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Do you believe this compulsive liar. If he had known the Government was not listening, what did he do – still waited for crumbs to fall down which he deliciously swallowed. He had no good qualities, to be a leade,r but with tough-handed policies bulldozed all the members (630,000) and made them suckers. Anyhow the MIC fools deserve it, but what about the Indian not affiliated with the party.

Mahathir said Samy never raised questions on the plight of Indians, and now with the recordings, he has in his possession, tell us what he did. Is he frightened he will be bundled out under ISA.

What a liar.

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Samy: MIC to remain in Najib’s cabinet

RK Anand | Apr 16, 09 1:16pm

Samy Vellu was also asked if MIC had been sidelined and the current scenario was a reflection of the party not having any clout in the ruling coalition.

Denying that the party had lost its influence, the MIC president was confident that his party could survive even “for the next 100 years” if it was sidelined.

“We have the strength to do this,” he said, adding that MIC’s only concern was the woes faced by the Indian community in Malaysia.

According to Samy Vellu, the government had dragged its feet in responding to the issues raised, as a result of which the community had turned its back on the ruling coalition.

“I was in the cabinet for 29 years. I dare say that I was the longest serving minister in the world.

“But whenever I brought up issues (concerning the community), the response (from the government) was slow and we lost their support,” he said, expressing hope that things would be different under the new leadership.
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