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Nizar’s bodyguard assaults pixman – Malaysiakini

Andrew Ong | Feb 8, 09 4:20pm

A Chinese daily photographer was assaulted by a member of ousted Perak Menteri Besar Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin’s security detail today.

Tang Cheong Hoong, 26, from the Oriental Daily was left with a bruise the size of a 50 sen coin on his left side of his forehead resulting from a punch. Blood was also oozing from the wound.

A second punch landed on the photographer’s lower jaw, leaving a small bruise.

The incident took place when Mohd Nizar visited the Arulmigusubramania Temple in Gunung Cheroh this morning and was about to address a crowd on a makeshift stage.

According to witnesses, the bodyguard in a black t-shirt gestured angrily at the photographer before punching him twice.

Quizzed by reporters later, the photographer said the assailant later grudgingly offered an apology and a handshake.

The photographer said he has no intention to lodge a police report nor complain to Mohd Nizar.

“This is a small matter. I won’t pursue it. He (Mohd Nizar) has enough problems now. I guess I’m giving him face.

There were three other incidents of assault by Pakatan supporters. It is high time Pakatan leaders don’t have assistants who behave like persons with their hands on the trigger. They are worst than the FRU and Police. In times of difficulty, like now, the reporters are focussing on Pakatan Rakyat and the party can ill afford to antagonise newspapermen.

via Nizar’s bodyguard assaults pixman.

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