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Hisham: Beware of the traitor

Mar 25, 09 11:01am

Outgoing Umno Youth chief Hishammuddin Hussein today warned party members to be aware of a particular politician who was going all out, and using all means, to topple the Barisan Nasional government.
Without naming anyone specifically, Hishammuddin said the traitor was power crazy and would stop at nothing (in gaining power).
hishammuddin hussien and umno bn youth pwtc support sultan rule 200209"The traitor will sow the seed of hatred, will work with the enemy, will turn against his own race and insult his own land at various international arenas," said Hishammuddin.
"The traitor will also ridicule the royal institution and anyone else for the sake of his lust.
"But whatever he does, he will be judged by the history as a man that practices the culture of hypocrisy and false pretence.
"(And) as someone who manipulates others – he says one thing in front and does another at the back," added Hishammuddin.

He is most likely be referring to the party’s former deputy president Anwar Ibrahim, who is now leader of the oppostion Pakatan Rakyat coalition.

This was Hishammuddin last speech as the Umno Youth chief as he is contesting for the vice-president’s post.
Earlier Hishammuddin continued with the controversial Umno Youth ceremony of arriving into the meeting hall with a keris.

However certain ‘elements’ of typical attributes to the movement were missing.
In what appeared to be a conceding gesture, Hishammuddin today avoided raising the keris at the inauguration ceremony.
Instead of raising it, Hishammuddin had sheath the keris and merely kissed it.

He immediately placed it back in its case and followed with raising his right hand and shouted ‘Hidup Melayu’ (long live Malays) three times.

In previous years he had raised the leris when he shouted these.

Hishammuddin who was battered with criticism and accused of being racist for raising the keris in previous years.

Today’s change in protocol seemed to indicate that Hishammuddin had avoided repeating the same gesture, perhaps with the intention to avoid causing any discontent among non-Malays who will be polling in the three by-elections on April 7.

But this can possibly affect his chances of winning the vice-presidency post as many Umno hardcore would see his gesture as a weak leader.


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