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I read this in Malaysia Today:


(The Rocket) – RM41.60 is enough to feed a family for a week, according to Prime Minister Najib Razak. In a speech boasting about the impact of the BR1M government welfare assistance program, Najib said that receipients of the RM500 aid would be able to buy food for one year.

“We have calculated that on average, a family can buy groceries such as 10kg of rice, 5kg of cooking oil and other essentials per month with RM41.60. That means they have enough to buy food for 12 months with the RM500 BR1M,” he told the crowd when  officiating the Terengganu state level “Program Jelajah Janji Ditepati” in Dataran Syahbandar, as reported by news agency Bernama.

Based on Najib’s calculations, each family would have a household daily food budget of RM1.40.

Rising food prices
Netizens have ridiculed Najib for his comment, calling him out of touch with the actual cost of living struggles faced by ordinary citizens. Threads in the popular forum are discussing Najib’s statement, juxtaposing it together with actual food prices.

A forum user calling himeself “t3arsCulprit” pointed out that the cheapest price for a 10kg packet of rice costs RM20 and a 5kg bottle of oil cost RM15.

User “scorptim” went further to divide the amount of rice that an individual could afford to consume within a month with a 10kg limit and three daily meals, working out to be 111g of rice per meal.

Users “Mie131085″, “exBlasTer” and “Acher13″ also doubted that the RM500 would be sufficient to cover living expenses for a year.

Illogical calculations

Meanwhile, PAS’s Parit Buntar member of parliament Mujahid Yusof Rawa called Najib’s calculation “illogical”, pointing out that the threshold level for poverty is a household income of RM1,200 a month. “It’s hilarious, whether Najib said it wrongly or he said it unconsciously, but he was wide awake,” Mujahid said.

DAP’s MP for Bukit Bendera, Liew Chin Tong called Najib “a political prince” who has no understanding of the lives and aspirations of the ordinary Joe. Liew said Najib’s statement showed that he has no inkling of what the people endure in an economy that doesn’t help the bottom 60 per cent.

In his speech, Najib added that this showed that Barisan is a government that looks after the people. As such, he stressed that the people should now realise the truth and reject the opposition coalition.

More than 20,000 people attended the event, including Najib’s wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor and Terengganu Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Said.

Najib must be referring to the times when a cup of coffee cost 25 cents – was it in the 50’s or what. What hurt me most was the fact that we have a Prime Minister lost in wonderland, impervious to the difficulties of the ordinary citizens. Perhaps, he was born with the proverbial silver spoon, to say $500 was enough to buy food for a year. He is so shallow of thought and if anything good is to come, he should go and buy his own foodstuff and see how much it costs. Whew! what a PM and he wants another 5 years. I think he has taken all the BRIM recipients as fools, and did not have the grace to keep mum. He is sure going to lose.

I was wondering how much he earns, but went far enough to find a web page, to know a Minister’s earning:


Basic salary: RM18000.
Entertainment allowance: RM10500.
Housing allowance: RM10800.
People’s representative allowance: RM10650.
Parking fee allowance: RM5700
Total RM55650 will credit to a minister personal bank account every month no matter him/her is working or not.
Wow, a lot? No yet, let’s see other benefits.
Foreign travel allowance RM50000 (this is pocket money only); it is claimable without any receipt and even the minister didn’t go for travel.
Free use of electricity.
Free use of water.
Free charge of using telephone.
Yearly renovation allowance is claimable maximum up to RM40000.
Provided a Mercedes S320 car, mobile phone, driver and free petrol.
All the donations expenses are claimable.
Open house for any festival is claimable maximum up to RM400000.

Apparently this is a 2009 figure. Is Najib joking?


This is about Lynas. The facts are there.


An estimated 20,000 citizens together with Malaysian civil society organisations converged in Kuantan for a rally to protest against the Lynas project and to demand for a clean and safe future for Malaysia.  The Stop Lynas campaign has escalated into the biggest ever environmental issue for the country.  Participants arrived from all over the country including the east Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak.

“Today marks the beginning of a nation-wide campaign to stop the Lynas rare earth project.  Malaysians have made our stand and we do not want this hazardous project in our shore.” Said Mr Wong Tack, a key organiser of today’s event.

The Lynas rare earth refinery project was constructed with a speedy approval process without any public consultation or a waste management plan.  It was not until March 2011 when the New York Times reported that the world’s largest rare earth plant was being built in the Industrial estate of Gebeng near Kuantan that residents were jolted into action to start protesting against it.

Last May Responding to public pressure, the Malaysian Government requested the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to review the project.  The IAEA made 11 recommendations to the Malaysian Government.  The Government adopted all of the 11 recommendations which included a more extensive public consultation and a waste management plan to address the permanent disposal of the radioactive waste and plant closure issues.

However, despite not having a safe permanent waste disposal plan and on-going public protests where over one thousands submissions were made to the Government in response to Lynas’ application for a licence, the Government issued a temporary operating licence to Lynas in early February.  This has sparked outrage amongst Malaysians which culminated in this morning’s historical rally.

Mrs Phua Seet Ping, a rally organiser said, “We are peace loving citizens.  I took part in this rally because I have two little children.  Kuantan is a wonderful place to raise our children and I do NOT want Lynas to ruin that for my family.”

Malaysia has draconian laws which outlaw public actions.  Yesterday, truck-loads of riot squat were paraded through the town to intimidate residents.  The town council forced organisers of the rally to relocate it from the public field in the heart of the town to another further away in an attempt to hide the event from the general public’s view.  These intimidations have done little to deter residents from coming out in force to show their strong opposition to the Lynas project.

Andansura, Chairperson of the Stop Lynas Coaltion was grateful and thankful for the strong presence of so many people.  He said,

“I know many people living in villages close to the Lynas plant.  They have been coerced into accepting the plant.  They know the plant will pollute their fishing grounds but they are powerless to do much.  Today, they know they are not alone in this struggle.  It is heartening to see so many people.”

This is the first time ordinary people took to the street in such large numbers for an environmental issue in Malaysia.  This is also the first time an environmental issue has gone national in such large-scale.

“Today’s turn out at the rally should show the Government of the day how strongly Malaysians feel about the Lynas plant and how far they will go to stop it.  We comment the Government for not taking harsh actions against the protestors and we hope the Government will heed the people’s concerns by cancelling the licence.  After all, it has a duty of care for its citizens and the natural environment over the vested interest of a foreign corporation!” Concluded Andan.

I thought blogging was difficult, and personally with the present comedian politics of Sarawak, with a Prime Minister spending 6 days in Sarawak, as if his life depended on it (methinks it is true), and it brought back a smile with the following comment by Iskandar Dzulkarmain. Thanks for the satire Dzul, I wish I could write like you.  


Taib, why are you so apologetic?

Written by  Iskandar Dzulkarnain, Malaysia Chronicle

Taib, why are you so apologetic?

Come on, Taib you are the Chief Minister of Sarawak, a VVIP and you do not answer to no one. So, why are you embarrassing yourself, telling Sarawakians in such crucial trying times that you intend to leave? Sarawak needs you more than ever. Don’t believe the Opposition lies. At least half of Sarawak wants you stay. The election results will show that your presence is very welcome in your own home state.

Why must you go? Who says Sarawakians don’t want you around?. Why do you keep on believing the Opposition lies? If you do believe them, then it couldn’t be a lie, could it?

Why is Najib so apologetic to Sarawakians on your behalf? Why is he telling Sarawakians that you have a succession plan? Don’t you want to stay on and rule the state till Kingdom come? He has no right to speak on your behalf. It makes us all feel jittery of the future. If you intend to go, then it makes no sense for Sarawakians to keep BN in power!

Can’t you see the illogical reasoning? If you are gone, who will fend for us? Who will give us our bread and butter? You have always been there for us. You stuck with us through thick and thin. And the Sarawak we see today was lovingly carved by your diligent hands.

Please do not let Najib pressure you. For all we know, you would probably outlive him politically. Does he know something you don’t? And why is he meddling in the affairs of state? Please stay on and help us fight the Colonizers from the West. You may not know it but many Sarawakians want you around, and this will translate into votes very soon. Those that vote against you have succumbed to the poison that Muhyiddin spoke about.

If you wanted to leave, you would have done so long before, way back in 1995. Thank God, you did not forsake us, and the sacrifices you made for the people of Sarawak will echo to the ends of the … er … Mulu Caves.

People keep on asking: “if you really intended to leave, why are you still contesting?” Please ignore these undeserving folks. They are like little children clamouring for attention.

Please don’t believe them, please don’t feel bad, and please don’t feel guilty for overstaying. Sarawak is in your hands, and you can decide who comes and goes in your beloved state. Believe me; no one really wants you to go. You have been around for so long, that people have got used to you. Whether, you did anything for us in the last 30 years is beside the point.

Your mumblings about getting the different races to unite at the confluence or something sounds very confusing. And yes, we do talk about you in the coffee-shops and longhouses, and sometimes you are the butt of jokes. But you must be proud, that at least your fame has led to wagging tongues. Topics range from corruption to nepotism, but it really doesn’t mean a thing as it is just coffee-shop talk.

We know Sarawak is a big state to govern, and even harder to develop so we really can’t blame you for our failures. At least one of us made it. You were the lucky one, with your shrewd business acumen, juggling between your duties as head of state and your vast business empire, while taking enough time of to be a loving family man. I wish more Sarawakians were like you.

We love the way you socked it to Najib, telling him off, how stupid it was to stamp serial numbers on those bibles. You single-handedly solved the Bible issue by just one phone call, and managed to get the PM to sing to your tune. A heroic deed indeed, as someone commented that you held the election in April, so that you could get your hands on those bibles before it got further desecrated, and had it returned to the rightful Sarawak Christians.

By the way, could you also get the AG to drop its appeal on the Allah Controversy as well? Christians here really find it harrowingly to mutter ALLAH’s name under their breath each time they say their prayers! Some even say they feel guilty about it! Sincerely, the Christians would love you if you can help them. Never mind PERKASA.

When the news broke out that you have officially announced your succession plan and your intention to retire from Politics, it came as a great shock especially to … all of us. That you have groomed a successor for the last 20 years, how noble and far- sighted of you. It is a pity you would not name him yet. That we can respect, because with the winds of change currently blowing, your successor may never be able to attain your glory to sit in the Chief Minister’s seat. So for now, better to keep his name secret.

But we would dearly love to know who your successor is, as you so lovingly speak of him, saying that he is not only acceptable to the people but also to BN as well. And to know that he will also be a team player is comforting.

We respect your decision that a disorderly succession does anger the people, but don’t you think 20 years to groom a successor is a long time? It may take lesser time to cycle on a bicycle to the moon and back than to wait 20 years, of course depending on how fit you are. Is it your son? Is it Alfred Jabu or George Chan? Or maybe Awang Tengah? The suspense is killing us.

However, it comes as a surprise that you have delegated some of your powers to certain ministers a couple of years ago. That the PBB leaders chosen by you to contest were not only team players, but strong winnable candidates as well is a feat. So Pakatan Rakyat, better watch out!

We understood your reluctance to leave after SUPP lost terribly in the last state elections, and your insistence to fill the gap by grooming stronger leadership to replace your once admirable administration.

After all that has been said, I am still totally confused whether you are leaving or not. Or when are you leaving? Why can’t you just get to the point and tell us a firm date?

Sarawakians will be relieved once we know. At least we can prepare our departure speeches to bid you a warm farewell and bon voyage. I am not young anymore, and I dread that I may not live long enough to see your departure. And I do not want to be gone, while you are still lurking around. Am I still talking sense?

Why, pray would I want to ask you such an odd question? Well, the fate of Barisan Nasional in Sarawak lies in your presence. Your presence may discourage many Sarawakians to come out to vote. Many are simply bored to vote the same old party. A cross on the Opposition logo sounds very tempting, and it would trigger an adrenaline rush just to be able to do something different. Do I still sound coherent?

But, please don’t go. We may miss you more than we can bear. Once you are gone, how can we ever find you again? As you know Sarawakians are not well off, and we cannot embark on long sea voyages to look for you … er … just in case we miss you. And if we do find you in the end, would you accept us as a Sarawakian compatriot? Will you extend a roof over our heads and give us shelter? Or will you continue to ignore us?

Dear Readers……If you have read thus far…you must know that I have just overdosed on my drug medication and can hardly keep my eyes open. IF readers do find any sanity in this article, you must be more insane than me.

“Please don’t go. Don’t go Away. I am begging you to stay “– the last lyrics of the song before I collapsed in deep slumber….zzzzzz

Does this new team of PM and the DPM really know what is happening in Terengganu, or are they listening to one sided stories and thus make contradictory statements. Najib is with the Menteri Besar and Muhyiddin is with the 10 rebel UMNO state assemblymen. These different concepts do not auger well for a new government, and it is best these two discuss matters before issuing statements and not shoot off the cuff. The old saying goes you cannot have two masters, and our new leaders is hoped will mind their language. Muhyiddin has already blundered with ungrateful and unappreciative ways of looking at things. I hope this stops here.

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Najib orders T’ganu BN reps to attend sitting

Rahmah Ghazali | Apr 14, 09 2:11pm

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today ordered all Barisan Nasional state representatives in Terengganu to attend the state assembly sitting tomorrow.


He also said that the threatening SMSes sent out to three BN state representatives warning them against moving a vote of no confidence against Menteri Besar Ahmad Said did not come from the MB’s office.
Najib, who is also the Umno president, said there were no moves at all to remove Ahmad as the menteri besar by any of the state’s BN representatives.
najib first sixth pm speech 040409 03The prime minister’s stand however appeared to be in contradictory to his deputy’s.
Earlier today, Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin appeared to back the action of the 10 rebel Umno state assemblypersons who ‘boycotted’ the Terengganu assembly sitting today.
“Boycott? No, they did not attend,” he said when asked by journalists to comment on the rebel state representatives who are believed to be involved in a conspiracy to oust Menteri Besar Ahmad Said.
“The aduns (state assemblypersons) have the right not to attend to the assembly,” said Muhyiddin.
muhyiddin yassin interview 100309 01According to Muhyiddin, by not attending the assembly sitting, the 10 did not threaten the position of ruling BN coalition as it has a sizable majority in the state.
Of the 32 seats in the state assembly, BN controlled 24 while opposition has eight seats.
However, Muhyiddin conceded that he had a meeting with some of the ‘missing’ representatives.
“I haven’t got the latest report. I met them (the state representatives) a few days back,” said Muhyiddin.
“The matter is of concern to me as Umno deputy president and to the PM as party president. We don’t want to see problems growing over there. We have to resolve the issues.”
When asked about Ahmad’s performance as menteri besar over the past one year, he said: “Well, he’s the MB. He does what he’s supposed to do. Beyond being MB, there could be other issues that need to be addressed.”
Muhyiddin also said that he will be meeting Ahmad soon to find out on what’s happening in the state.

This afternoon I read the Police have directed that campaign speeches for the 3 by-elections should not touch on , Altantuya, and the Sultan of Perak pertaining to the dissolution of the Pakatan Rakyat government in Perak. In any political debate, one has got to say the good and the bad, and  if the ruling government is all good, excellent, there are no issues the opposition can raise, and why allow any opposition to take over when the existing one is good. But this is not so, there are elements which derail the present government, Altantuya, where the present Deputy Prime Minister has much to explain, and besides the perception the Sultan has acted wrongly.

The people have nothing personal about these two individuals namely Najib and the Sultan. Most of them, possibly would not have met them personally. Why get angry with them. The people feel they have been wronged and is it not right things must be put right.

It may be superfluous, but if Najib has explained, how he was seen in Paris with the Mongolian woman, immigration records missing, Bala missing, then at least the people can weigh and accept what is correct. But unfortunately, no answers are forthcoming and this leaves a bad taste of indifference when explanations are asked.  

The second, any monarch, will want to satisfy his subjects and this is the role of a ruler. He need not speak directly, but has any one considered some spokesman explaining why it was necessary to dissolve the state assembly. The people are all ears, and any indication of the predicament of the Sultan at the time of decision would have been most welcome and the populace are not that dumb to brush aside comments indirectly from another source, without considering the merit.

I suppose the elections will come and go, but these issues which have not been answered will linger on for years to come and get recorded in history.

Sad to say, the bad news of the day is the news is that Najib will be sworn-in this Friday. We have had 5 Prime Ministers before Najib, and all these were accepted without any qualms on their character. But the sixth, as everybody says has baggage he carries along to make it weighty for him to gain the confidence of the people. Nobody out there hates him, but he must throw away the baggage and walk briskly in, light, with only the thought to serve the country. Is he doing it.

Asians have this inclination to blame fate for things they can’t avoid, and so, rather than destiny, it is fate Najib becomes Prime Minister.

So Malaysians are fated, a rather defeatist view in the present days, but then let us hope tomorrow will bring a date where even fate can be caste away. When is that.

Najib to be sworn in on Friday

Mar 31, 09 6:52pm

Ministers and their deputies have today received invitations to attend the swearing-in ceremony of the new prime minister in Istana Negara on Friday.


Contacted by Malaysiakini, a deputy minister, who declined to be named, confirmed receiving the invitation via the Short Messaging System (SMS) this morning.

pak lah and najib raising the umno flag agm 2009 260309 02The SMS reads: ‘Istiadat pengurniaan surat cara perlantikan dan istiadat mengangkat sumpah jawatan dan setia serta sumpah simpan rahsia oleh YAB Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib sebagai PM.’
Apart from listing out the dress code for the function, the SMS also stated that the time for the swearing-in ceremony was at 9am.

It is learnt that invitations were also sent to menteris besar and chief ministers, including from the Pakatan Rakyat-ruled states.
On Thursday, outgoing premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is expected to meet the King regarding the transition of power issue.
However until yesterday, Abdullah had refused to state the date for handing over the reins and told the media not to pester him on the issue.
"Just wait. Don’t ask me to say anything. All will happen when the time is right. The transition will take place," he said, sparking off another round of speculation that the plan could derail at the eleventh hour.

Incoming premier Najib Abdul Razak too has remained tightlipped on the matter.

Wait for the official statement
This afternoon, Najib was quizzed on he purported swearing-in ceremony when he visited the Sin Chew Daily office in Petaling Jaya.
najib announce new bn perak state govt 040209 07Neither confirming nor denying the matter, he said any question on the actual date of the transfer of power will only be known after the official statement is issued by the Prime Minister’s Department.
"This has to wait for the official statement, I can’t make the official statement," he was quoted as saying by Bernama.
Asked on the new cabinet line-up, he said the matter would only be decided after the swearing-in of the prime minister.
On whether he would be appointing the Umno candidates who had lost in the party election last week into his cabinet, Najib said: "I have yet to think about it."
Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Shahrir Abdul Samad, who was among those who lost in the election, had expressed his intention to step down.
He would be tendering his resignation letter at tomorrow’s cabinet meeting, which could be the last to be chaired by Abdullah.
Several other cabinet members including Tourism Minister Azalina Othman Said and Foreign Minister Dr Rais Yatim left it to the top leadership to decide their fate.
Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar was also defeated in his bid for the vice-presidency.

Najib is expected to name his new cabinet either on April 8 or 9.

We have tasted the onslaught of depleting liberties, under the new regime of Najib, who wants to project himself as the saviour of UMNO slowly disintegrating to a non-entity. What is wrong in producing a DVD on the rain tree a symbol of lost of democracy in Perak. This is history and an example of the punitive action of the ruling government to deny the people of Perak their rights to choose the people of their desire to rule the state. 

The more Najib decides to show his tough measures to contain the opposition, the more the people are going to react to get rid of the Barisan Nasional government. Even fence sitters who were government orientated have reason to re-think their position and decide for the opposition.

As for the opposition, Najib’s action is working in favour of them, and whatever the government may dish out during the campaign period the three by-elections will definitely go to the opposition.


Perak Assemblyman arrested – for producing DVD on “Democracy Tree”

Just before 11 pm last night (Sunday), DAP Perak State Assemblyman for Tebing Tinggi, Ong Boon Piaw was arrested at the Chin Woo Hall, Ipoh for the production of a DVD on the internationally-famous “Democracy Tree” – shortly after the launching and the public viewing of the DVD.

He has been taken to the Pekan Baru police station in Ipoh for the police arrest formalities.

Latest example of the increasing intolerance towards fundamental liberties like freedom of speech, thought and expression in Najib’s Malaysia!

Is he going to stay on as said by Mahathir. If he is quitting, all he had to say yes, but why this “don’t want to talk about” thing. The plot thickens.

PM: They’ve disrespected sultan’s decision

Abdullah was also quizzed on the rumour that he would not be stepping down as prime minister even after quitting his Umno president post next month at the party’s general assembly.

The rumour gained more credence when his predecessor and most ardent critic, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, wrote in his blog that Abdullah and his ‘fourth floor’ advisers are conspiring for the outgoing PM to stay on.

Abdullah however refused to respond to the issue, telling reporters that he “doesn’t want to talk about” such rumours.

I think Najib should pay more attention to managing the Malaysian economy rather than bringing down state governments; he did it with Perak, now with Elizabeth Wong and the photo scandal, he is shooting for Selangor and maybe then Kedah.

Pakatan rulers must be alerted that this man is dangerous and take precautions.

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3.5pc growth no longer realistic, Najib admits

By Shannon Teoh

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 17 – Finance Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today admitted that the government’s projected 3.5 per cent economic growth for 2009 would have to be reviewed, given the growing economic uncertainty.

Najib, who is also deputy prime minister, answered a whopping 15 questions simultaneously on steps that the government was taking to address the economic crisis in Parliament today, reflecting concerns over whether Malaysia would fall into negative growth that has already blighted other economies such as the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Singapore.

He said that despite taking into account the RM7 billion stimulus package that was announced on Nov 4 last year, “the projected 3.5 per cent growth no longer reflects the current status of the economy.”

  blog it

The general feeling of the people is that the Sultan of Perak, was hasty in his decision, and ousted a legitimate government, voted by the people. The way it was done arouses the suspicion that a new government should  take over, was apparently decided by Najib and the Sultan became a victim and a perpetrator of a diabolical plan. The people are annoyed at the Sultan as about 88 percent indicated their displeasure, but Najib hides behind the Sultan by saying the royalty decided.

The Sultan is human and fraught to make mistakes. The only set back is one has got to go to court to prove whether the Sultan was right or not, and if it should happen, it will take ages for the verdict and meanwhile an illegal government will be ruling Perak. 

Poll: 88% disagree with the Sultan

Poll: 88% disagree with the Sultan
Feb 11, 09 5:26pm

From the various protests and huge outcry over what many have called an undemocratic ousting of a legitimate state government, it would be safe to assume that a majority of Malaysians are unhappy over what has been going on in Perak.

A survey conducted by Malaysiakini saw an overwhelming majority of readers disagreeing with Sultan Azlan Shah’s decision in the transfer of power in the silver state.

A total of 34,617 out of 39,411 readers, or 87.8 percent said they were against the sultan’s decision in the four-day survey which ended yesterday.

Last Thursday, the sultan rejected the Pakatan Rakyat state government’s request to dissolve the state assembly in view of defections by several of its state representatives.

The sultan, a former lord president, also asked Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin to resign as menteri besar, which the latter refused.

However, 3,862 (9.8 percent) survey respondents said they agreed with the sultan’s decision while 932 readers (2.4 percent) answered “Don’t know”.

malaysiakini survey do you agree or disagree with sultan azlan of perak transfer of power 110209

After Perak, the prediction was, Kedah will fall to the Barisan Nasional. In the northern state of Kedah, the PAS-led Pakatan Rakyat government currently has 22 seats to the BN’s 14. Although this looks like a comfortable majority, the reality is that the BN needs only five defections to obtain a simple majority.

Kedah V.Arumugam the Bukit Selambau assemblyman, has already made a Police report about kidnapping, car damage and attempts to make him join Barisan Nasional with money. Now it is reported that he has submitted his resignation and gone overseas.

The culture of capturing a state government through the back-door, a brainchild of Najib, should not be allowed. When in doubt it is best the state governments dissolve the government and seek fresh mandate from the people.

The chastisement of Hee Yit Foong, the Jelapang DAP for selling out the party is fresh in the minds of elected representatives, and I am sure one will think twice before hopping. But then, money can overcome all such obstacles, and perhaps greed will override all fears.

Why did V.Arumugam travel overseas. Did he envisage the same event of PI Bala disappearing. Could be.

A by-election in Bukit Selambau?

Feb 8, 09 11:59pm

PKR sources have informed Malaysiakini that the party’s elected representative in Kedah V Arumugam has submitted his resignation, necessitating a by-election soon for the Bukit Selambau state seat.

It is leant that Arumugam had decided to throw in the towel following tremendous pressure on him and his family to defect to Barisan Nasional.

Arumugam VengatarakooArumugam,54, could not be contacted for confirmation but high level party sources said that the party would make the news official tomorrow.

It is learnt that Arumugam has submitted his resignation letter to the Kedah assembly speaker today and had gone overseas.

Arumugam’s resignation, if it is confirmed tomorrow by state officials, brings an end to weeks of speculation that he would be tempted or forced to join the BN.

Police report lodged

Early this month, Arumugan had lodged a police report claiming, among others, that there was an attempt to kidnap him.

He also claimed that he and his officers have received numerous threats.

“All of this is being done in order to force me to leave PKR and move to Barisan Nasional,” he had said after lodging the police report.

He had said that apart from the threats, he was also approached with lucrative offers in order to coax him into leaving PKR.

Last week, talks of Arumugam leaving PKR heated up again, especially when he could not be contacted by anyone. His party colleagues then revealed that he was on leave.

Kedah – which was an Umno stronghold fell – into the hands of Pakatan Rakyat following the March 8 general election.

Arumugam was an independent candidate who joined the PKR after the general election. He was also a state executive councillor under the PAS-led Kedah government.

via A by-election in Bukit Selambau?.