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Does this new team of PM and the DPM really know what is happening in Terengganu, or are they listening to one sided stories and thus make contradictory statements. Najib is with the Menteri Besar and Muhyiddin is with the 10 rebel UMNO state assemblymen. These different concepts do not auger well for a new government, and it is best these two discuss matters before issuing statements and not shoot off the cuff. The old saying goes you cannot have two masters, and our new leaders is hoped will mind their language. Muhyiddin has already blundered with ungrateful and unappreciative ways of looking at things. I hope this stops here.

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Najib orders T’ganu BN reps to attend sitting

Rahmah Ghazali | Apr 14, 09 2:11pm

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today ordered all Barisan Nasional state representatives in Terengganu to attend the state assembly sitting tomorrow.


He also said that the threatening SMSes sent out to three BN state representatives warning them against moving a vote of no confidence against Menteri Besar Ahmad Said did not come from the MB’s office.
Najib, who is also the Umno president, said there were no moves at all to remove Ahmad as the menteri besar by any of the state’s BN representatives.
najib first sixth pm speech 040409 03The prime minister’s stand however appeared to be in contradictory to his deputy’s.
Earlier today, Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin appeared to back the action of the 10 rebel Umno state assemblypersons who ‘boycotted’ the Terengganu assembly sitting today.
“Boycott? No, they did not attend,” he said when asked by journalists to comment on the rebel state representatives who are believed to be involved in a conspiracy to oust Menteri Besar Ahmad Said.
“The aduns (state assemblypersons) have the right not to attend to the assembly,” said Muhyiddin.
muhyiddin yassin interview 100309 01According to Muhyiddin, by not attending the assembly sitting, the 10 did not threaten the position of ruling BN coalition as it has a sizable majority in the state.
Of the 32 seats in the state assembly, BN controlled 24 while opposition has eight seats.
However, Muhyiddin conceded that he had a meeting with some of the ‘missing’ representatives.
“I haven’t got the latest report. I met them (the state representatives) a few days back,” said Muhyiddin.
“The matter is of concern to me as Umno deputy president and to the PM as party president. We don’t want to see problems growing over there. We have to resolve the issues.”
When asked about Ahmad’s performance as menteri besar over the past one year, he said: “Well, he’s the MB. He does what he’s supposed to do. Beyond being MB, there could be other issues that need to be addressed.”
Muhyiddin also said that he will be meeting Ahmad soon to find out on what’s happening in the state.


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