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Both of them are expected at the Chinese New Year function in Ipoh tonight. Najib will definitely be there – but what about Hee Yit Foong, the prima donna and the most hated woman in Perak. Messages are circulating in Ipoh that the Chinese should boycott the function. Now, how united are the Chinese. Will they heed this call and show unity or will it be like a Tamil saying ‘What does it matter who reigns, Ravana or Raman’ a sort of antipathy, does it really concern me. The Chinese just to that. Remember the KT elections where the Chinese still voted Barisan.

There is a lot of anger against Hee, I read there was a gathering at Kanthan New Village, about 16 kilometres from Ipoh, where Kee’s mother stays and the mother’s vegetable sales are affected. Hee must be a fearless lady if she appears. Somebody tells me money makes you immune to curses and anger from people. I don’t know if there will be a change of mind when the money is used up. Easy come easy go they say. Or contrary to all the comments of the people at large, perhaps Hee is now over joyed with whatever Najib did to entice her. She may be planning something big and bigger – something like being offered the Deputy Speaker’s post, a new Camry, etc etc; we don’t know yet, do we. 


Will Najib be boycotted tonight?

Andrew Ong | Feb 7, 09 3:57pm

The talk of Ipoh today is whether Deputy Premier Najib Abdul Razak will face the wrath of the Chinese community when he attends a Chinese New Year function tonight.


Since Wednesday, buntings advertising the event at the SRJK Yuk Choy school have dotted various parts of the city. However, the organiser of the event is still unknown.

najib pc on bn takeover of perak state with 4 aduns 050209 02Najib has been credited as the mastermind behind the unpopular Barisan Nasional takeover of the state government by courting four Pakatan Rakyat state representatives to defect.

A flurry of text messages in various languages have been making rounds asking locals to boycott the event. One text message called Najib’s event a “big show”.

“To the wise and kind people, protect democracy, reject corruption, uphold the law. The proud people of Perak, reject him (Najib). Do not attend. Let him witness our strength. Please pass this on,” read the text message.

A separate text message called on the public to hold a candle light vigil opposite the school tonight in protest of the takeover.

“I will go, dressed in white as though I’m going for a funeral to symbolise my protest,” a 28-year-old lawyer told Malaysiakini.

Public ridicule for Hee

Though normally not fans of public protests, a large number from the Chinese community thronged the menteri besar’s residence on Thursday night to show support for the Pakatan government.

pakatan ipoh rally 050209 step on najib posterDuring this event, supporters of ousted Menteri Besar Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin tore down buntings of Najib’s event before proceeding to trample and spit on his photograph.

Since then, the menteri besar’s residence – which is merely a stone’s throw away from the venue of Najib’s function tonight – has been drawing crowds of supporters nightly.

Meanwhile, observers will also be looking to see if Jelapang assemblyperson Hee Yit Foong shows up for Najib’s function. She is one of two Chinese reprerentatives in the new BN state government.

Thus far, she has borne the brunt of criticism from the Chinese community and if she shows up tonight, it would mark her first public appearance since the controversial takeover.

There are many rumours in Ipoh that her family members have suffered public criticism and ridicule. This cannot be independently confirmed as her family members have refused interviews.

Wet market traders for example are reportedly refusing to sell her parents vegetables.


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