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I would definitely avoid Dr SP Sakthiveloo the doctor involved in some shenanigan involving K.Sujatha, the girl who was instrumental in making Vell Paari, Samy Vellu’s son become an excellent example of an employer who cares not just by words but deeds; it is near impossible to find a benevolent man like Vell Paari who, paid RM200,000 for the girl’s condominium, helped her get a Mazda RX8 sports car, medical treatments in India, the girl and the family going for holidays in Perth etc etc. One cannot just forget this modern Paari, who like his namesake King Paari of India who just gave away his chariot to a creeper – yes a creeper that entwines your wall and turns into a nuisance. Talk is that the Malaysian King Paari is recognised and may be viewed for some kind gesture from fellow Indians. Yes, the son like the father, believes in giving, Chitrakala the CEO of MIED is an example, loans, business help. Well eventually this family, better be called the Malaysian Paari Vallal to let the world know of the good deeds.

I am digressing. I like good doctors – meaning someone sympathetic, willing to listen to my symptoms, sometimes imaginary, and still keeping his cool and giving me advice. But no, I would not want to be seen by this doctor Sakthiveloo, and he has given enough good reasons for me to conclude I may be right. This was suicide. But the doctor depended on the clerks and nurses to make Police reports. Poor chap he must have been under stress and possibly working around the clock, and I am sure he is not the type of doctor I would like to visit.

Secondly, suicide has got to be proofed. You just can’t say, suicide and case closed. The least that dead woman must be confirmed she died by the effects of the poison and not by some broken heart her boss never gave more presents.

My interest was sharpened reading the Doctor’s concern about a hospital in Kuala Lumpur (GH) and one in Klang, where this lady was taken to. Somebody drinks poison, you are the first at the scene, what reaction is anticipated – is it not the nearest clinic or hospital you want to take the patient to. But the best is this, “He added the comparative time gap would not have made any difference considering the “rapid pace of multi-organ deterioration (caused by paraquat poisoning)” Sujatha was suffering from”. Would you want to visit a Doctor who has preconceived ideas on karma and has no faith in his treatment. But at the same time he admits the girl told him, only at the hospital she has taken the poison and the amount taken. Pretty smart is he not, his instincts must be above normal more of a clairvoyant.

He was adamant to say she died of poisoning. But, the public know, a case of fluid in the lungs turned to beatings and even today one waits for the verdict on Kugan.

Anyhow another 5 specialist have to testify and I want to listen to their yarn, before categorizing them of Doctors I won’t visit.

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