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Kugan died, then we had 6 Indians gunned down in Sungei Patani, and now Ulaganathan who died in Police custody in 2003. The Director General of the Health Ministry Merican has more or less defended the 12 Policemen who caused the death, and being a doctor himself, has failed miserably to fulfil his Hippocratic oath which among others defines injustice being done. He may defy human oaths but but there is yet another divine maker who has got to judge him. Surely, as a DG forgetting his credentials can think as a human and feel funny to give a statement Kugan died not because of beatings but more because of physical ailments. Good God I was never his patient during his younger days.
And now Ulaganathan, and with people like the DG, police brutality against Indians will continue without abatement. Thank you Merican.  
Inquest Into Death In Police Custody Of a 19 Year Old Boy : Ulaganathan a/l Muniandy

>Published by “>sethchairman April 8th, 2009 in Law Enforcement.

In reference to above matter, Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM) would like to inform you that the inquest into death in police custody case of Ulaganathan a/l Muniandy will be held as below after postponed for the 10th time. The previous inquest was on 22 July 2008.

Ulaganathan Muniandy (19 year old) an Emergency Ordinance detainee was detain at Kajang Police Station since 15 May 2003 and had died suddenly in 21 July 2003 at Kajang Hospital. According to the Kajang hospital the cause of death “cannot be determined” while the family suspect foul-play.

According to Ulaganathan’s mother – Tamil Selwee a/p Ramasamy, she found that there were few bruises on Ulaganathan’s body, including swollen eyes, bruises around the region of eyes and swells on the legs during she made visit to the Police lockup.

When the family finally with the help of SUARAM and Bar Council wanted to do a civil suit, now the Attorney general have finally requested for an Inquest being carried out – 5 years after the death.

The details of the inquest as below:

Date: 09 April 2009 (Thursday)

Time: 2.30pm

Venue: Magistrate Court Kajang (Bersidang Di Putrajaya)

Aras 1 & 2, Zon Selatan (Bangunan Annexe)

Palace Of Justice, Presint 3, 62506 Putrajaya

Death in Police custody is a fundamental human rights violation and goes against the right to life.

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