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Shocking!! They always called Samy Vellu a gangster and a thug. Perhaps this was one reason he controlled MIC for 32 years. He is supposed to have helped Indians, but here, I am being fair, there have been instances when he had helped out Indians in need. But with all the scandals in MIC, the help he rendered is considered pittance – he could have if he intended to help the Indians, more.


Well, he is reaching his end days, and I can tell you it is frustrating to know you have not done the best having been given the chance. God help him to find his peace.


Now we see the younger gangsters and thugs within MIC. Samy was a Batu Caves one, where does T.Mohan come from. He can’t beat Samy, he cannot last 32 years, and seeing his picture:


I can vouch he is too young and being in a precarious position to follow Samy. I believe his wife is involved. My suggestion to this family, you cannot be like Samy, he was special because the Indians were foolish to believe MIC was there for them. Now, they curse Samy but with the present political upheaval, Mohans cannot do anything for the Indians. Please get on with your lives, you cannot be another Samy. You may end up being sorry. Good luck.


What intrigued me was this statement:

To questions from reporters, Latheefa said the mob shouted that the issue of stateless ethnic Indians was an MIC issue, and asked why PKR was getting involved.

Why are Indians made stupid by MIC. You can’t do it, why not let others do. MIC is a washout but there are some “never die” members, displaying prominence, have you forgotten why Najib is even willing to bring in Makkal Sakthi, to get Indian support. 300,000 Indian people were not helped. Where are you MIC.   



MIC thugs attacked us at PM’s office, decries PKR veep

  • Koh Jun Lin
  • 5:47PM May 2, 2012


PKR claims that its delegation to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) this morning was attacked at the gates by MIC thugs, causing one member to be warded in Putrajaya Hospital for his injuries.
NONEThe party’s vice-president N Surendran said he and about 30 PKR leaders and supporters were there for an appointment with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak on the issue of secondary school student Reshina Batumanathan’s citizenship.
“We found hundreds of MIC gangsters waiting there for us.
“What was even more shocking was that they were led by MIC Youth chief T Mohan himself, and other MIC leaders,” Surendran told a press conference at PKR’s headquarters in Tropicana, Selangor.
In the incident about 11.30am, Surendran said, the MIC men charged at him and Reshina, but they were blocked by PKR supporters. They were then able to enter the PMO.
NONE“However, PKR Puchong division chief S Murali was pulled out and seriously beaten by the MIC gangsters. He was bleeding from his eye and fainted. He was then admitted to the hospital,” he said.

PKR’s Women’s wing chief Zuraida Kamaruddin, who was also with the delegation, expressed disappointment that police officers at the scene did not intervene in the scuffle.
Other PKR leaders in the delegation were its director of strategy Rafizi Ramli, legal bureau head Latheefa Koya, MP for Kapar S Manickavasagam and information bureau committee member K Gunasekaran, all of whom were also present at the press conference.
Latheefa claimed that the attack was pre-mediated and that the group was not there by coincidence, for they carried banners making reference to Surendran.

‘MIC Youth leader’s wife tweeted, asking for Surendran’

Also, Mohan’s wife had tweeted, “Where are you Surendran, we are waiting for you,” prior to the attack.
To questions from reporters, Latheefa said the mob shouted that the issue of stateless ethnic Indians was an MIC issue, and asked why PKR was getting involved.
NONEReshina, 17, was expelled by her school last month because she did not have an IC to register for the SPM examination, even though she was born in Malaysia and her father has a blue IC, indicating that he is documented as a citizen.
“Under Article 14 (of the federal constitution), she is automatically a citizen of Malaysia because her father is a citizen,” said Surendran, who also showed the father’s IC to members of the press.
He said Reshina “is living proof” that the government’s MyDaftar programme to register undocumented Malaysians was a failure, and claimed that the programme’s taskforce consultant, Siva Subramaniam, had advised her to register to study as a foreigner.
This was unacceptable, Surendran said, as Reshina is not a foreigner but a Malaysian who does not have the documents to acknowledge her citizenship.
He urged Najib to recognise her citizenship within 24 hours, since the pertinent documents had already been handed to his aide Ghazali Ibrahim.
As for the attack, Surendran said a police report would be lodged on the matter tomorrow afternoon.
As of late this evening, Malaysiakini’s attempts to reach the MIC’s Mohan for his comments have been unsuccessful.


As I write this at 7.50 PM, the people at Kelana Jaya statium, numbering about 10,000 are gathered to protest the high cost of things and fuel. It is organised by the Coalition Against Inflation (Protes). A carnival atmosphere exists in the stadium and the Police have not hitherto interfered to stop the people. This is a good sign, after all if the people suffer, what is the readdress, as earlier protests have gone unheeded. The only way to ease the frustration, is to gather to show the Government that they are at breaking point and need relief. The Government is aware of the anger of the people but their reaction has been patchy, nothing that would point at a definite solution.

Cheers and chants of ‘reformasi’, ‘makkal sakti’ and ‘hidup rakyat’, reverberated throughout the stadium, as speakers like Ronnie Liu, twisted the work sodomy, to clarify that the BN government had sodomised the people for 50 years. He questioned the rationale behind the price increase of fuel in one go to 70 sen. The government is not stupid he said but they are not smart enough to manage the nation and economy.

Irene Fernandez, another speaker, related her experience of mothers selling their bodies, to support their children in the wake of spiralling prices. She thinks the Government is afraid of the people,

Tamil placards, by Hindraf children, read ‘Where is the Petronas profit’, ’don’t raise oil prices’ and ‘stop this fuel price increase’.

Other speakers like Anwar, Lim Kit Siang and Pakatan Rakyat leaders are expected to address the crowd in the latter part of the evening.

Do not rub your hand in glee that the people have been given permission to hold peaceful rallies, without Police interference, batons and chemical water. Bernama has a report which talks of opposition parties and extremist organisations, It says anti-government slogans were uttered.

As usual the Government is concerned about the people in the vicinity of the stadium at Shah Alam, they have, as reported locked themselves up in their houses, for fear of safety, and presence of unidentified people in the area. Police have also telephone complaints.

Another clear attempt, by the government, to quote Ronnie Liu, to sodomise the people, apparently the people around the area have not been affected by the price increase.

Police also said they are looking out for seditious speeches, to clamp them with the Sedition Act.

So anything can happen until mid-night. Let’s hope nothing happens.

Some time ago, about 3 weeks after the Hindraf rally, I blocked about woman fearing their wrath when scorned. It is a fact which many of my readers will be familiar with. Woman, the timid gender, rising up tall to do things which even man would think twice. I also quoted from a Zorro blog of a famous woman advocate Susan B. Anthony, who said

“There never will be complete equality until women themselves help to make laws and elect lawmakers.”

This said at the beginning of the century is still relevant. We have Makkal Sakthi (people power), showing its might, and raising the voice of the hitherto unheard and insignificant voice, the voice of a citizen. Why not complement this with another powerful weapon Woman Power aka Pengal Sakthi.

There are a lot of house-wives and sisters who can, if they decide, change the face of the political scene once they get involved. Shouldn’t they be encouraged to come forward to help not only the present generation but the children and grand children to follow. I have read a lot of opinions written by ladies in letters and comments to alternate newspapers like Malaysiakini and bloggs. If they can spread these among their own friends, the coverage will be extensive and women will be not left of the picture. Somebody start.

Come ladies do something. You can read my last post here.

January 29, 2008 18:33 PM

MIC Gears Up For Election With Special Convention

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 29 (Bernama) — More than 3,700 MIC branch leaders representing almost 640,000 members will gather here on Sunday to chart the party’s strategies for the next general election, MIC President Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said today.

Whatever you may want to say of Sami Vellu, he is a fighter. I could be wrong, but none of the other 14 parties have done this preparation. A group of 3700 MIC members, out of a total I believe 2 million of the existing Indians, are going to decide whether MIC will deliver the votes or otherwise. I will be fair to Samy Vellu, he is doing the right thing. At a time when Malaysian opinion of MIC at its worst, the leader is trying his very best to gather his lieutenants to gain support and hopefully find the magical solution, the magical word to bring back the Indians to do the bidding for MIC. You can’t doubt his sincerity. Whether it is a pipe dream only the election results will show. Just a week ago I wrote about the mindset of the Indians and only yesterday I blogged on non-Indian objections. These are I believe objections, cautions, threats that normally for Sami Vellu is “kachang” as he has seen them from 1976. An old hand at this, these do not deter him. This is the good and hardy stuff expected from a politician. Samy has passed. But these Hindraf chaps, they spoil his day. He wishes Hindraf will just go away, vanish, “vamooz”, but these blighters are drawing the Indian crowds. And now one more emerging “Makkal Sakthi”, is it a theme from an Tamil movie he wonders. Imagine Indians whom Samy Vellu knows like his back of the hand, going to a DAP ceramah and constitute 90% of the 3000 crowd. Shocking is it not.But the unkindest cut of all is his ex boss Mahathir’s todays evening statement:

Use of ISA against Hindraf 5

Mahathir was critical of his successor Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s jailing of five ethnic Indian activists under a draconian internal security law that allows for indefinite detention without trial.

The leaders of the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) infuriated the government in November by leading 8,000 people onto the capital’s streets, claiming that ethnic Indians are marginalised in multicultural Malaysia.

“No, I don’t think they should have thrown the leaders (into detention), they should have met these people first and had proper discussion,” Mahathir said.

image The 82-year-old said he did not accept the claim that Indians are marginalised, but that coalition member MIC was not representing them properly.

“Here you have only one (Indian) political party and nobody else is allowed to come in and that is what is making the Indians really unhappy,” he said.

The Hindraf rally was one of several streets demonstrations that have shaken the government in recent months, along with an election reform rally that drew more than 30,000 protesters.

“There are occasions when there is a need for protest, when (the people) see that the government is repeatedly doing the wrong thing or they see the government is being weak, then they resort to protest,” Mahathir said.

What can Samy do. By Sunday this news would have filtered down to the to the 3,700 members. Only good point, Mahathir feels Indians are not marginalised, but the 3,700 members knowing no marginalisation with Samy around, could nor possibly understand the poor Indians on the other side of the fence.

Carrying the theme “Optimising our Resources for High Performance”, the one-day convention is scheduled to be opened by Deputy Prime Minister and Barisan Nasional (BN) Deputy Chairman Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak at the Putra World Trade Centre here, he added.

Najib will sweet talk the MIC members. Nothing you can get here.

Samy Vellu said the convention would provide an opportunity for the branch chairmen to discuss how the MIC could optimise its resources and serve the grassroots more effectively.
“We will deliberate on how to prepare the party machinery effectively to secure the Indian support in the next general election,” he said in a statement.
Samy Vellu, who is also Works Minister, said the convention was also aimed at coming up with effective approaches to retain the nine parliamentary and 19 state seats held by the party for the BN.
“We will also set specific targets in the next 30 days to mobilise MIC members from the branches, women and youth sections to reach out in all the parliamentary constituencies,” he said.

Opportunities, resources, approaches are empty words. Samy should just say do this and get back the Indians to support MIC. Whether the disgruntled branch chairman will do this is anybody’s guess. 9 Parliamentary and 19 state seats is a tall order. Understand Kota Raja Parliament is already as good as gone. Perhaps some new estimate is in order.

He said there would be two plenary sessions, one on socio-economic and cultural resources, namely education, economic matters, employment and religion, and the other on optimising voter resources.
“The convention would provide content and input for branch chairmen to take note and use when speaking to potential voters,” he said.
The issues to be discussed would include how the party had addressed community concerns between 2004 and 2007 through relevant government agencies or directly through the party machinery, and what the outcome has been, he said.
Samy Vellu said another important matter to be addressed would be the needs and problems that remained unresolved and which required MIC’s immediate and long-term intervention.
“We will also dwell on what the MIC would be doing in the next four to five years (between 2008 and 2012), which can serve as an effective plan for the future,” he said.
The convention would also focus on how to mobilise the branch leadership and its members, including women and young people, to garner votes for BN candidates.
“Practical and pragmatic strategies will be highlighted, noting different roles and duties in the pre-election period and during the election period,” he added.

Yada, yada and so forth. I vote, and I have never seen an MIC chap calling on me. Or they prefer going to semi-urban areas, I don’t know. Is not a one day convention is a bit too short.

The convention comes just two weeks after more than 20,000 MIC members and supporters gathered at the Cheras Badminton Stadium here to pledge their support for the BN and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

No comments, Bernama loves to bloat numbers. Thank you Bernama.

Malaysian National News Agency :: BERNAMA

This is good news for the Indians. Anil Netto from Penang has blogged about a DAP ceramah held in the island. Who would have thought that the Indians would rise up in this manner to voice their support. A 90% turn-out of Indians warms my heart. This community has woken up from its slumber and stands tall to be counted. It is a fore-runner for more things to happen. The makkal hither have been taken for granted, but with “Makkal Sakthi” it is a force to be reckoned with. Disseminate this information far and wide and let all Indians rejoice in the new found strength. Valga “Makkal Sakthi”

Makkal Sakthi fever hits Penang

Makkal Sakthi (People Power)!” thundered speaker after speaker.

Valga (Long live)!” roared back the crowd.

I thought I would check out the atmosphere at the DAP ceramah at the Penang Chinese Town Hall in George Town tonight. The theme: “Bebaskan Hindraf 5 (Free the Hindraf Five).”

When I arrived at the hall at around 8.00pm, it was full. More people were arriving and soon they were spilling out of the hall, where two screens had been put up for those outside to watch the proceedings.

Total turnout was around 3,000, including the few hundred outside the hall.

This was not your typical DAP ceramah. I have covered ceramahs in Penang for some years – and this was unlike any I had seen. Instead of an 80 per cent ethnic Chinese crowd, this time Indian Malaysians made up more than 90 per cent of the crowd. Instead of speaking in English and Chinese, the DAP speakers spoke largely in Malay and Tamil and some English. The Chinese Malaysians who turned up looked bemused and a bit taken aback to find themselve in a minority this time! One Chinese woman, a stranger, turned to me and remarked, “After 50 years of Independence, you have finally woken up” – which sounded a bit strange; she was talkng as if I represented the entire Indian Malaysian community in the country!

I was more interested in observing the crowd. Of course, the middle-class were represented, but I saw many – men and women – who looked like they had come from tough or difficult backgrounds, the lower-income group. Were they manual workers, casual labourers, unemployed, or factory workers, I wondered. Many of them looked like they were coming to a political ceramah for the first time.

They all seemed eager to snap up reading material such as The Rocket and Aliran Monthly, which were being sold outside.

The DAP made a conscious effort to project the Indian Malaysians in their ranks such as Karpal, Kula, Prof Ramasamy, Guna, and Sivanesan. Also on stage were Kit Siang, Chong Eng and was that Jeff Ooi?

Guan Eng told the crowd he had asked quite a few Hindus what they were praying for on Thaipusam and they replied, “For the release of the Hindraf Five.”

“But what did Abdullah Badawi give you?” he asked. “A public holiday!”

He also poked fun at Lingam’s “it looks like me; it sounds like me”.

The crowd laughed, knowingly, at the farce.

As for the Hindraf leaders who are now on a hunger strike, someone told me there was a joke going around that if ever Uthayakumar, who is a diabetic, needed a blood transfusion, the authorities would be wary of appealing to the public for blood donations. That’s because they would have to call in the FRU to control the thousands who would queue up to give blood!

All the DAP speakers received a rousing welcome as they entered the hall, including a big cheer for Karpal, who is the senior lawyer for the Hindraf leaders under detention. Karpal, speaking while seated on the stage, told the crowd the DAP was “adopting” Makkal Sakthi.

At another desk outside the hall, a couple of DAP volunteers were giving out forms to those who wanted to sign up as polling day volunteers to assist the party. About half a dozen young Indian Malaysians were busy filling up the forms.

I asked the DAP volunteer at the desk how many people had signed up. She flicked through the stack of forms and counted around 30. Others had taken forms, promising to return them later, she said.

From the back of the hall, I could see the a sprinkling of folks who had come in the orange attire of Makkal Sakthi, including the Makkal Sakthi T-shirts.

A visitor from KL told me, the mood here seemed more enthusiastic than in KL. “Perhaps it’s because the folks over in KL have quite a few different events to choose from.”

On my way back home, I walked past the Pitt Street Corner Bar, a stone’s throw from the Chinese Town Hall. It is usually an oasis for those seeking “refreshments” on a Saturday night. Today, it looked rather quiet from outside – a few empty tables inside – despite the presence of a large crowd nearby.

Even as more Malaysians were being detained in KL earlier today, the mood in Penang – at least among these 3,000 people – was one of newfound strength and solidarity, a community that had awakened from their slumber.

And the mood was infectious. Even the Chinese DAP volunteers outside were calling out, “Makkal Sakthi!