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B.Kalaivanar of PKR quit his Jerai division leader post together with 500 supporters, claiming he was disappointed he was not chosen as a candidate, second, PKR has not done anything for the Indians. 500 goats followed him and resigned.

In the first place, what made him join PKR, was it just he wanted to be in politics, or is it he wanted to be elected as an assemblyman. Or was it because he liked the ideals of PKR and joined the party. Apparently he has decided to support MIC and help Ganesan. But this decision will have to wait for another day. Perhaps he has not met up with Samy Vellu, you must understand he has to be compensated for taking a very difficult decision to quit PKR. Samy Vellu will have a good laugh, be sympathetic, dole out something, and behind his back comment what an idiot, a fellow who changes party like changing clothes, he is only good until the Bukit Selambau election is over, and after that he is to be treated as an outcast as he will be a bad example for fellow MIC members. Good luck Kalaivanar.

He was given a chance to stand in Gurun, in the last elections but he lost. How on earth can be expected to win now if he had been nominated. A loser will be a loser, does he understand that.  

How is he going to convince the Indian voters MIC is good. Even Kedah UMNO does not want Samy Vellu to campaign and lately he was abused verbally by an outsider. Is Kalaivanar going to say MIC is best because they help Indians, and if this is true why the heck join PKR in the first instance. People are not fools. He will be unlucky if he faces the same predicament as Samy Vellu.

What about the 500 goats being led by Kalaivanar, are they joining MIC as well. Samy Vellu will love you for that because he has got another group to exploit and throw away when found not useful. 


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