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Shocking!! They always called Samy Vellu a gangster and a thug. Perhaps this was one reason he controlled MIC for 32 years. He is supposed to have helped Indians, but here, I am being fair, there have been instances when he had helped out Indians in need. But with all the scandals in MIC, the help he rendered is considered pittance – he could have if he intended to help the Indians, more.


Well, he is reaching his end days, and I can tell you it is frustrating to know you have not done the best having been given the chance. God help him to find his peace.


Now we see the younger gangsters and thugs within MIC. Samy was a Batu Caves one, where does T.Mohan come from. He can’t beat Samy, he cannot last 32 years, and seeing his picture:


I can vouch he is too young and being in a precarious position to follow Samy. I believe his wife is involved. My suggestion to this family, you cannot be like Samy, he was special because the Indians were foolish to believe MIC was there for them. Now, they curse Samy but with the present political upheaval, Mohans cannot do anything for the Indians. Please get on with your lives, you cannot be another Samy. You may end up being sorry. Good luck.


What intrigued me was this statement:

To questions from reporters, Latheefa said the mob shouted that the issue of stateless ethnic Indians was an MIC issue, and asked why PKR was getting involved.

Why are Indians made stupid by MIC. You can’t do it, why not let others do. MIC is a washout but there are some “never die” members, displaying prominence, have you forgotten why Najib is even willing to bring in Makkal Sakthi, to get Indian support. 300,000 Indian people were not helped. Where are you MIC.   



MIC thugs attacked us at PM’s office, decries PKR veep

  • Koh Jun Lin
  • 5:47PM May 2, 2012


PKR claims that its delegation to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) this morning was attacked at the gates by MIC thugs, causing one member to be warded in Putrajaya Hospital for his injuries.
NONEThe party’s vice-president N Surendran said he and about 30 PKR leaders and supporters were there for an appointment with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak on the issue of secondary school student Reshina Batumanathan’s citizenship.
“We found hundreds of MIC gangsters waiting there for us.
“What was even more shocking was that they were led by MIC Youth chief T Mohan himself, and other MIC leaders,” Surendran told a press conference at PKR’s headquarters in Tropicana, Selangor.
In the incident about 11.30am, Surendran said, the MIC men charged at him and Reshina, but they were blocked by PKR supporters. They were then able to enter the PMO.
NONE“However, PKR Puchong division chief S Murali was pulled out and seriously beaten by the MIC gangsters. He was bleeding from his eye and fainted. He was then admitted to the hospital,” he said.

PKR’s Women’s wing chief Zuraida Kamaruddin, who was also with the delegation, expressed disappointment that police officers at the scene did not intervene in the scuffle.
Other PKR leaders in the delegation were its director of strategy Rafizi Ramli, legal bureau head Latheefa Koya, MP for Kapar S Manickavasagam and information bureau committee member K Gunasekaran, all of whom were also present at the press conference.
Latheefa claimed that the attack was pre-mediated and that the group was not there by coincidence, for they carried banners making reference to Surendran.

‘MIC Youth leader’s wife tweeted, asking for Surendran’

Also, Mohan’s wife had tweeted, “Where are you Surendran, we are waiting for you,” prior to the attack.
To questions from reporters, Latheefa said the mob shouted that the issue of stateless ethnic Indians was an MIC issue, and asked why PKR was getting involved.
NONEReshina, 17, was expelled by her school last month because she did not have an IC to register for the SPM examination, even though she was born in Malaysia and her father has a blue IC, indicating that he is documented as a citizen.
“Under Article 14 (of the federal constitution), she is automatically a citizen of Malaysia because her father is a citizen,” said Surendran, who also showed the father’s IC to members of the press.
He said Reshina “is living proof” that the government’s MyDaftar programme to register undocumented Malaysians was a failure, and claimed that the programme’s taskforce consultant, Siva Subramaniam, had advised her to register to study as a foreigner.
This was unacceptable, Surendran said, as Reshina is not a foreigner but a Malaysian who does not have the documents to acknowledge her citizenship.
He urged Najib to recognise her citizenship within 24 hours, since the pertinent documents had already been handed to his aide Ghazali Ibrahim.
As for the attack, Surendran said a police report would be lodged on the matter tomorrow afternoon.
As of late this evening, Malaysiakini’s attempts to reach the MIC’s Mohan for his comments have been unsuccessful.


MIC had not blogged about MIC for quite some time. Sad to say Samy Velu is not around and what can MIC do to interest us on the so called goodies MIC has graced the Indian community. Without Samy MIC is dead and Palanivelu cannot and would not build up MIC to heights maintained by our Samy.

But junior clones of the Sami establishment remain though – R.Ramanan, T.Mohan, V.Ragunathan, who are there to remind Indians MIC is great.

It is still money and illegal dealings, and in time to come, the present day leaders of MIC will beat Samy to the race.

So, MIC is still life and kicking, still helping Indians, but as usual picking up money here and there. Can’t they be ever straight?

Tables turned on Ramanan
K Pragalath |  April 16, 2011

Police report lodged against MIC Youth branch leader for allegedlly swindling a psychiatrist of RM5.5 million in a land matter.

KUALA LUMPUR: Bandar Syed Putra MIC Youth head, R Ramanan, who had accused MIC Youth chief T Mohan of misappropriating funds amounting to RM100,000 from a charity dinner, appears to have had the tables turned on him.

Social activist V Ragunathan, 32, a close friend of Ramanan, lodged a report against the latter this morning at the Sentul police station for fraud.

Ragunathan told the press that he lodged the report based on documented evidence he received on April 10 of Ramanan’s involvement in a land matter involving psychiatrist Dr M Mahadevan and the defence ministry.

“Ramanan squandered RM5.5 million from Mahadevan after pleading he could settle a land dispute the doctor had with the defence ministry,” said Ragunathan.

Ramanan produced an unsigned letter purportedly from defence ministry as an inducement to convince Mahadevan he could solve the latter’s problem over a plot of land in Kedah.

Mahadevan rented out a plot of land in Sungai Petani several decades ago to the defence ministry. However, it stopped paying rental to the doctor in the 1980s, said Ragunathan.

The outstanding rental amount involved is RM26,638,737.96.

Ragunathan wanted to know why the police had not taken action against Ramanan even though a police report was lodged by Mahadevan at the commercial crimes division in Bukit Aman last year.

“Are they afraid to act because he is linked to MIC or because he is a datuk?” asked Ragunathan.

He submitted a copy of the purportedly forged letter from the defence ministry, a bank slip showing a payout for RM5.5 million and a copy of a police report previously lodged by Mahadevan in 2010.

Ramanan was sacked as MIC Youth public complaints by Mohan in February
this year.

Now that Sami Vellu has won the President’s post without being challenged, the toadies like S.Ramis and T.Mohan have initiated their own re-branding of MIC. But, their ideas are not original, but the bidding of the Big Boss Samy Vellu.

Palanivel and Subramaniam are eligible to contest the number two post. Subra is a wash out, a fence sitter who should have said good bye to politics long ago. Remember this man whose origins go back to the time of Manigavasagam has been around from 1977 that is even before Sami Vellu became the President. Subra has nothing much to show from then till now. If anyone is available it is Palanivelu the incumbent, but under the shadow of Samy, he too is eclipsed.

The toadies want a new, young, vibrant and capable person for the deputy President. That is just telling Palanivel you are useless. The choice is Sothinathan, a relative and a President’s man, who I am sure is going to give Palanivel a hard time.

The dark horse in the race, an outsider, one who is being groomed, is none other than Vel Paari, the Presiden’t son. In the next few months he will be in the news often.

Samy Vellu told to name successor

KUALA LUMPUR: MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu has been urged to name his successor, who will contest the deputy president’s post, to prevent in-fighting within the party when he leaves the scene.

Samy Vellu who was returned unopposed as president on Sunday – his 11th term – had stated that he would not again seek re-election.

MIC national youth advisory council chief S. Ramis, who made the call, said this would also ensure a smooth transition in the party leadership.

“We hope Samy Vellu will choose someone who is new, young, vibrant and capable of leading the party,” Ramis said yesterday.

Former deputy president Datuk S. Subra-maniam and incumbent Datuk G. Palanivel should not contest the number two post, he added.

Ramis was looking more to leaders like vice- president Datuk S. Sothinathan; secretary-general Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam, who is Human Resources Minister; and deputy ministers Datuk S.K. Devamany and Datuk M. Saravanan.

Elections for the deputy president, three vice-presidents and 23 central working committee members will be held at the MIC general assembly in September.

Both Palanivel and Sothinathan are actively campaigning to contest the number two post while Subramaniam is still undecided.

Ramis also said that state chairmen who had been holding the post for more than two terms should make way for younger leaders.

In another development, MIC Youth coordinator T. Mohan urged the Government to introduce religious education in Tamil schools as a means to overcome the social ills in the Indian community.

Mohan said the wing had submitted a letter to Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammud-din Tun Hussein requesting the introduction of religious education in Tamil schools.

Green light for Indian priests, musicians and sculptors

Are not the Indians in Malaysia proud of this monumental start of the new Minister of Human Resources Dr S Subramaniam. He has raised the issue at cabinet; it is a worthy point. His action belittles his boss Samy Vellu who in his heyday, would have just said I have spoken to the Prime Minister. Did not Mahathir say Samy did not, as claimed, bring many matters to the attention of the cabinet. This came from the horse’s mouth and there must be some truth in it.

If Dr S Subramaniam continues along the same vein by mentioning what he had done in the Government or cabinet, it would make him in the eyes of the Indians a person who acts and not spewing empty babble. The results may not be yes always, but the issue has been raised. That will satisfy the Indians.

Carry on Minister.

Green light for Indian priests, musicians and sculptors

Apr 15, 08 2:27pm

The government has decided to allow temple priests, musicians and sculptors from India to continue rendering their services in the country, according to Human Resources Minister Dr S Subramaniam.

In a statement today, Subramaniam said he raised the issue during the last cabinet meeting on April 9.

dr s subramaniam interview 210308In view of this, he said the cabinet agreed to “permit/renew” the visas for those in the country to continue with their services for specific categories.

Subramaniam, who is also MIC secretary-general, added that he will hold a meeting with Hindu and Sikh organisations to discuss the categories which had been agreed upon.

He will also meet with Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar and Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Shafie Apdal to discuss the implementation of this decision.

On the same note, Subramaniam said the cabinet wants efforts to be carried out to train the locals in these fields in the long run in order not to depend on those from India.

However, the statement did not mention the status of the ban on bringing in new priests, musicians and sculptors from India.

Revoke ban

samy vellu pc 120308 agitatedOn Saturday, MIC president S Samy Vellu had urged the government to lift the ban on the recruitment of priests from India for Hindu temples and Sikh gurdwaras.

He said the temples and gurdwaras urgently required about 500 and 300 priests respectively.

“I am appealing to the government to take into consideration the sensitivity involved as the priests are needed urgently to conduct daily prayers,” added the MIC president.

If the matter is left unresolved, Samy Vellu warned that it could spark off “major dissatisfaction among the Hindu and Sikh communities.”

Green light for Indian priests, musicians and sculptors

YSS: ‘Don’t bite our fingers’ 

For all intends and purposes Dr Denison Jayasooria is trying to do a good job and his efforts must be appreciated. But the rumblings that have come out do not point directly at him. He is unfortunate, YSS comes under MIC and Samy Vellu, and whatever the good doctor may want to do, is objected to because of MIC ala Samy Vellu, and not because of Jayasooria. MIC and Samy are thought of as anathema to the Indiians, and they want to disassociate with this group which is responsible for the downfall of the Indians. The Indians are not going to change their mindset for a long time to come or at least until Samy departs from MIC. The hatred is enigmatic, how could Samy do this.

So, good doctor please understand, it is not you or your group, but Samy.    

YSS: ‘Don’t bite our fingers’

RK Anand | Apr 2, 08 7:20pm

MIC’s social arm Yayasan Sosial Strategik (YSS) is surprised that it is being criticised for being ‘more inclusive’ regarding its roundtable discussion on the mid-term review of the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP).

Several quarters want the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) in the Prime Minister’s Department and not YSS to take the lead in this endeavour if the government is serious in wanting to achieve the three percent equity target for the Indian community.

vwaishhnnavi letter to abu talib 060208 denison jayasooriaContacted today, YSS executive director Dr Denison Jayasooria said the April 10 discussion is the foundation’s own initiative and will be a low-key affair.

“We have not been asked by the EPU to do this, nobody asked us to do this. We are doing it on our own. We wanted to get input from a cross section of groups and that is why we invited 25 civil society groups and others.

“We categorically stated we do not want political groups. In the past, we were accused of not being inclusive,” he added.

He said YSS has invited even the more critical voices in the community, including Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) coordinator RS Thanenthiran to the discussion.

Following this, Denison – who is also a commissioner with the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) – said he received queries on whether MIC now recognises Hindraf.

“It’s not a question of who is calling for the discussion. It’s a free world, the groups invited have the right to accept the invitation or not. If they want, they can come and provide us with input,” he said.

‘Don’t bite our fingers’

On the same note, Denison said these groups are also free to organise their own discussions or make efforts to get the EPU to spearhead the review.

“There can be multiple approaches. But don’t bite our fingers when we are reaching out. On our side, whether they like us or not, we have been working on the ground over various issues and many people have benefitted from this,” he added.

Denision said YSS has conducted numerous roundtable discussions in the past and several more concerning youths are in the pipeline.

Elaborating more on the 9MP discussion, Denison said it is being carried out with the foundation’s own budget.

“It is being held in our building (the MIC headquarters in Kuala Lumpur). There’s no budget even for a hotel. Only chapathi, tea and vadai will be served,” he quipped.

Earlier, Malaysian Indian Business Association (Miba) president P Sivakumar told Malaysiakini that the review should be handled by the EPU and not YSS.

Such a move would reflect the government’s seriousness in wanting to do more for the Indian community, he said.

According to him, the EPU is in a better position to make adjustments or recommendations for the Indian community in the review.

“We don’t think there is any quarter in the Indian community that has the concrete data to show the progress of the Indian equity increase to three percent under the 9MP,” he said.

His call was supported by Malaysian Associated Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MAICCI) president Pardip Kumar Kukreja and Consumers Association of Subang and Shah Alam, Selangor (Cassa) president Dr Jacob George.

YSS: ‘Don’t bite our fingers’

I would like to comment as under:1. Where ever on earth did Samy Vellu get the information the Indian community, or only a section of it, are angry. If this is so, I don’t see the necessity for MIC to advertise in papers, change candidates, and under take the hive of activities, as Samy has undertaken. The minority can never influence the majority. If the majority of the Indians are with MIC, there is no problem at all, like always, Indians will vote BN and why worry. The truth of the matter is, MIC has been naive and disillusioned, Indians won’t let them down or to put it mildly, the Indians have no where to go, it is MIC and MIC alone. Not getting Government jobs is an old issue, backdated years back, or to be conservative for the last 20 years or so. If MIC had made noise earlier, changes could have been noticed. But MIC did not want to annoy their bosses UMNO and kept quiet. Indians had accepted getting a government job is rare as getting a lottery, and look around now, the bulk of the Indians are in the private sector or self employed. Indians earlier thought jobs in government is a must, but now it is a second option, first the private sector or self employment, then if you are lucky a government appointment. Indian history in this country led us to believe, once your education is completed, you dash off an application to a government agency. Knowing the difficulty in procuring jobs in government agencies, Indians starting applying in companies etc. Indians lived with it. There were many other obstacles placed by the government, education, scholarships, business opportunities, religion etc but they still bore the stuff patiently. The boiling point was reached when religious fanaticism touched the Indians, temples were destroyed and if MIC had been pro-active, if there was noise made, would Indians think MIC is redundant. The Indians are smart enough to know that everything they ask for will not be given by the government, what they wanted was a voice or a timid whisper, did MIC do that. MIC carried on playing their own game of politics, Indians became annoyed, MIC is not helping them, and eventually Hindraf came about to make MIC and its leaders to wake up with a nightmare. I still dare say that, if not for Hindraf, MIC will still be in slumber land looking after their own interests and not bothered about the welfare of the Indians. With Hindraf people realised there was an alternate means than MIC to tell the government what they were missing.

2. Hindraf, fortunately or unfortunately, did not start of as a cohesive political group to be an alternate to MIC. On the contrary, they left MIC alone, but carried out activities like defending people who were maligned by the government, keeping track of injustices suffered by the Indians and so forth. It was never an organised big association but led by individuals. Some sections of the community or those who were directly involved in the wrongs done by the government were the main participants. Hindraf was not playing any politics but catering to the needs of individuals, and sometimes in small groups of temple representatives. It was never pan Malaysian. In fact most of the Indians only knew of it after November 25 and became aware what it stood for. What started as a spark became a flame and Indians once knowing what it stood for and its aims started questioning why MIC had not done this. Most of the Indians only know how badly the MIC representatives were treated in Parliament without any recourse and there the head of MIC was pleasantly rubbing shoulders with his buddies in UMNO assuring himself semua-nya okay. There were annoyances here and there but Hindraf brought in figures and instances to prove something was wrong. So, Samy please don’t say innocent, poor Indians are being made use of. None of the leaders were aiming for high posts in the government hierarchy or into money making ventures. Unfortunately, the Indians have suffered more thinking MIC is there for them. But you personally, with your style of administration, you made MIC a one man show, which prerogative still exists today. In reality the Indians could not suffer more than what they have been suffering, and MIC becomes irrelevant.

3. What representation are you talking about. Even your own kind, MIC representatives, suffered in the hands of UMNO, religious bigotry was taking place, Indians were ill treated by the Police, and all the time did you raise a finger of protest, why, afraid you will rock the boat. If you had, like what you are doing now, like the 7 issues and all, will any Indian blame MIC, knowing any request by the party will not be reciprocated in full.

4. You had a wonderful opportunity to redeem the importance of MIC, it was just after November 25 or even later, but you chose to fight Hindraf rather than compromising with the people. You quoted wrong statistics, you went all the way to India to tell everybody the Malaysian Indians were living in luxury. Lie after lie, and the hate for you and MIC increased. In Parliament, words like keling, pendatang, go back and racist were used. What did you do. Afraid of your position in the government to protest. I don’t know.

5. So, do you know why a large number of Indians don’t like you, and MIC becomes a scapegoat.

clipped from

A: Certain sections of the Indian community are angry, not because we didn’t raise or ask for solutions to their plight. Their anger is due to inadequacy: when 50 people apply for a (government) job, and if only one gets the job,
I am sad that certain elements have made use of innocent and poor Indians for their own political game. In the end, it is the community that will suffer.
The Indians know very well that they need a strong and cohesive representation in the Government.
Two years ago, I brought to the attention of the Cabinet that Indians need assistance in business and the Government then gave out RM40mil loans through BSN’s micro credit scheme to 4,000 people. �
When the 9MP was being drawn up, the Prime Minister gave us a copy of the draft plan . We appointed about 85 experts to scrutinise the plan.
more opportunities through government agencies and through party educational and social institutions in addressing the concerns of the bottom 30%. The next 12 years are very critical. �
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Our toupee hero Samy Vellu is immune to shoes, screwdrivers, atomic bombs and any other missile.Please read this:

Another one is:

Here again he is a Malaysian Indian and wants to meet Indians. But what I do not understand why he did not want to meet the women who were screaming at him in Bagan Dalam.

Let me guess. Samy is worried these women want to know more about husband wife relationship that exists between MIC and the Indians. He was worried he had stirred up the hornet’s nest, and questions by the women would be embarrassing especially if they wanted examples. He will be dumbfounded if the women ask him, what if the rolls change and MIC becomes the wife and the Indians the husband, can MIC ask the Indians to vote this party.

The fear, the worry, the cold sweat that he may have to endure if the women ask him more details, which a male mind may not even think about, perhaps his conjugal life style. Surprises and surprises, thats why he told the Police, make sure no women please.

clipped from
Commotion during Samy’s visit to BN ops centre in Bagan Dalam
There was a slight commotion when embattled MIC president S Samy Vellu was about to leave the BN operation centre in Bagan Dalam here today.
A group tried to gatecrash the function but were prevented by police men on standby everywhere Samy Vellu went. Several women were heard screaming that they wanted to meet him. The group eventually dispersed.
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My earlier comments on Makkal Osai is here. Now I will comment on the Independent candidates. Even before nomination date the paper has indicated 3 Independent candidates who are contesting; one in Prai, Ulaganathan an ex MIC chap, in Jempol, Paramasivam and possibly in Bagan Dalam Henry Benedict

I have nothing against Independent candidates, as a citizen you can stand as one. But why are they standing, that’s the most important question. Among the reasons put forward by Independent candidates, here are a few:

  • My party did not nominate me
  • The opposition party candidate is not worthy and I am a better man to represent the people
  • I am very popular in this constituency as I have served them well over the years
  • I was a representative once but now no more

Generally these Independent candidates rarely don’t do well some even lose their deposits. They are there just like the proverbial thorn in the flesh, more annoyance than anything. There is the possibility that, if they get elected, the big if, join up with the established parties. This is another behind the door tactic hoping they get elected.

Then what about their manifesto, how are they going to serve the people. The opposition with their numbers can’t do anything, what can a independent member do.

Besides all these. there is a strong sentiment among the people the 2/3 majority of the Government must be reduced, and the opposition is working hard to make it a reality. Independents will covert some votes from their family,friends and their close supporters, and if this people are Barisan Nasional supporters good, but what if they they are taking away the opposition votes and in marginal cases the Government candidate will win. Either way Independents split votes, and it does not auger well for the Government or Opposition. Let the Government and the opposition slug it out one way or the other. Independents don’t help.

As for the voters do they really help your cause. No.

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Normally I don’t buy Tamil Newspapers, I read the headlines at my provision shop, and get the bulk of the other news on line. I know there are 2 main newspapers that cater for the Tamil reading population. One is Tamil Nesan a pro MIC paper and the other Makkal Osai they say is a pro Subra paper. I can’t vouch for this, with my scant reading of Tamil papers, and today bought Makkal Osai and hope to give my readers what this paper is reporting on present day issues.
The headline reads, no seat for Datuk Subra, shock and disappointment. It goes on to say that there were news both in English and vernacular papers Subra will be given a seat and the Indians are shocked it did not happen. He is a senior leader and would have brought about unity of the splitted Indians. Subra the paper says would, if given the chance, solve all the problems of the Indians.
To be fair to him, could he bring back the Indians together. Please read what I had said about him earlier.
Subramaniam, former deputy president of MIC, wants to come back for active duty. Two years ago he was ousted by Samy Vellu and today he is in political limbo. Subra as he is called, served for 27 years and set the record as the longest serving Deputy Minister (quarter of a century) in Malaysian history that totals 50 years.
Subra and the late Datuk K.Pathmanaban were brought into MIC during the tenure of Manickavasagam who was MIC president from 1973 to 1978. Datuk K.Pathmanaban was a Harvard MBA holder.
Sami Vellu has termed the rehabilitation of Subra as rumours and wants it to remain so. Vel Pari, Samy Velu’s son, is also reported to have met up with Subra but this is denied by Vel Pari himself. As reported, K.P.Sami and Datuk Govindaraj, ex MIC members are supporting Subra. Basically his supporters are of the opinion that by Subra coming back to MIC the party will regain its importance among Indians.
Astrologer P. Suthanthiran also comes into the picture to give a glowing picture of how the stars are in favour of Subra for the next 5 years.
The only problem that surfaces is the leadership qualities of Subra, who, for 27 years has been a faithful follower of Samy Vellu, and sad to say Subra had failed to show any prominence as a successful leader. He followed the leader, and he makes a good follower, but to lead may not be his cup of tea. This also goes for the present day MIC second echelon leaders who have not proven any outstanding qualities.
The astrological signs may auger well for Subra, and this is in his personal capacity, but alas what are the astrological status for the good future and welfare of the Indians. No crystal ball will ever help. What is required is dynamic leadership to demonstrate to UMNO the Indians are part of this country and they in fairness are entitled for the goodies this country can offer. I don’t think so, Subra can fit the bill.
Have my thoughts changed now, no, Subra has not got the leadership qualities to make any changes. He is classified as a follower and not a leader, even if MIC or Samy wanted him, Subra is still a has been. Samy will not bring him, their strained relationship goes back many years.
The second item in the paper is about Pandithan. After 18 years of being enemies the IPF president made up with Samy, and IPF to has been ignored. IPF was expecting one of their members Sengutuvan to be chosen and are disappointed. Now IPF is thinking about going the senate way to be part of the government. I think this is a dream and will remain as one.
One more Indian potential political new face. It is no other than K.S.Nallakaruppan President MUIP. He says his party will not take part in the elections. Though his party has not been recognised by Barisan Nasional, he and his 30,000 members will, work and support Barisan Nasional candidates. After elections the party will apply to join the BN. I reserve my comments. Please read this.


A to Z of the great Maika Holdings betrayal

Feb 20, 08 3:30pm

Maika Holdings was touted as an economic vehicle and a miracle to lift the Indian poor from the shackles of poverty, Maika was launched with much hype and hope. The poor Indians – traditional MIC supporters, the lower middle-class and the working class Indians as well as a vast majority of plantation workers – were mesmerised into responding enthusiastically.

The poor plantation workers put their life savings into the venture, some scraping the barrel, others mortgaging their property and pawning the last of their jewellery. A vast majority also took loans at exorbitant rates to invest in a venture that promised dreams of hopes and tantalising prospects.

It’s not only the poor Indians who responded to this call to rally behind MIC’s efforts to secure seven percent of corporate ownership for the Indian community – which at that time had been stagnating at under one percent since 1960.

Although the original plan by the MIC was to ensure that at least RM30 million worth of Maika shares were subscribed, so successful was the promotion campaign that by 1984, a phenomenal RM106 million was raised from almost 66,400 shareholders.

maika and samy vellu 181106A large majority of the shareholders are poor plantation workers. The largest individual shareholder with almost 2.8 million shares was MIC president S Samy Vellu. The amount invested in Maika was even larger than that obtained by MCA’s Multi-Purpose Holdings when the company commenced business.

When it started operations, Maika had one of the biggest cash reserves among Malaysian companies. At a time when business conglomerates like YTL, Berjaya, Malaysian Mining Corps, etc were practically unknown entities, Maika was already well known and if properly managed, would have been a billion dollar company now.

However, in its 25 years of tortured history, Maika investors have known nothing but pain and sorrow. The new dawn of a golden opportunity that was promised to the Indian poor never arrived. Instead, each passing year only witnessed dashed hopes and broken promises that littered the chequered history of Maika. Many of the investors had since passed away, their spirits broken by the betrayal of the leader they trusted.

What went wrong?

It is a case of bad management, poor investment, sheer arrogance and pure greed.

In spite of a number of major acquisitions made into some important companies – like the United Asian Bank (UAB), United Oriental Assurance (UOA), Malaysian Airlines System (MAS), Malaysian International Shipping Corporation (MISC), TV3 and Edaran Otomobil Malaysia Bhd (EON) – Maika’s performance has been mediocre.

There wasn’t any fanfare when Maika was allotted 10 million shares of Syarikat Telekom Malaysia Bhd (STMB). It was assumed in 1990 that Maika had been allotted all the shares it had subscribed to. No details were made known at that time.

Sometime in the middle of February 1992, the shroud of secrecy surrounding the Telekom shares allocation was ripped apart. Then, all hell broke loose.

A journalist from Watan disclosed that "there could have been some hanky-panky in the allocation of Telekom’s shares to Maika Holdings.

This was then followed by another report in a Tamil magazine, Thoothan on April 1, 1992, which disclosed that there could have been some discrepancy in the distribution of the 10 million Telekom shares allocated to Maika by the Finance Ministry. Malaysians learned for the first time (two years after the share issuance), that Maika acquired only one million and not the entire 10 million shares that were allotted to Maika Holdings.

Samy Vellu, through the Tamil Nesan and at MIC meetings, tried to explain by insisting that the cash flow problem faced by Maika did not allow Maika to take up all 10 million shares. But, one of the directors, a one-time ally of Samy Vellu, Vijendran, issued a statement insinuating that the truth may not have been told.

When this matter was raised in parliament, then finance minister Anwar Ibrahim disclosed that since Maika had stated that it could take up only one million shares, the remaining nine million shares were allocated to three companies proposed by Maika because to his "ministry’s knowledge, the three companies represented the interests of the Indian community" (The Star, April 30, 1992).

Note: At the time of share allocation in 1990, Tun Daim Zainuddin was the finance minister.

Maika did not reject the shares

The mystery deepened and bewildered the shareholders when another Maika director, Pasamanikam, contradicted the statements made by Anwar and Samy Vellu. According to Pasamanikam, Maika did not reject the Finance Ministry’s offer and did not propose that the nine million shares be allocated to any other company. He further revealed that Maika had indeed raised a RM50 million loan to facilitate the acquisition of the entire 10 million shares even before the Finance Ministry had withdrawn its offer. A tidal wave of questions engulfed the share holders:

1) Why did the Finance Ministry cancel the initial offer of the 10 million shares and subsequently allot only one million shares to Maika?

2) Who was responsible for the retraction of the original offer?

3) Who lied to the Finance Ministry?

4) Who informed them that Maika had recommended that the nine million shares be given to three companies?

5) Who supplied the names of these three companies?

6) Who coerced the Finance Ministry to change their mind?

7) Who aborted this offer? (There was no earthly reason for the Finance Ministry to change its mind on its own after having allocated 10 million shares).

According to GK Rama Iyer, former managing director of Maika Holdings Bhd – as revealed in his press release dated May 16, 1992 :

Samy Vellu was informed at 6.10am on Oct 5, 1990, that Maika had been offered 10 million STMB shares and of the probability of obtaining full loan financing and that Maika intended to take up the entire allocation of 10 million shares. Indeed, a letter dated Oct 5, 1990, from Arab-Malaysian Merchant Bankers Bhd. (AMMBB) – offering RM50 million to finance the purchase of the 10 million shares was received on Oct 6, 1990.

There must have been a mistake

He further clarified that Samy Vellu replied that "there must have been a mistake. The offer to Maika should be for one million and not 10 million"

According to Samy Vellu, the remaining nine million shares were for allocation to "other MIC bodies".

"Further, Samy Vellu stated that he would contact the ministry to clarify the position."

It was then, after Samy Vellu had contacted the Finance Ministry; that the letter of offer was retracted and Maika’s allocation reduced to only one million shares.

Why did Samy Vellu prevent Maika from acquiring the 10 million shares?

Wasn’t Maika his brain-child to raise the corporate wealth of the Indian community so that their economic welfare would be secured?

Wasn’t he the leader of MIC which launched Maika as a business venture to enrich the community which had long been associated with deprivation and poverty?

This was God-sent wealth. Why did he prevent this wealth from reaching Maika?

Imagine how much Maika would have made from these shares for which it only paid RM5 per share. When Telekom shares were first traded, it fetched a price of RM6.15 per share and that too during a bearish market. By mid-1992 the share price was hovering around RM11-RM13.

According to an article in the Aliran Monthly – 1993:13(10):

Samy Vellu had taken away from Maika RM120 million in profits (which it would have attained had it just held on to the 10 million shares until 1993).

They don’t deserve 10 million shares

Samy Vellu made it extremely clear that he personally decided to allocate only one million shares to Maika. According to Samy Vellu, "I could have given all the shares to Maika Holdings if not for their past business record. They don’t deserve 10 million shares because of the dismal performance of the Maika management. They have to learn to do business on their own and not depend on shares and make money out of it". (New Straits Times May, 16 1992)

His autocratic style and arrogance comes through so forcefully: "I could have given all the shares to Maika Holdings…," he boasts. "They don’t deserve 10 million shares…," he berates.

It is very apparent that he keeps a very tight hold on Maika. That being the case, how could Maika undertake any business venture without his knowledge and blessing? Shouldn’t he be part of the debacle that is haunting Maika today? Shouldn’t he also shoulder the blame for "the dismal performance of the Maika management?"

And why should he give nine million shares to three obscure companies?

SB Management Services Sdn. Bhd and Advanced Personal Computers Sdn Bhd were in fact shell companies with paid-up capital of RM2 each. The third company is Clearway Sdn. Bhd.

Samy Vellu decided on the shares allocation – not the Ministry of Finance!

On what criteria did Samy Vellu decide that the three companies deserve to get the Telekom shares instead of Maika?

What business experience and success could these companies boast about to warrant their being chosen from among all the other Indian businesses in the country?

Serious conflict of interest

There was a serious case of conflict of interest involved in this scandal. A director of Maika was also a shareholder and director of one of the three companies, all of which divided the nine million Telekom shares equally. Lim Kit Siang named this person as R Selvendra on May 7, 1992.

Two of the three companies – Advance Personal Computers and SB Management Services – shared the same business address: Level 2, Block F-North, Damansara Town Centre, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur.

These two companies had the same company secretary: S. Balasubramaniam.

Significantly, S Balasubramaniam and S Sothinathan were both directors and shareholders of these two companies.

Note: Sothinathan is none other than the present MIC vice-president and MP for Teluk Kemang.

Samy Vellu rewarded a person who helped him hijack the Telekom shares by making him a deputy minister and could also probably groom him for future leadership of MIC.

Do we need leaders like this?

If the 10 million STMB shares were allocated for the MIC, who would be the natural inheritors of these shares on behalf of the Indian community – Maika with its 66,400 shareholders or three insignificant private companies with six shareholders? Does this information in any way suggest that these three companies represented the interests of the Indian community?

Who lied to the Finance Ministry that these "three companies represented the interests of the Indian community"?

What was the motive for diverting nine million shares to three private companies?

Those who sought to find the answers were threatened or beaten up. One brave soul who went on a crusade to expose this scandal was stabbed in Penang. Whenever questions regarding Maika were raised at MIC meetings presided by Samy Vellu, it was alleged that thugs would suddenly appear beside the person asking the question and that would be the end of the affair to seek answers.

On May 13, 1992, the then Selangor assemblyman for Seri Cahaya S Sivalingam (now deceased), had also acted as a thug when he led an assault on Maika shareholders who were peacefully picketing against the Maika Telekom shares scandal outside the Maika headquarters.

In October 2006, the MIC Johor assemblyman for Tenggaroh, the late S Krishnasamy assaulted M. Kulasegaran the DAP MP for Ipoh Barat at the Maika annual general meeting (AGM) at Legend Hotel. Even though Kulasegaran lodged a police report, no action was taken against Krishnasamy.

Some years ago, it was claimed that at one particular MIC meeting at the Dewan Sri Pinang in Penang, chaired by Samy Vellu, a Maika shareholder wanted to know the position of Maika. It was alleged that Samy Vellu told this shareholder that he would provide the answer after the adjournment for refreshment. In the meantime two thugs confronted this shareholder and told him that if he wanted to return home in one piece it was the right time to go home. When the meeting resumed, Samy Vellu reportedly called for the shareholder to repeat his query. But since he wasn’t there, Samy Vellu continued with his meeting without touching on the subject of Maika.

What is puzzling is the fact that in spite of so much overwhelming evidence, the Anti- Corruption Agency (ACA) after 17 months of investigation cleared Samy Vellu of any wrong-doing but unfortunately without clearing the doubts in the minds of the Malaysians.

In 1994, the then chairman of MIC public claims committee, V Subramaniam – also known as Barat Maniam – made a startling public accusation. He charged that the accounts were fabricated to make it appear as if all the profits from the sale of Telekom shares were channelled to MIED. In challenging Samy to take him to court, he declared, "I have come out with this statement to prove that Samy Vellu is a thief. He has stolen (Telekom) shares from the Indian community."

Maika Scandal refuses to be buried

In spite of 25 years of history, the Maika scandal refuses to be buried. It keeps on surfacing, haunting and hounding the perpetrators of a crime that robbed the poor of their fair share. The controversy surrounding the Maika-Telekom shares scandal appears to be far from over.

Promises were made; time and again, that Maika shareholders will get their hard earned money back. But not a penny was paid. At each Maika annual general meeting, the shareholders continue to press for answers. Often the meeting degenerates into violence as ‘thugs’ linked to the MIC president rough up those who dare ask questions.

Samy Vellu appointed his son Vell Paari as CEO of Maika Holdings in 1999. He is now in the process of selling off the few remaining assets of Maika Holdings.

Samy Vellu is very much in control of MIC, and he runs the party as a feudal organisation where he makes all the decisions. He has systematically hounded many capable leaders out of MIC to maintain his iron grip in the party. His deputies and committee members are loyal minions who will not hesitate to do anything and everything he says. After years in power, MIC is now a rotting mass, particularly in the head. Instead of serving the Indian community, MIC has become a party that serves only its leaders while millions of Indians face untold misery. The poor Indians have remained poor while those close to Samy Vellu became rich beyond their own expectations.

MIC exists for the benefit of its leaders, not the poor Indian community.

Now Mr Prime Minister, can you just ignore these contentious issues that have destroyed the lives of thousands of your citizens?

If P Uthayakumar can be arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for merely trying to help those pillaged by Samy Vellu, kindly also take action against Samy Vellu.

The entire Indian community awaits your response and our votes hang on your action.

Editor’s Note:

The above article was forwarded to Malaysiakini anonymously.

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