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Hindraf is making the biggest mistake in not supporting the PKR candidate in Bukit Selambau. This is going to cause ripples and repercussions far more than what the leadership thinks. If there are issues at hand with Anwar then this must be settled with him, but just because  RS Thanenthiran was not given the right to contest brings them to a low undignified position that the party is more interested in being assemblymen and parliamentarians and the perks that goes along for the position. They are no better than Samy Vellu claiming to help the Indians but in the end it is the power, the money and the perks that he gets and wants to maintain until when nobody knows. 

Hindraf started well with the intention of helping and overcoming the marginalisation of Indians. To be politically correct the group was there to help the Tamils but the Indian community, some who did raise this issue, felt not left out but thought at least an important issue is being discussed. By showing the true colours in wanting positions, the noble cause for which 5 people are detained under ISA and another exiled in England, has gone to the winds.

If these leaders want to be elected, why not open up another political party like MIC, PPP or Gerakan. When they help out in their saffron wear they are not helping Anwar, Lim Kit Siang or Hadi Awang, but do so for a cause that in any change of government it is hoped the Indians are treated differently. It is not for the party they work but to maintain the reasons for Hindraf.

You cannot have your cake and eat it as well. Either Thanenthiran gets out and joins any existing political party to fulfil his ambition to be a Yang Berhormat, or leave Hindraf alone. It is useless to drag his followers who are misled to forget the original concept why Hindraf came about. That is for the active members in saffron, but for the Indian community are they idly going to give in to the whims of ambitious leaders set on improving themselves, unmindful of the origin concept, and still have good thoughts of Hindraf. Indians outnumber the saffron group and they are the voters. To bring in the other races into the picture, will be a shame, they too will think and remind themselves of the et tu Brute analogy exemplified by Thanenthiran. 

Thank God the choice is not Thanenthiran or Samy Vellu. 

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Hindraf will not help PKR’s Manikumar

Athi Veeranggan | Mar 31, 09 2:38pm

Barisan Nasional’s MIC candidate S Ganesan would be relieved to know that he would not face the army of orange T-shirt clad electoral soldiers in the current Bukit Selambau by-election campaign in northern state of Kedah.


brickfields uthayakumar hindraf 280209 marching to stationUnlike in last March general election, the saffron-clad supporters from the outlawed Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), popularly known as makkal sakti, will not be campaigning against BN and MIC this time around.
Instead, Hindraf has decided to throw its full support behind PAS candidate Nizar Jamaluddin, the former Perak menteri besar, in the Bukit Gantang by-election in Perak.
In the last election, Hindraf was instrumental in ensuring victory for independent candidate V Arumugam against MIC’s S Krishnan in this urban-rural constituency located in the rice bowl state.
Citing personal problems, Arumugam resigned on Feb 9 to pave the way for fresh polls.
Aggressive Hindraf supporters

MIC campaigners were not relishing their electoral chances in facing another round of battle with the aggressive Hindraf supporters, who were among the major reasons for BN’s unprecedented electoral reverses in 12th general election.
But by twist of luck, Hindraf has decided to stay away from Bukit Selambau, which would see a record number of 15 candidates, including 13 independent candidates, vying for the seat.
The decision was made by local Hindraf leadership on Sunday.
"We will mobilise our supporters and, spend our time and energy only for PAS in Bukit Gantang," said the human rights group’s Penang deputy coordinator, R Sanjeeviramah, also known as Sanjay.
suaram human rights award 091208 rs thanenthiranThe Hindu rights movement’s local leaders and supporters have decided to boycott Bukit Selambau in protest against PKR and its supremo Anwar Ibrahim’s decision not to field its national coordinator RS Thanenthiran as PKR candidate.
They were also aggrieved that PKR chose an unknown S Manikumar as party nominee ahead of several other potential local Indian leaders such as PKR deputy youth leader Dr R Krishnamoorthy and Sungai Petani municipal councillor K Masilamani.
"Only Anwar knows why he chose a parachute candidate ahead of other potentially better candidates.
"Perhaps he was taking the Indian voters for granted," said Sanjay.
It has been decided that Hindraf supporters will not campaign for the PKR candidate in Bukit Selambau, unless the movement leaders such as P Waythamoorthy, his detained brother Uthayakumar or Thanenthiran, were to announce otherwise.
Praying for a PKR defeat in Kedah

"Unless our leaders were to tell us to support PKR, Hindraf will not get involved in the Bukit Selambau by-election.
"But Hindraf will go all out to campaign for a victory for PAS in Bukit Gantang," said Sanjay.
Nizar faces BN candidate Ismail Saffian and independent Kamarul Ramizu Idris in the Bukit Gantang parliamentary constituency.
zaid ibrahim book launch nik aziz anwar ibrahim pc 230309 03Some Hindraf grassroots leaders and supporters were silently praying for a PKR defeat in Kedah to teach a political lesson to Anwar and company for failing to value the movement and its army of supporters.
"Perhaps then Anwar and company will know how to appreciate Hindraf and Indian votes," said Sanjay.
Bukit Selambau’s 35,140 registered voters comprise 50.2 percent Malays, Indians 29.5 percent, Chinese 19.3 percent and one percent others.
Hindraf was convinced that the Islamic based PAS had been the only party in the Pakatan Rakyat coalition to have given recognition to it and appreciated the enormous contributions made by its army of supporters in the 2008 general election.
Hindraf to help Nizar secure massive win

"PAS has been the only party to respect us and value our contributions," said Sanjay, accusing DAP and PKR of only giving lip service to Hindraf.
p waythamoorthyWhen contacted, London-based Hindraf leader Waythamoorthy confirmed that the movement would go all out to secure Nizar a massive win.
However, he declined comment when asked on Hindraf’s boycott on PKR in Bukit Selambau, which would be a big blow to PKR’s armoury.
PKR is already being besieged by internal dissent among local Indian leaders over the choice of Manikumar as candidate.
Yesterday former Jerai division chief B Kalaivanar and some 500 supporters resigned from the party and closed down their branches.
Kalaivanar is upset that Anwar had overlooked him as a candidate and accused the PKR supremo of being a dictator. The former PKR leader was charged in court last year for two counts of cheating involving RM3,600.

Two other PKR members, S Moganakumar and A Jayagopal, meanwhile are contesting the seat as independent candidates, allegedly under protest against Manikumar’s candidature.
Polling day will be on April 7.


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