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Malaysiakini reports that 6 Barisan Nasional assemblymen were appointed as executive councillors in the new State Assembly Perak this morning. Of course this government will long be remembered as a government that came about by the back door of political manoeuvring. Without help from the Sultan they should have been still in the opposition, but since Pakatan Rakyat was not treated as an equal, BN now rules.

There are 5 UMNO members and one from MCA. Rumour is an Indian will be made a Speaker, but knowing this chair must be elected, and there are no Indians in the BN set up, I wonder how they propose doing it.

Hamidah, the snake woman, is now an executive councillor, and rather than admitting she did once refer to a snake when talking about an Indian, put up a brave front, saying she never said it, and that it was misquoted. Poor woman, she has very poor memory, and wonder whether she will perform well in her duties. Ginkgo is good for helping people with memory problems, and I suggest a course for her, and hopefully after that she can remember if she had or not looked down on the Indians.

This is what really happened.

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