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I am justified in calling him No 2 for the simple reason the first Menteri Besar, the legally elected one, Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin has not resigned. So, without adding to the confusion let the people refer to Nizar as the incmbent.

Someone said there are no Indian representation in the Barisan Nasional set up. Having looked at pictures of Zambri, why must we go further, he looks like one and surely can act for the Indians.

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New MB’s Enormous Task Ahead

IPOH, Feb 7 (Bernama) — Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir’s first official function as the new Perak menteri besar was a state Gerakan-organised Chinese New Year gathering in Kampung Simee today.

Kampung Simee is one of the Chinese New Villages in the centre of town.

Realising this, Dr Zambry was quick to address it when he came out openly and stated that he was a menteri besar for all races and not for one group or particular party.

As a multi-racial state, none should claim that Perak belonged to any particular group, he said.

“I am not MB (Menteri Besar) for one race, for one party but for all peoples in Perak. Justice should be upheld in the best possible manner,” he added.
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