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Samy Vellu has announced that the Presidential election for MIC will be held on April 12. 30 years is a long time for any one to hold on to the same post, and Samy has been doing that from 1979. As usual he will be standing and the chances are M.Muthupalaniappan will have little or no chance to beat him – provided of course he is allowed to stand. Samy knows the tricks and he will continue for another term. If it should happen there is a challenger, I bet my bottom dollar it would not be fair and square elections.

It would appear the party will disintegrate with Samy, and what was started in 1946, will disappear.

It is greed that makes Samy to contest and it has nothing to do with his proclamation that it is done to help the Indians. It is personal self-interest and Samy is unable to say enough is enough. 

MIC presidential polls on April 12

Feb 19, 09 1:55pm

MIC’s all-powerful central working committee (CWC) today decided that the party’s presidential elections will be held in April.


samy vellu and mic 160408At a press conference this afternoon, MIC president S Samy Vellu announced that nomination will be on March 22 and polling on April 12.
The veteran politician is  expected to defend the post which he has been holding since 1979.

When asked if he would contest on April 12, he jokingly replied: “Maybe.”

The elections for the other positions have yet to be fixed but observers believe that it will be held between June and September.
To date, only former vice-president M Muthupalaniappan has openly expressed his intention to challenge Samy Vellu for the top post.

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