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As reported by Malaysiakini Karpal Singh did not mince his words when he blamed the disarray in Pakatan as being caused by Anwar’s leadership. Anwar’s rhetoric that he will form government with the aid of defectors from  Barisan Nasional has angered Karpal.  He wants Anwar to step down as the leader of Pakatan.

Anwar was at the summit of popularity after the outcome of the March 2008 tsunami and he jubilantly announced that he has set September 16 as the date when there will be exodus of BN members and Pakatan will rule the country. The date came and nothing materialised. 

Again, after some lapse of 3 months, and during the KT election campaign he was at it again, indicating defectors will join Pakatan. He said there were 2 from Sabah, 6 in Sarawak, another 2 from unidentified states and the one from KT making a total of 93, to have a change. It was just a case of calling wolf too often.

What really transpired is that as a result of 3 defectors Pakatan lost Perak to Barisan Nasional.

Anwar has to come out clear and explain, in detail, what were the actual circumstances that made him to claim the numbers. Or was this his imagination running wild or a threat to BN to make them jittery. The whole matter is  shrouded in mystery. Anwar should come with clarification, and if he does not do so, further commitments and promises will be taken with a pinch of salt. 

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