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Instances of baby dumping in Malaysia has been going on indefinitely, more so of Malay ethnic babies who have been left in odd places like mosques, houses, etc. Here we are talking of an innocent, perhaps an underage girl, a drop out, wanting to be an adult, not too preoccupied with consequences or promises made by her so called boy friend, who falls into a trap with a baby in her hands. In a Muslim society she is condemned, and being in a thoroughly subordinate position, there is nothing much she can do. Shariah law is her fear, castigation from fellow Muslims is the second, and being immature and bewildered she with tears in her eyes decides to abandon her own flesh and blood. Can you imagine anything more cruel than this. This is something she has to live with for the rest of her life – a stigma only known to her which will haunt her for the rest of her life. A mother who is to support life abandoning the baby which perhaps end up lifeless if someone does not detect the bundle left by her.


Biologically and maternally, she loves the child, having carried it in her body for 9 months. But then comes religion.


Today I read, a Minister, surprisingly a woman,  Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said the Cabinet had decided that the police should investigate as murder those cases of baby dumping where the infants die.


What is odd, the poor mother wants the baby to live, but this woman Minister, bless her soul, wishes the baby dies so that the victim can be charged for murder.


Malaysia is  a funny country, you can murder someone with explosives and someone else carries the baby, you can bankrupt a country, you can allow corruption with the Police, Judiciary, MACC and other government agencies and it is above shariah, but abandoning a baby because of religious concern deserves death.


Anyhow please read the following, when we have not enough money to educate our youngsters on the folly of premarital sex, and find it convenient to kill young mothers lead astray, something is wrong.  


Who foots the bill?
Natalie Shobana Ambrose

in the heart of London, I stood admiring the massive lion sculptures that sit guarding Nelson’s very tall column. Looking up to the top of the column where Nelson stands, I imagined all the great things that took place in this space steeped in history from political demonstrations, World Cup victory celebrations, New Year festivities and not forgetting what it commemorates the Battle of Trafalgar. As I looked further towards the buildings surrounding Trafalgar Square, the sky was peppered with flags of different countries.

Britain, Canada, EU, South Africa perhaps, the Emirates, even Uganda … and "Could it be?" I thought, "No way" I said. Perhaps my eyes were getting things mixed up and I got my flags mixed up. It was prime land, not only does it scream rich, it’s deafeningly vuvuzela expensive. You’ve got to wonder what the price tag on real estate would be so close to Buckingham Palace. Not only was it exclusive, it was posh and yes it was the Malaysian flag, perched high up against the London sky backdrop.

Standing at the crossroads, I waited as the red double-decker buses passed by and right there in the middle of London on prime land is the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board. My heart just broke.

Do we really have that much money to spend? Do we really need a tourism office right in the centre of London when just last year, there wasn’t enough money in the budget to investigate the rape accusations of the Penan women in Sarawak? Or that there are so many living under the poverty line while things like bridges in poorer areas are inadequately maintained, killing schoolchildren when it collapsed. Where are our priorities?

It seems to be that the idea of development means that we build big, we advertise large and we deck ourselves with great portrayals of monetary wealth to show the rest of the world that we are equals in the wealth game while we lose the very essence of what development really means.

Personally, development means a government that works for the people, a justice system that is truly blind, and a people who value each other as equals. Instead, we move backwards every time Parliament is in session.

We spend too much dragging out cases that should not even be in court because a sin is mistaken as a crime while there is a foolish need to search for a pure, mighty race when we are all supposed to be one.

Instead of looking after our young, we amend marriage laws to allow teenagers to get married with the excuse of preventing teenage pregnancies, abortions and baby dumping. When the best solution would be to direct funds towards a better education system that includes sex education, and before I get any hate mail, it doesn’t mean advocating practices that go against religious beliefs. It’s about protecting our young, not changing laws that advocate shotgun marriages and perhaps even a higher divorce rate in the future. People are going to sin, that we cannot control. What we can do is to help them avoid committing a crime, committing murder.

Maybe the argument is that we need a tourism board in the heart of London to boost our economy especially since we have lost a huge chunk of our FDI, but surely the logic of putting your own oxygen mask on first before you help anyone else should be a reminder of how the people’s money is spent? Take care of yourself before you can take care of others is taken too literally. There used to be a time when politicians fought for the country and not themselves. These days it seems the oxygen mask is only for themselves.

Natalie wonders what the subsidy bill looks like to set up house on prime real estate near Buckingham Palace. Comments:

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