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MIC is asking for the Bukit Selambau seat in Kedah and hopes to field V.Saravanan as their candidate. This chap was the MIC representative for Bukit Selambau seat in 2004 and was dropped in the 2008 elections and another S.Krishnan was selected, who lost to V.Arumugam of PKR who is still missing in action. Some say he is with his second wife in India.

Of course V.Saravanan is all excited about his re-birth after being discarded by Samy Vellu. He says MIC lost in the last elections because people had deserted Barisan Nasional. Of course, the reason was the Malays going against UMNO, MCA had lost the Chinese voters and the Indians were angry with Samy Vellu. Saravanan also adds during his time as assemblyperson, he said MIC had helped to build three Tamil schools, upgrade basic infrastructure, amenities and facilities in the constituency. So, with the good done by Saravanan, Samy dumped him and the people dumped S.Krishnan.

As I see it, if Najib agrees to MIC getting this seal, then, it may hasten the demise of MIC and Samy Vellu, and this may spell good for the Indians.

This is from G.Krishnan in his blog Imagine, a very appropriate scenery of MIC as it is today.

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