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This Nga fellow can scream and rant, but one thing is certain, if not for him his wife would not have got this contract. Reminds me of Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jali, who apparently does not sleep with her husband in not knowing what happened to cowgate. By the way, is his wife the best when it comes to lounge suits. Nga, I believe is a legal chap, perhaps his income is is withering away because of his political involvement, why not brother, with the help of your wife open up a tailoring institute. More money there. But please, I beg you do not make her a sleeping partner. 


Now to the funny part. His wife owns the company, but sleeps all the time. Now I know why she wanted help from Nga.



Not cut from the same cloth

K Pragalath

| December 20, 2011

Now, there is a query whether the Ipoh tailor who made the lounge suits for the Perak state representatives had vested interest.

PETALING JAYA: After more than three years, controversy relating to lounge suit for local government councillors has surfaced.

Taiping MP and Pantai Remis state representative, Nga Kor Ming (picture), is alleged to have given a lounge suit sewing contract to a Ipoh company – Ethan & Elton, belonging to his wife, Wong Seow Ching.

The lounge suits are meant for local government councillors. Ironically all the councillors appointed under the Pakatan Rakyat have since been fired after the Barisan Nasional took over the goverment in 2009.

And the detractors are saying this was done without an open contract. The contract is deemed to have been given when Pakatan Rakyat was the state government for a brief period.

Blogger M Shashi, who is also Shah Alam MIC division member, on Saturday revealed documents from the Malaysian Companies Commission (SSM) and a letter from the Ipoh City Council’s organisation development and administration department confirming that the contract was given to Ethan & Elton.

The documents can be viewed at Shizone

The SSM document revealed that Wong is one of the company’s directors and it was registered 42 days after Pakatan took over the state government.

This was done even though Ethan & Elton had offered the highest bidding price of RM650 compared to four other companies.

The contract was given to the company based on an instruction from the then Pakatan-led Perak government.

Open tender

When contacted today, Shashi said that he was not the first person to make the allegations.

“The information first appeared in another blog called and I found the SSM documents on

Nga. when contacted, brushed aside the allegations on the grounds that Ethan & Elton had obtained contract through an open tender.

He said the firm got the tailoring job after an open tender exercise conducted by the Ipoh City Council.

“(Then menteri besar Mohamed) Nizar (Jamaluddin) and I were never on the tender board, and we did not interfere in the decision-making (either),” he said.

“I challenge them (the bloggers) to lodge a report with the MACC.”

He added: “The allegations are totally unfounded and defamatory. If they dare, they can lodge a report with the Malaysian Anti -Corruption Commission (MACC).”

On his wife’s role in the company, he said that his wife is only a sleeping partner.

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