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I like the minted thing. Other words like created, forced on, had to accept, driven to etc come to mind.

Mohd Nizar won.

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Newly minted Menteri Besar Zambry Abd Kadir arrived in his SUV at the Arulmigusubramaniam Temple in Gunung Cheroh at 8.30am and was met by several MIC and PPP leaders.
He proceeded to shake hands with some stall owners before making a short speech to the temple-goers, in the process pledging RM100,000 for the temple.

Meanwhile, ousted Menteri Besar Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin arrived at the temple at 10.30am.
If this was a popularity contest, Mohd Nizar won it hands down as he was greeted with cheers, applauses and cries of “Hidup Pakatan”.
poh Barat MP M Kulasegaran told Malaysiakini that this was the first time in history did a Barisan Nasional menteri besar visited a temple during Thaipusam.
“But this is the second time that Mohd Nizar had visited this temple during Thaipusam. Last year, he was not even menteri besar or a state rep at the time,” he said.
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