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Times are bad in Malaysia. A country that fared better than many other neighbours is today a laughing state because of mismanagement and people are suffering. I am not referring to world factors affecting the economy of this country, but how people here tend to react to whatever information they receive. Prices go up, who is to blame? Najib, the main culprit, financial rot, greed of people, the UMNO thing their leader can keep on leading as long as they receive their dues. It sucks. You cannot say anything, but pray. Many Prime Ministers come and go. Except Najib, things were not bad, or we did not know all the happenings that caused problems. Today, people are sure. Najib. The hurting part is, nothing can be done about Najib,he is too powerfull, and he is holding us ransom. What is next.


I am getting an extra $200/- in this budget. If this is not a bribe, what could it be. I feel for the poor, unemployed, those not registered, God please them.

In Perak, Nga is DAP. If the head is rotten, the whole body smells. This is what I wrote in an earlier posting:

This Nga fellow can scream and rant, but one thing is certain, if not for him his wife would not have got this contract. Reminds me of Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jali, who apparently does not sleep with her husband in not knowing what happened to cowgate. By the way, is his wife the best when it comes to lounge suits. Nga, I believe is a legal chap, perhaps his income is is withering away because of his political involvement, why not brother, with the help of your wife open up a tailoring institute. More money there. But please, I beg you do not make her a sleeping partner. 


Now to the funny part. His wife owns the company, but sleeps all the time. Now I know why she wanted help from Nga.

 Nga is like Shahrizat, he should go if DAP wants to win Perak.


DAP disciplinary panel to probe tailoring contract

Lee Way Loon
11:45AM Jan 4, 2012

The DAP disciplinary committee has decided to investigate an allegation of abuse of power against Perak DAP secretary Nga Kor Ming.

The decision was made at a central committee meeting in Kuala Lumpur last night, which was chaired by secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.
tan kok wai dap pc 010808 01Disciplinary committee chairperson Tan Kok Wai told a press conference after the meeting that a party branch chief in Perak had complained to the committee that Nga had breached party discipline.
A pro-Umno blogger has also accused the Taiping MP of instructing the Ipoh City Council to award a contract for lounge suits to a tailoring firm partly owned by his wife, when Nga was state exco in charge of local government in 2008.
Nga has denied the allegation and has filed a defamation suit against the blogger.
Nga, who is also DAP national assistant treasurer, was not present at last night’s meeting, though it had been reported earlier that he would be present to clarify the matter.
"The disciplinary committee received an official complaint and therefore has to investigate. Nga does not need to explain to the central committee," said Tan, adding that Nga would be questioned during the investigation.
He hopes to conclude the investigation by next week.

Malaysiakini learnt that the allegation had sparked heated discussion during the meeting, during which several leaders questioned Nga’s absence and the disciplinary committee’s inaction.
The first leader to question Nga’s no-show was national vice-chairperson M Kulasegaran, who is known to be Nga’s arch rival in Perak. He said Nga had promised the central committee an explanation.
Although Tan later told reporters that Nga was attending a dinner, sources told Malaysiakini that Tan had not informed the central committee about this.
NONEAccording to sources, the baton was then passed to Selangor legislative assembly speaker Teng Chang Khim, who criticised the disciplinary committee’s ineptness in handling the issue.
"Teng cited two examples – the misuse of official letterhead by former Klang councillor Tee Boon Hock and Teng’s Twitter comment said to be related to Tee’s issue – and questioned why the disciplinary committee had been swift in investigating these two cases, but slow in probing a matter that had been revealed two weeks ago," an insider said.
Another insider said Teng also lambasted Tan’s explanation that he was overseas when the incident took place.
"Teng argued that it is not a valid reason or else people will accuse DAP of practising double standards. Lim was irked by his remark and demanded that he not use the phrase ‘double standard’," the source said.

Lim also stressed the matter should be addressed through internal party channels, according to the insider.

sinchew ipoh reporter injured 181211 nga kor mingSources also revealed that national publicity chief Tony Pua and Pasir Pinji assemblyperson Thomas Su were present at the meeting and that Pua had called for the issue to be resolved immediately as it has tarnished the party’s image.

In a text message to media today, Nga (right) welcomed the decision of disciplinary committee to hold a hearing into the allegation.
"This proves that DAP is a fair and just party. I will give 100 percent cooperation to the committee. As a party member, I totally comply with the party discipline.
"I can’t wait to attend the hearing to clear my name as soon as possible."

‘Godfather’ spat resolved

Another central committee member raised the public spat between national chairperson Karpal Singh and deputy secretary-general P Ramasamy, said a source.

But Karpal said the matter is no longer an issue as it has been addressed under the party mechanism.
Ramasamy, who is also Penang deputy chief minister, was at the meeting.
penang dap convention 111211 karpal guan eng ramasamyDuring the press conference, Tan said the dispute between the Karpal and Ramasamy has been resolved, while Karpal declined comment.
Tan said the disciplinary committee would also probe last month’s protest against Johor DAP chief Dr Boo Cheng Hau in Muar by a group of party members.
They were unhappy that Boo had planned to field his own candidate to contest the Bentayan state seat.
Tan refused to reveal the names of the members involved in the demonstration, saying that they were just grassroots members.

I thought blogging was difficult, and personally with the present comedian politics of Sarawak, with a Prime Minister spending 6 days in Sarawak, as if his life depended on it (methinks it is true), and it brought back a smile with the following comment by Iskandar Dzulkarmain. Thanks for the satire Dzul, I wish I could write like you.  


Taib, why are you so apologetic?

Written by  Iskandar Dzulkarnain, Malaysia Chronicle

Taib, why are you so apologetic?

Come on, Taib you are the Chief Minister of Sarawak, a VVIP and you do not answer to no one. So, why are you embarrassing yourself, telling Sarawakians in such crucial trying times that you intend to leave? Sarawak needs you more than ever. Don’t believe the Opposition lies. At least half of Sarawak wants you stay. The election results will show that your presence is very welcome in your own home state.

Why must you go? Who says Sarawakians don’t want you around?. Why do you keep on believing the Opposition lies? If you do believe them, then it couldn’t be a lie, could it?

Why is Najib so apologetic to Sarawakians on your behalf? Why is he telling Sarawakians that you have a succession plan? Don’t you want to stay on and rule the state till Kingdom come? He has no right to speak on your behalf. It makes us all feel jittery of the future. If you intend to go, then it makes no sense for Sarawakians to keep BN in power!

Can’t you see the illogical reasoning? If you are gone, who will fend for us? Who will give us our bread and butter? You have always been there for us. You stuck with us through thick and thin. And the Sarawak we see today was lovingly carved by your diligent hands.

Please do not let Najib pressure you. For all we know, you would probably outlive him politically. Does he know something you don’t? And why is he meddling in the affairs of state? Please stay on and help us fight the Colonizers from the West. You may not know it but many Sarawakians want you around, and this will translate into votes very soon. Those that vote against you have succumbed to the poison that Muhyiddin spoke about.

If you wanted to leave, you would have done so long before, way back in 1995. Thank God, you did not forsake us, and the sacrifices you made for the people of Sarawak will echo to the ends of the … er … Mulu Caves.

People keep on asking: “if you really intended to leave, why are you still contesting?” Please ignore these undeserving folks. They are like little children clamouring for attention.

Please don’t believe them, please don’t feel bad, and please don’t feel guilty for overstaying. Sarawak is in your hands, and you can decide who comes and goes in your beloved state. Believe me; no one really wants you to go. You have been around for so long, that people have got used to you. Whether, you did anything for us in the last 30 years is beside the point.

Your mumblings about getting the different races to unite at the confluence or something sounds very confusing. And yes, we do talk about you in the coffee-shops and longhouses, and sometimes you are the butt of jokes. But you must be proud, that at least your fame has led to wagging tongues. Topics range from corruption to nepotism, but it really doesn’t mean a thing as it is just coffee-shop talk.

We know Sarawak is a big state to govern, and even harder to develop so we really can’t blame you for our failures. At least one of us made it. You were the lucky one, with your shrewd business acumen, juggling between your duties as head of state and your vast business empire, while taking enough time of to be a loving family man. I wish more Sarawakians were like you.

We love the way you socked it to Najib, telling him off, how stupid it was to stamp serial numbers on those bibles. You single-handedly solved the Bible issue by just one phone call, and managed to get the PM to sing to your tune. A heroic deed indeed, as someone commented that you held the election in April, so that you could get your hands on those bibles before it got further desecrated, and had it returned to the rightful Sarawak Christians.

By the way, could you also get the AG to drop its appeal on the Allah Controversy as well? Christians here really find it harrowingly to mutter ALLAH’s name under their breath each time they say their prayers! Some even say they feel guilty about it! Sincerely, the Christians would love you if you can help them. Never mind PERKASA.

When the news broke out that you have officially announced your succession plan and your intention to retire from Politics, it came as a great shock especially to … all of us. That you have groomed a successor for the last 20 years, how noble and far- sighted of you. It is a pity you would not name him yet. That we can respect, because with the winds of change currently blowing, your successor may never be able to attain your glory to sit in the Chief Minister’s seat. So for now, better to keep his name secret.

But we would dearly love to know who your successor is, as you so lovingly speak of him, saying that he is not only acceptable to the people but also to BN as well. And to know that he will also be a team player is comforting.

We respect your decision that a disorderly succession does anger the people, but don’t you think 20 years to groom a successor is a long time? It may take lesser time to cycle on a bicycle to the moon and back than to wait 20 years, of course depending on how fit you are. Is it your son? Is it Alfred Jabu or George Chan? Or maybe Awang Tengah? The suspense is killing us.

However, it comes as a surprise that you have delegated some of your powers to certain ministers a couple of years ago. That the PBB leaders chosen by you to contest were not only team players, but strong winnable candidates as well is a feat. So Pakatan Rakyat, better watch out!

We understood your reluctance to leave after SUPP lost terribly in the last state elections, and your insistence to fill the gap by grooming stronger leadership to replace your once admirable administration.

After all that has been said, I am still totally confused whether you are leaving or not. Or when are you leaving? Why can’t you just get to the point and tell us a firm date?

Sarawakians will be relieved once we know. At least we can prepare our departure speeches to bid you a warm farewell and bon voyage. I am not young anymore, and I dread that I may not live long enough to see your departure. And I do not want to be gone, while you are still lurking around. Am I still talking sense?

Why, pray would I want to ask you such an odd question? Well, the fate of Barisan Nasional in Sarawak lies in your presence. Your presence may discourage many Sarawakians to come out to vote. Many are simply bored to vote the same old party. A cross on the Opposition logo sounds very tempting, and it would trigger an adrenaline rush just to be able to do something different. Do I still sound coherent?

But, please don’t go. We may miss you more than we can bear. Once you are gone, how can we ever find you again? As you know Sarawakians are not well off, and we cannot embark on long sea voyages to look for you … er … just in case we miss you. And if we do find you in the end, would you accept us as a Sarawakian compatriot? Will you extend a roof over our heads and give us shelter? Or will you continue to ignore us?

Dear Readers……If you have read thus far…you must know that I have just overdosed on my drug medication and can hardly keep my eyes open. IF readers do find any sanity in this article, you must be more insane than me.

“Please don’t go. Don’t go Away. I am begging you to stay “– the last lyrics of the song before I collapsed in deep slumber….zzzzzz

A husband who cheats to get medical leave, Normala a suspect – birds of the same feather.

The husband is sick, but is dealing with some matters – he should be resting.

clipped from

LABIS: PAS candidate Normala Sudirman finds herself dogged with allegation that her husband, a teacher, took 21 days of medical leave to be by her side during the campaign trail.

Unfazed by the accusation, Normala instead blamed the state education department for causing her husband Makrof Abdul Mutalib distress by issuing him with a 24-hour transfer letter earlier this month.

However, he was not by her side at the function yesterday. Normala said the secondary school teacher from SMK Tenang had some matters to deal with.

  blog it

I read this in the Sun online news:

SHAH ALAM (Sept 2, 2010): The High Court here today acquitted and discharged former Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) enforcement director Capt (R) Abdul Kudus Ahmad of bribery involving RM59,000 after it set aside the jail sentence and RM370,000 fine imposed by the Ampang Sessions Court, which had found him guilty of the offence.

This must be the best news for Abdul Kudus, and he is blessed with a nice Hari Raya holiday. Congratulations Sir.

But the following statement by the Judge Mohd Yazid Mustafa, disturbs me

“I conclude that it was SP4 (Steven) who initially attempted to bribe the accused who was the MPAJ director and not vice versa.

“I found SP4 a participis criminis/accomplice because he was involved actively and directly in all the 24 transactions involving the accused,” he added.

This guy Steven must be a goat. He just gave away $59,000, but for all intends and purpose, Kudus was not even aware they were bribes. Perhaps Kudus thought Steven was being charitable , or perhaps it was his sympathetic nature that prompted him to help Kudus, now that the cost of living has gone up, and the same dollar has lost its value compared to by-gone days. Whatever good intentions Steven had, he must be damn happy that the Police are not going to charge him offering bribes, not once, but 24 times. Secondly, Kudus always intended to pay back his debts to Steven, but now that the case is over, Kudus is smiling that one big debt is over, and in any case he has spend the money.

Another interesting development is the learned judge said “attempted to bribe the accused” and here again Steven the goat remains a goat, after 24 times, did he not think that Kudus was bribe-proofed, poor Kudus was made a Satan when he was an angel.

Can you imagine Kudus asking for a bribe. No Sir, MPAJ directors don’t do that, and I am sure the learned judge, did not really mean what he said viz:    “I conclude that it was SP4 (Steven) who initially attempted to bribe the accused who was the MPAJ director and not vice versa.

My understanding of Vice Versa is “another way around” or the opposite, Kudus, the exemplary civil servant, was and did not bribe Steven. Thank you judge you made my day.

The Judge must be thanked again, Steven “actively and directly” bribed Kudus, and Kudus being the loyal servant, did not take part, but drank his Chinese tea(more than that it is wrong) and for the sake of good government relations with the public, kept quiet.

A good ending, though.

Instances of baby dumping in Malaysia has been going on indefinitely, more so of Malay ethnic babies who have been left in odd places like mosques, houses, etc. Here we are talking of an innocent, perhaps an underage girl, a drop out, wanting to be an adult, not too preoccupied with consequences or promises made by her so called boy friend, who falls into a trap with a baby in her hands. In a Muslim society she is condemned, and being in a thoroughly subordinate position, there is nothing much she can do. Shariah law is her fear, castigation from fellow Muslims is the second, and being immature and bewildered she with tears in her eyes decides to abandon her own flesh and blood. Can you imagine anything more cruel than this. This is something she has to live with for the rest of her life – a stigma only known to her which will haunt her for the rest of her life. A mother who is to support life abandoning the baby which perhaps end up lifeless if someone does not detect the bundle left by her.


Biologically and maternally, she loves the child, having carried it in her body for 9 months. But then comes religion.


Today I read, a Minister, surprisingly a woman,  Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said the Cabinet had decided that the police should investigate as murder those cases of baby dumping where the infants die.


What is odd, the poor mother wants the baby to live, but this woman Minister, bless her soul, wishes the baby dies so that the victim can be charged for murder.


Malaysia is  a funny country, you can murder someone with explosives and someone else carries the baby, you can bankrupt a country, you can allow corruption with the Police, Judiciary, MACC and other government agencies and it is above shariah, but abandoning a baby because of religious concern deserves death.


Anyhow please read the following, when we have not enough money to educate our youngsters on the folly of premarital sex, and find it convenient to kill young mothers lead astray, something is wrong.  


Who foots the bill?
Natalie Shobana Ambrose

in the heart of London, I stood admiring the massive lion sculptures that sit guarding Nelson’s very tall column. Looking up to the top of the column where Nelson stands, I imagined all the great things that took place in this space steeped in history from political demonstrations, World Cup victory celebrations, New Year festivities and not forgetting what it commemorates the Battle of Trafalgar. As I looked further towards the buildings surrounding Trafalgar Square, the sky was peppered with flags of different countries.

Britain, Canada, EU, South Africa perhaps, the Emirates, even Uganda … and "Could it be?" I thought, "No way" I said. Perhaps my eyes were getting things mixed up and I got my flags mixed up. It was prime land, not only does it scream rich, it’s deafeningly vuvuzela expensive. You’ve got to wonder what the price tag on real estate would be so close to Buckingham Palace. Not only was it exclusive, it was posh and yes it was the Malaysian flag, perched high up against the London sky backdrop.

Standing at the crossroads, I waited as the red double-decker buses passed by and right there in the middle of London on prime land is the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board. My heart just broke.

Do we really have that much money to spend? Do we really need a tourism office right in the centre of London when just last year, there wasn’t enough money in the budget to investigate the rape accusations of the Penan women in Sarawak? Or that there are so many living under the poverty line while things like bridges in poorer areas are inadequately maintained, killing schoolchildren when it collapsed. Where are our priorities?

It seems to be that the idea of development means that we build big, we advertise large and we deck ourselves with great portrayals of monetary wealth to show the rest of the world that we are equals in the wealth game while we lose the very essence of what development really means.

Personally, development means a government that works for the people, a justice system that is truly blind, and a people who value each other as equals. Instead, we move backwards every time Parliament is in session.

We spend too much dragging out cases that should not even be in court because a sin is mistaken as a crime while there is a foolish need to search for a pure, mighty race when we are all supposed to be one.

Instead of looking after our young, we amend marriage laws to allow teenagers to get married with the excuse of preventing teenage pregnancies, abortions and baby dumping. When the best solution would be to direct funds towards a better education system that includes sex education, and before I get any hate mail, it doesn’t mean advocating practices that go against religious beliefs. It’s about protecting our young, not changing laws that advocate shotgun marriages and perhaps even a higher divorce rate in the future. People are going to sin, that we cannot control. What we can do is to help them avoid committing a crime, committing murder.

Maybe the argument is that we need a tourism board in the heart of London to boost our economy especially since we have lost a huge chunk of our FDI, but surely the logic of putting your own oxygen mask on first before you help anyone else should be a reminder of how the people’s money is spent? Take care of yourself before you can take care of others is taken too literally. There used to be a time when politicians fought for the country and not themselves. These days it seems the oxygen mask is only for themselves.

Natalie wonders what the subsidy bill looks like to set up house on prime real estate near Buckingham Palace. Comments:

Whatever Samy Vellu says must be taken with a pinch of salt. I just can’t imagine a leader, who can twist and turn, any issue, claiming that this is done for the Indians. He has taken for a ride the Indians for the last 30 years, starting from the year 1979, surely he can give the Indians some repose, the Indians can and will take care of themselves. No Samy won’t do that, his ego is beyond accepting that he has done zilch for the Indians. He might have helped individuals, like Chitrakala, the defeated candidate Ganesan in Bukit Selambau, but these are peanuts compared to what help he got in the way trying to champion the Indian cause. Being the sole Indian representative, what the Government gave was channeled through him, and being a typical Indian lover, he soiled his hands and grabbed the icing and by the time it got to the roots every other fellow under him has partaken a bit of the cake. Crumbs were of course left. One has to just recollect the ordeal of the land for the Effingham Tamil School. There are others, and simply put one gets depressed trying to name his unholy actions against the Indians.

Anyhow back to the point, today he is talking of a portal on May 14, that is a month from now, a portal to interact with others. This is not the first time he wants to go hi-tech. At one stage he wanted a build a separate extension to the present MIC building and it was going to be the brains for people’s support and complaints. That came to nought. I searched my postings on the sayings of Samy Vellu, and game across this one.
Have a laugh. Samy the IT man, who uses the computer like he uses the Indians.

Any how the MIC web page is still under construction for how long, God only knows.

Guiltily, I ask myself can anything good come out from Samy Vellu, besides his shooting off the cuff without being worried; others can think, and don’t fall under the category of his 630,000 MIC members who sorry to say, have been hit again and again and are now immune to what Samy does.

They are the one the Indians must help, and I can say, these abused people must get a lot of help before their parade as ordinary citizens.

clipped from
No Intention To Withdraw MIC Minister From Cabinet – Samy Vellu

He also said that the party would launch a portal on May 14 to enable the people, both from among supporters of the party and those from the opposition, to interact with the party on issues.
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