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Below, is yet another news close to the festive season, with the chicken sellers wanting to maximize their profits knowing consumers will grumble and still buy chicken, considered  a necessity in our daily menu.

First and foremost, why on earth must the stupid overworked Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob wait the approach of a festive season before carrying out discussions particularly the one relating to incentives. But here again, this chap is over-worked, domestic trade, cooperatives and consumerism, etc and this could be the reason perhaps, why he is tardy and waits for the time honored concept of crossing the bridge when the time comes.

Any consumer, from a housewife to a minister knows prices bloom at the mercy of the traders who just love to hijack prices for any festive season for any reason just to maximize their profits. Sometimes I wonder if this minister has the inability to know whom he supports the trader or the consumer.

But the best is when he is blatantly worried the traders may not sell chicken and thereby the country will go chicken-less, consumers will lose out and traders will carry on living unemployed.

Please minister think.    

Minister : Discussions on chicken prices with livestock farmers ongoing
By Husna Yusop
PUTRAJAYA (13 Aug 2010) : The government was discussing with the livestock farmers associations to look into how the retail price of chicken can be reduced despite the reported increase in the price of chicken feed.
Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said although the prices of dressed chicken and live chicken have gone up in several places, the price of cooked chicken remained.
He said the matter was discussed during a joint-committee meeting between the ministry and Agriculture and Agro-Based Ministry, chaired by his deputy Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim on Thursday.
“We have asked the Agriculture and Agro-Based Ministry to use their discretion to discuss the situation with the livestock farmers associations.
“We hope they take note of the consumer association’s suggestion for incentives to be given because the price of chicken in the market is related to the price at the farm.
“From the farm, it goes to the wholesaler and then the retailer. Because of these multiple tiers, in the end, the retail price went up,” he said at the ministry Friday.
He added that the incentive is under the jurisdiction of the Agriculture and Agro-Based Ministry.
The Kedah Consumer Association has suggested for the government to give our chicken feed incentives to farmers to check the drastic increase in the price of chicken during the fasting month.
Its president Datuk Yusoff Ismail said traders have no choice but to increase the price when they have to get their supply from wholesalers and farmers who have raised the price from RM4.30 per kilo to RM5 per kilo.
Ismail Sabri said his ministry could only ensure that the retail price of chicken will be controlled during the coming Hari Raya as it would set a ceiling price for it.
Chicken, as well as several other essential items, are occasionally placed under the list of controlled goods for festive season during any festive occasion in the country.
“We are still thinking how much we are going to set the ceiling price. If it is set too low, the traders may decide not to sell and this would be a problem too.
“So, we are discussing with the chicken traders before determining the ceiling price. I hope it would be less than the price now,” he added.
Ismail Sabri also said the ministry does not have power to control the price of food in the Ramadhan bazaars, adding it is up to the consumers to make their selection wisely.


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