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khalid ibrahim low siew moi othman omar new pkns selangor chief khalid ibrahim pc 231208 02

I just can’t fathom why Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, the Menteri Besar Selangor, must involve the Sultan Selangor in the scandal of Elizabeth Wong. What is there too difficult for him to decide, to seek the help of the royalty. Has not Anwar said the lady is going on long leave, and her resignation letter will be decided on when she returns from long leave.

In the same breath Khalid castigates, certain elements, out to smear the name of the lady. Knowing the culprit/culprits, , why run to the Sultan. Is he going to confirm to the Sultan, the good conduct of the lady. It is not khalwat, prostitution or anything immoral.

He should be breathing hell fire to have the perpetuators and distributors of the photos brought to bear the brunt of the law rather than running to the Sultan, to expose his weakness in not knowing how to decide a simple case for which Wong has no control over.

Is he toadying up to the Sultan, to avoid the unexpected that happened at Perak.

The lady has enough grace to resign and Khalid, as Menteri Besar should accept or deny the resignation, and give reasons for his decision. He cannot hide behind the Sultan, nullifying the acumen as a Menteri Besar or as an ex CEO of a large firm.

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