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Being a politician in this country appears to be the in thing nowadays considering 15 people are contesting for a single seat in Bukit Selambau. The money is there, and don’t worry about what you have to do. The people who voted you in come second, the first priority is money, readily available from the ruling party which doles out cash not a few thousand but in millions – which most of these lucky fellows would have never seen in their lives.

Recent cases of money power brings to the mind the case of missing Bala, who did a Houdini and disappeared into thin year and till now in untraceable. The perception is he did a turn-around not because he wanted to but led like a sheep to the slaughter house with money being dangled in front him, he was defeated . Millions are mentioned and there is talk a lady went to some foreign place to gift Bala the money. Hamid the homely minister has banned the mention of Altantuya, murdered in this country because it brought memories of shame, but also fellows started using her name in a song. Hamid before he may go off from his homely duties by the 8th of this month may also make an order to ban the use of the name Bala. I will have a problem here. My good friend is Bala. If I mention Bala does that refer to my friend or the Altantuya Bala. To be specific Hamid boy will surely come out with details. 

Then of course we had the 3 monkeys in Perak who are also alleged to have been influenced by bananas, sorry money, and they left the people in the lurch to drive a new Mercedes Benz and of course induced by the few millions in cash offered. Then the ultimate money, meaning something more than millions was, I am told, changed hands to make a winning team the loser as happened in the Perak state assembly fiasco. Money talks.

Some irritated reader will surely comment, where is the proof. I have no concrete proof but I also know there is no smoke without a fire.

Finally, with documented proof, I place before you TOYO, the biggest benefactor in the arena of politics, who, without mercy squandered good money by his extravagant trips and tours. I am told he even took his wife, children and his maid on some of the tours, and I fail to understand why he must allow his family to be castigated for his mistake.   


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