar’s candidature.
Polling day will be on April 7.

B.Kalaivanar of PKR quit his Jerai division leader post together with 500 supporters, claiming he was disappointed he was not chosen as a candidate, second, PKR has not done anything for the Indians. 500 goats followed him and resigned.

In the first place, what made him join PKR, was it just he wanted to be in politics, or is it he wanted to be elected as an assemblyman. Or was it because he liked the ideals of PKR and joined the party. Apparently he has decided to support MIC and help Ganesan. But this decision will have to wait for another day. Perhaps he has not met up with Samy Vellu, you must understand he has to be compensated for taking a very difficult decision to quit PKR. Samy Vellu will have a good laugh, be sympathetic, dole out something, and behind his back comment what an idiot, a fellow who changes party like changing clothes, he is only good until the Bukit Selambau election is over, and after that he is to be treated as an outcast as he will be a bad example for fellow MIC members. Good luck Kalaivanar.

He was given a chance to stand in Gurun, in the last elections but he lost. How on earth can be expected to win now if he had been nominated. A loser will be a loser, does he understand that.  

How is he going to convince the Indian voters MIC is good. Even Kedah UMNO does not want Samy Vellu to campaign and lately he was abused verbally by an outsider. Is Kalaivanar going to say MIC is best because they help Indians, and if this is true why the heck join PKR in the first instance. People are not fools. He will be unlucky if he faces the same predicament as Samy Vellu.

What about the 500 goats being led by Kalaivanar, are they joining MIC as well. Samy Vellu will love you for that because he has got another group to exploit and throw away when found not useful. 

PKR state party chief says Arumugam is now kept in a safe place. This information was relayed to him and only party’s top leaders know the actual locality.

He had enough of politics, and decided to just vanish. Even if the BN detectives find him he would be of no use since he is no more an elected member. Was just giving up his seat not good enough.

Our political scenery in this country is just shocking. Some one wants your place, resign and disappear. Poor private investigator Bala did it, though not for the same reason, but till today he has not reappeared. Perhaps the keys to the place of hiding was lost or they lost the password, endless possibilities.

My hope is PKR is careful with the keys and password – I know they say just remember the password but in this case please write it down.

It was a bold and decisive move by a PKR elected representative in Kedah, V.Arumugam, to make a Police report that an attempt has been made to kidnap him. Suffice to say, when people like Bala can vanish into thin air, there is no guarantee, this would not happen to Arumugam or any other ordinary citizen.

He has received numerous threats, and “they” want him to desert PKR and join Barisan Nasional. He has received telephone threats, had his car windshield smashed, and offered money

What is Najib and gang up to. Going around buying up opposition representatives speaks of total corruption and disregard for law and order. Of course it is well known we have two sets of laws one for Barisan and another for all people who are not Barisan members.

How long can BN hoodwink the people – their fall is going to be one from which they can never get up. 

PAS Youth defends overtures to Umno

This is a quarrel between PAS and PKR over the rubbing of shoulders between UMNO and PAS. As per Abdul Hadi Awang, this move was to convey the message of Islam to individuals in UMNO.

I have no comments on these. I am not a party member, and don’t intend to be one in the near future. But, I take offense at the remarks made by PAS when it comes to PAS being the party having the most members in Pakatan Rakyat. The predominance of PAS is 83 seats to DAP’s 73 seats and PKR’s 40 seats in state legislative assemblies.

Then PAS goes on to brag about PAS people with the most party branches and the most number of people who brought about victory.

Let me correct the records. The bulk of the people who voted for PAS are not all, who loved the party and their Islamic principals. Many non-Muslims voted for PAS instead of voting Barisan Nasional as a protest against the ruling party. Many would have preferred PKR or DAP, but because the candidate was from PAS there was no choice. Many a voter did not even know who the PAS candidate was, but it did not matter, the annoyance was with BN. My state and parliament constituency were PAS candidates and after casting my vote, out of curiosity went to the party tent to ask who were the candidates as I wanted to say hello to them. Both were busy elsewhere and I left. So, it is not just PAS members or mainly Malays who voted PAS, a lot of non-Malays voted for PAS. If this is understood, then I have made my point.

Malaysiakini reports in its version of Bahasa Melayu that Mohd Yahya Mat Sahri has a prima facie to answer in collecting money for the 100 day celebration of Pakatan Rakyat, illegally. This has been confirmed by Ja’afar Mahad of the ACA.

In addition, the garbage collection services were given out using the same modus operandi.

Khalid, this is your opportunity to prove to the people, that you are an action orientated Menteri Besar and will not brook any form of corruption. You will be repaying the voters who voted you in, and you may be not aware that there is a lot of grumbling going on  that the election promises have not been carried out or in some cases watered down. A corrupt action is still the same even if committed by another PKR man.

With carrying out action, your hand will be strengthened, and once the officers know even party connections will bring in no consideration, everybody will be on their toes. Look at the local councils, how much waste is taking place. Only today I saw an luxurious 4 wheeler belonging to MPSJ Subang being used and wondered whether it was in line of duty. The time was after office hours.

You will be setting a fine example of accountability and transparency, which even the ruling Government does not do.

I smelled a rat earlier when Khalid Ibrahim, was more concerned with Grand Saga then the people who elected him. He has got a very short memory. Read my post here. I agree to what the writer of this letter says. He is the Mentri Besar of an important state, Selangor, and he is prepared to overlook the lost files and documents removed or shredded by the Toyo government. This is clear indication that he is willing to compromise on the actions of the former government, by playing goody-goody. I wonder when he was the CEO of Guthrie, he would have allowed this nature of hanky panky.

It is good he is bring reminded on which side the bread is buttered and any co-operation with the other side can lead to suspect of his integrity and a member of PKR.

I voted for his party, and I got every right to tell him he is not pulling his weight, short of asking him to go.

I refer to the Malaysiakini report Barricade row: Pakatan state gov’t ‘weak’.

Ever since the beginning when Pakatan Rakyat under Khalid Ibrahim took over the reins of the Selangor government, there was already signs of a weak government.

Events until now have not dispelled those lingering doubts. Immediately after taking control of the government, there was strong compelling evidence that the previous administration was shredding important state documents which could have incriminated their administration and yet Khalid chose to ignore them with a nonchalant attitude as if it was of little importance.

That single act of omission has virtually deprived the rakyat of the opportunity to punish those perpetrators of their crime for which they were so eager to conceal and destroy.

When Penang’s chief minister announced their intention to abolish the NEP and replace it with one that is more equitable there was a deafening silence from the Selangor state government.

Either Khalid didn’t hear the announcement or he had totally forgotten about the Pakatan’s manifesto.

Khalid’s reluctance to prosecute those Umno leaders responsible for shredding those state documents is understandable. After all, he was once a blue-eyed boy of Umno who so happened to lose their favour sometime ago.

Fortune has been kind to him and now that he is in the driver’s seat, he is slowly remembering his old Umno roots.

As long as Selangor continues to be under the helm of Khalid, there will be little change from its previous Umno predeccessor. After all both Khalid and Mohd Khir Toyo came from the same Umno origin.

In the case of the Bandar Makhota Cheras barricade, the whole matter could have been expeditiously resolved if there was strong leadership.

Land in the state comes under state jurisdiction and if the incumbent government cannot even settle what is within their purview then Pakatan Rakyat is heading for a very short term.

Five years in politics is a very short time. If the Pakatan cannot reform the state governments like it promised, then maybe the rakyat will have to look for an alternative government.

Time for Khalid Ibrahim to go

You think Umno/BN will forgive us for March 8?

My answer to this is a definite no. Voters who voted the Pakatan Rakyat, feel proud, changes have been made, the next 4 or 5 years are going to be different. I think this is a wrong concept here. Pakatan Rakyat is a novice and it is unfortunate, the Federal Government is still UMNO, and if you thought it will change its skin, it is mistake. The Federal policies remain the same, a crumb of bread here and there, but the loaf remains in the hand of UMNO. One good example is today’s news, the ex-gratia payment to the judges involved in the judicial crisis is not an apology, so says Najib. What the left hand does is not known by the right hand. Funny. If the government is not sorry then why ex-gratia payment. Only Najib can answer this.

What is disturbing is this. Whatever changes brought about by the people, the changes are not there, and still we are at square one. Consider the following:

  • To set aside 10% of all Public Works Department (PWD) contracts worth more than RM10mil for Class F contractors. Back to cronyism and friendly government. No open tender.
  • 100 year old temple razed.
  • Special meeting to discuss Malay issues as if other races don’t have issues.
  • As Viji Rajasundram says in his letter below, “did anyone notice that the bus company which had an accident record of one death per month this past year was given only a one-month suspension? But the newspaper that reported it got closed down permanently. Justice the BN way prevails.”
Has anything changed. You decide.

You think Umno/BN will forgive us for March 8?

Viji Rajasundram | Apr 18, 08 4:26pm

I refer to the Malaysiakini report PM unveils judicial reforms but no apology.

As we read the news these past few days, one thing seems to be surfacing – that the BN seems to be in a mood to do some good stuff.

But is it sincere ? On one hand we get announcements that past judges who had been wronged are going to receive payments to ‘mend their pain’, and judicial reform will begin as soon as possible. Corruption will be checked immediately, judicial reform will begin soon, the police complaints commission will be implemented soon etc, etc.

Haven’t we heard all this before (except for the payment to the judges, of course)? Hasn’t this been the story since 2004? ‘We are going to clean it up.’ ‘We are trying to clean up.’ ‘Be patient.’ ‘We are doing our best.’

While we are lulled into a sense of security that things are picking up, are they really ? Has anything really been done or acted upon? While there is talk about righting the wrongs of before – has anything been done?

Has BN chosen to release any information about all the obvious improprieties? Or has there been chest-thumping about we never shredded any documents even though there seem to be no trace of any documents in the state secretariat buildings. Has any attempt been made to answer this?

While the stated aim is ‘we will correct the wrongs’, what is actually happening is that constituents who went the ‘wrong’ way are being penalised quietly. Funding is being stopped to states. But the overtures remain the same – ‘we are listening and we will correct what we did wrong’. But what is really happening is different.

From newspapers which have had their publishing licenses terminated to dinners/gatherings being stopped in the usual heavy-handed manner – with little or no explanations – to threats of revoking funding to selected constituencies. And the good old boy ‘Corruption’ goes unabated. The indelible ink saga is quietly forgotten and VK Lingam is probably posing for photos is some other exotic location.

And just to stir things up, in the usual BN way, pawns are used to bring up the race card again. Are they listening ? It was not race on March 8. It was the corruption and arrogance of the BN elite – that they could do nothing wrong and the rakyat will just take it. He keeps saying he is listening. I am sure he is just plain deaf.

But maybe stupid he is not. While he hands out the easy goodies – behind him appears the mechanism to consolidate and ensure that when it is time to punish – everything will be in place. The majority would have been pacified into thinking that we should give them another chance. After all, he has promised to do it, and he has paid the judges, right? He must be okay. Well, dream on!

Be wary of the Smoke and Mirrors. They are very adept at using them.

In closing – just another thought – did anyone notice that the bus company which had an accident record of one death per month this past year was given only a one-month suspension? But the newspaper that reported it got closed down permanently. Justice the BN way prevails.

You think Umno/BN will forgive us for March 8?

Yes, Malay issues must be discussed, Chinese issues must be discussed, Indian issues must be discussed, meeting after meeting, to discuss, let this be a pseudo meeting for the benefit of the people – another UMNO ploy to get back at the people. DAP has been consulted and it has agreed, to my mind, another sandiwara by DAP, and would this party care to comment. I suggest MCA call all Chinese parties to discuss facts and not political sentiments whatever that may mean. MIC should do that to, PPP, MUIP, IPF, even Hindraf can be considered. Each group has its own agenda for religion, education and economic well being. They must also see where the Chinese and Indians stand now as money goes. Don’t politicise any of these issues.

Enough of this ploys, the people want answers, they are the ones, Malays,Chinese,Indians who put these Pakatan Rakyat into power, can PKR,PAS and DAP, answer the people before meeting up with UMNO. Please discount the fears of the ordinary voter. They can still vote. Don’t ever forget.  


Special meeting to discuss Malay issues
The meeting is at the initiative of Umno supreme council member Datuk Mohamad Norza Zakaria who has been in contact with both PKR vice-president Mohamed Azmin Ali and Pas Youth chief Salahuddin Ayub over the past few days to arrange details.
“This is my own idea but I think it is timely especially after the results of the 12th general election,” Mohamad Norza said.
He said other supreme council members did not object to the meeting.
He said some of the issues to be discussed included matters relating to religion, education as well as the New Economic Policy.
He added that the three parties would try to determine where exactly the Malays stood at this point in time in terms of economic well-being.
“On the New Economic Policy, its ultimate goal is to make the Malays competitive. This has to be deliberated.
“We need to determine where exactly the Malays are right now. A lot of the discussions going on have been superficial.
“Everything has been based on political sentiments, not facts.”
Mohamad Norza said the ultimate goal was to set up a secretariat consisting of all the Malay parties in the Malaysian political landscape.
“We would like everyone to approach these issues with a common stand and prevent these three issues from being politicised.”
Mohamad Norza said the initial meeting would be held on an informal basis.
Meanwhile, Mohamed Az-min, when contacted by the New Straits Times, said PKR accepted the invitation as long as the principles were in line with his party’s objectives.
“Malay unity is very important but we don’t want it to benefit only the Malay ruling elite with the ordinary Malays left out.
“We believe Malay rights have to defended.
“But at the same time, we also have to be fair to the other races.”
Mohamed Azmin said there would be no problem for PKR to attend the meeting as their DAP coalition partner accepted their desire to strengthen Malay unity.
Salahuddin said Pas, too, was interested in defending the rights of Malays and other Bumiputeras.