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Whatever Samy Vellu says must be taken with a pinch of salt. I just can’t imagine a leader, who can twist and turn, any issue, claiming that this is done for the Indians. He has taken for a ride the Indians for the last 30 years, starting from the year 1979, surely he can give the Indians some repose, the Indians can and will take care of themselves. No Samy won’t do that, his ego is beyond accepting that he has done zilch for the Indians. He might have helped individuals, like Chitrakala, the defeated candidate Ganesan in Bukit Selambau, but these are peanuts compared to what help he got in the way trying to champion the Indian cause. Being the sole Indian representative, what the Government gave was channeled through him, and being a typical Indian lover, he soiled his hands and grabbed the icing and by the time it got to the roots every other fellow under him has partaken a bit of the cake. Crumbs were of course left. One has to just recollect the ordeal of the land for the Effingham Tamil School. There are others, and simply put one gets depressed trying to name his unholy actions against the Indians.

Anyhow back to the point, today he is talking of a portal on May 14, that is a month from now, a portal to interact with others. This is not the first time he wants to go hi-tech. At one stage he wanted a build a separate extension to the present MIC building and it was going to be the brains for people’s support and complaints. That came to nought. I searched my postings on the sayings of Samy Vellu, and game across this one.
Have a laugh. Samy the IT man, who uses the computer like he uses the Indians.

Any how the MIC web page is still under construction for how long, God only knows.

Guiltily, I ask myself can anything good come out from Samy Vellu, besides his shooting off the cuff without being worried; others can think, and don’t fall under the category of his 630,000 MIC members who sorry to say, have been hit again and again and are now immune to what Samy does.

They are the one the Indians must help, and I can say, these abused people must get a lot of help before their parade as ordinary citizens.

clipped from
No Intention To Withdraw MIC Minister From Cabinet – Samy Vellu

He also said that the party would launch a portal on May 14 to enable the people, both from among supporters of the party and those from the opposition, to interact with the party on issues.
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