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After Perak, the prediction was, Kedah will fall to the Barisan Nasional. In the northern state of Kedah, the PAS-led Pakatan Rakyat government currently has 22 seats to the BN’s 14. Although this looks like a comfortable majority, the reality is that the BN needs only five defections to obtain a simple majority.

Kedah V.Arumugam the Bukit Selambau assemblyman, has already made a Police report about kidnapping, car damage and attempts to make him join Barisan Nasional with money. Now it is reported that he has submitted his resignation and gone overseas.

The culture of capturing a state government through the back-door, a brainchild of Najib, should not be allowed. When in doubt it is best the state governments dissolve the government and seek fresh mandate from the people.

The chastisement of Hee Yit Foong, the Jelapang DAP for selling out the party is fresh in the minds of elected representatives, and I am sure one will think twice before hopping. But then, money can overcome all such obstacles, and perhaps greed will override all fears.

Why did V.Arumugam travel overseas. Did he envisage the same event of PI Bala disappearing. Could be.

A by-election in Bukit Selambau?

Feb 8, 09 11:59pm

PKR sources have informed Malaysiakini that the party’s elected representative in Kedah V Arumugam has submitted his resignation, necessitating a by-election soon for the Bukit Selambau state seat.

It is leant that Arumugam had decided to throw in the towel following tremendous pressure on him and his family to defect to Barisan Nasional.

Arumugam VengatarakooArumugam,54, could not be contacted for confirmation but high level party sources said that the party would make the news official tomorrow.

It is learnt that Arumugam has submitted his resignation letter to the Kedah assembly speaker today and had gone overseas.

Arumugam’s resignation, if it is confirmed tomorrow by state officials, brings an end to weeks of speculation that he would be tempted or forced to join the BN.

Police report lodged

Early this month, Arumugan had lodged a police report claiming, among others, that there was an attempt to kidnap him.

He also claimed that he and his officers have received numerous threats.

“All of this is being done in order to force me to leave PKR and move to Barisan Nasional,” he had said after lodging the police report.

He had said that apart from the threats, he was also approached with lucrative offers in order to coax him into leaving PKR.

Last week, talks of Arumugam leaving PKR heated up again, especially when he could not be contacted by anyone. His party colleagues then revealed that he was on leave.

Kedah – which was an Umno stronghold fell – into the hands of Pakatan Rakyat following the March 8 general election.

Arumugam was an independent candidate who joined the PKR after the general election. He was also a state executive councillor under the PAS-led Kedah government.

via A by-election in Bukit Selambau?.


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