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Hee blundered badly. She is being criticised through the country. To make amends and to repay her voters who gave her this post, would she recant; the voters never did wrong her, her anger was with other DAP members.

She has this golden opportunity to make amends. Would she repent?

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Hometown folk slam Hee’s action

IPOH: Jelapang assemblyman Hee Yit Foong’s resignation from the DAP to become an Independent continues to draw flak from the public.

This time it is from her hometown in Kanthan Baru new village near Chemor here.

Over 200 new villagers, when met at the market yesterday, showed their displeasure over her resignation from the DAP by criticising and slamming her openly.

New villager Tan Lim Chua called her a traitor and that her betrayal had tarnished the village’s name. “It is certainly sad and heartbreaking,” said the 60-year-old farmer, adding that it would not be easy for the villagers to forgive her.

State DAP youth executive director Chai Wee Khun said the villagers had wanted to protest at Hee’s parent’s home but decided against it later.

“I advised them not to do so as Hee’s family were not involved in the fiasco and should not be disturbed.

“I believe her family have suffered enough,”

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