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A corruption report has been made against MIC President Samy Vellu by a former MIC youth leader.

Among the allegations are:

  • Giving 3 contracts to companies close to him in building the AIMST university
  • These 3 companies are controlled by Samy Vellu’s friends and cronies
  • MIC branches paid RM110,000 for the University, which resulted in RM25 million and RM100 from contractors and individuals. Government gave RM300 million, from Bank Pembangunan RM220 million – a total of RM645 million
  • It is alleged that there exists possibilities the prices could be marked up with Samy being the benefactor.

The origin goes back to Samy Vellu instructing MIED, the education arm, to revoke 2 contracts given out by open tender system and reassign them to Samy Vellu’s friends. Party Treasurer Mahalingam had to back his bags as Chairperson, as well as P.Chitthirakala Vasu being asked to resign. This woman wants to fight Samy until the truth is known.

Chitthira was a close associate of Samy and at one time written a book on Sam trumpeting his leadership and humanistic qualities.

She is now in the receiving end, having received a show cause letter from Samy. She maintains that everything she did was on the instructions of Samy Vellu. Sothinathan has also reported some files are missing. I wonder what these files are.

Has this woman have enough evidence to damage Samy Vellu, it is now speculation time.

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