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This time taking a piece of land given by the Education Department/Developer for a Tamil school. Names like Palanivel, M.Mahalingam and Sivalingam are involved in this 6 acres of land. At 73 years what does Samy Vellu want some more. He can build up his treasure chest, but, his son Vel Paari is there to wipe out all the riches gained by illegal means. Vel Paari is just too generous. Remember his giving away of money to K.Sujatha. He is a “vallal” at dishing out money. Possibly Samy Vellu’s ill gotten gain.

Read my post here as well.

MACC report against Samy over school land

K Pragalath | Mar 26, 09 7:39pm

An opposition leader filed a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) against MIC president S Samy Vellu for allegedly grabbing land meant for a Tamil school in Bandar Utama.


sivarasa mic effingham school macc report 260309 04PKR vice-president and Subang Jaya member of Parliament R Sivarasa filed the report in Shah Alam this afternoon.
"We demand that he (Samy Vellu) return the land to the school,” he told reporters when met later.
"How can he sleep every night after taking the land meant for the education of the young? How can he speak about Tamil school education?" he asked.
According to Sivarasa, the three-acre plot of land is estimated to be worth around RM20 million.
This, he said, raises another question. "The Education Ministry’s policy is to approve a minimum of five acres of land for a school." 
He claimed that the developer had allocated six acres, of which three acres were allegedly transferred to Samy Vellu, his deputy G Palanivel, former party treasurer M Mahalingam and the late Ijok state assemblyperson K Sivalingam.
‘We will not accept this’
At present, he alleged, all three acres belonged to Samy Vellu with MIC acting as the trustee.
"This is a continuation of the report that was initially lodged on Dec 17, 2007. The first report was not investigated. This time around we have lodged a full report along with supporting evidence,” he added.
samy vellu exclusive on tamil schools 080708 05"The land was meant for the school. The land – Lot 28814 – is allocated for the school as seen in the maps from the Land Office.  
"Records now show that the land belongs to Samy Vellu and the trustee is MIC. How can this be? According to the law, no organisation can be trustee to the property held by an office bearer," said Sivarasa, who is also a lawyer.
Meanwhile, the PKR leader also claimed that there is evidence to show that Sivalingam demanded the developers to contribute RM300,000 to MIC’s education arm – Maju Institute of Education Development (MIED) – but “luckily the developers did not give the amount.”
"We will not accept this land grab by MIC and Samy Vellu," stated Sivarasa who was accompanied by the original complainant, P Krishnan.
Also present were G Manivanan, the pro-tem president of Concerned Youth Movement (CYM) and two Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) councillors and PKR supporters.
Previously, CYM had launched a signature campaign on the issue last year.

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