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Whatever Najib and Barisan Nasional did, it was to promote their political future. They care two hoots for the people. They want power to flaunt, money to squander, and make fools of the citizens. This they have done for the last 5 decades. They are thieves and they will remain so until they are thrown out by the voters.

But the Sultan – it cannot be digested; claiming democracy, fairness, justice, consultation etc etc, and when these empty promises can be put into practise, he backs down and joins the corrupted politicians. The one person to defend the Perakians lets them down and sides the incorrigible politicians to gain what, fame and other benefits. I still wonder.

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CYM Malaysia: Your Royal Highness, this paramount decision of yours has penalised your very own truehearted citizens. Your verdict has wounded your very own citizens deeply, a wound in our hearts and minds.

Your beloved Perakians and Malaysia as a whole, through your decision, are subjected to unfairness and injustice. This is so true as it does not reflect the true intention of the voters. Further, it also does not reflect the true principle of democracy.

In your very own words, you once said on your relationship with the state: ‘As a ruler, I cannot participate in planning or formulating a programme, I am not a political leader. I am not an administrative officer; I am only a consultant…’

Your Highness, have you consulted the people of Perak? Have you heard the cries of the people of Perak?

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