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I am told in Singapore, before they select a candidate for election, he goes through a lot of investigations before being accepted. In this country anyone, who has got the money to pay his deposit, can stand – if not for a party at least as an independent. Basically, a politician should be of a reasonable calibre to perform and function if he gets elected.

What I am trying to say is that it is not a person with a Phd who can perform but someone whose previous exposure makes it possible to carry on the heavy responsibilities.

The PKR has the misfortune to bring in people from various status in life to stand in the elections and the latest deflections in Perak concerned two candidates viz a postman and a retired army man. I am not saying saying that their standing or position has anything to do with what they did, but, being used to that situation it may be difficult to envisage their responsibilities. Let me hasten to point out a Phd can do what these two chaps did.

So, it is important the candidates must qualify with certain standards set, and this criteria may help in getting the right loyal person for the part.

At this juncture I refer to a Chief Minister in an Indian state, who had but a few years of education in his mother tongue, and they say, there is no one even now to out bid the performance of this Chief Minister in Tamil Nadu.

Coming to Arumugam, he is not a PKR man, he was recruited into the party for convenience, he is a retired mechanic in the Royal Malaysian Air Force, stood as an independent and won. Was the fame and glitter too much for him to swallow until he forgot what muddles he is getting into.


Kedah Menteri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak today announced that exco member V Arumugam has stepped down as the state assemblyperson for Bukit Selambau, necessitating in a by-election in next 60 days.

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SUNGAI PETANI, Feb 9 — Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) assemblyman for Bukit Selambau, V. Arumugam, who had resigned as the state executive council member, has now gone missing.
No one seems to know the whereabouts of the former Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, Siamese Community Affairs, Unity, Estate Workers and Indian Community Affairs committee chairman.
A check by Bernama at his rented house at the Kelab Cinta Sayang housing area, here, found that the house was locked with no sign of people inside.
Azizan said that an aide of Arumugam told him that the Bukit Selambau assemblyman was relinquishing the post due to personal reasons and not because of Pas leadership.
Arumugam, 55, a retired Royal Malaysia Airforce mechanic, contested in the 12th general election last year as an Independent candidate.
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