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It is good that our Inspector General Of Police is concerned of public order, and the people are happy of his assurance. But what about the news of  Utusan Malaysia two days back, which blatantly upped the uneasiness of the people by headlining  “Bangkitlah Melayu”. Even our beloved Prime Minister, Najib had no say about the sensational headline, which does not contribute to 1Malaysia. So IGP, are you going to act against the Utusan Malaysia. Be fair and don’t have double standards.

IGP Warns Against Making Seditious Remarks

KUALA LUMPUR, April 15 (Bernama) — The police will not compromise with any group that goes against the law by creating upheaval or issuing statements which can disrupt public order.
Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said the statement could cause confusion and threaten national security and public order.
He was commenting on a Harakah Daily report quoting PAS secretary-general Datuk Kamaruddin Jaafar as saying that Malaysians would resort to street demonstrations like the red shirted protestors in Pattaya if the Perak State Assembly was not dissolved.
"The police will come down hard on those who make such remarks. They are deemed seditious.
"We will investigate those who had made and written such remarks. We have to check on the matter before taking any action," Musa said when contacted tonight.

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