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Friday, February 06, 2009

A comment from a blogger.

I think the Sultan made the decision without thinking about the implications and the wrath of the people. He was nice to Najib, and see what has happened now.



The Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah had fail to realise that he had been playing politics with the unscrupulous UMNO-led Barisan Nasional leaders to wrest the Perak State government from the Opposition Pakatan Rakyat by dubious means by using ‘defected’ Independent lawmakers to show that they are the majority and have rights to topple a legitimate State government.

It had been revealed that the Sultan of Perak has no legal right to dismiss or remove a Mentri Besar via the Perak State Constitution but sources reveal that the Interpretation Act may allow the Sultan the power to appoint and also includes the power to remove the Mentri Besar. But still this is a ‘grey area’ in law, interpreted to suit the Sultan in his wishes to behave in a detrimental manner against the wishes of his rakyat. The paramount question here is WHAT DOES HIS SUBJECTS WANT? The subjects had wanted a fresh State election to elect new leaders and form a able and reliable State government.

It could not be disputed that since the request made by the Mentri Besar, the Sultan has powers according to the Perak Constitution to dissolve the State Legislative Assembly, paving way for a fresh State elections.

But to the surprise of everyone, the Sultan of Perak had gone overboard to accept the appointment of a Barisan Nasional lawmaker as Mentri Besar when BN on its own does not command the majority. If the defected leaders had joined BN component parties, then the situation could not be disputed. Another factor of concern is that two defected lawmakers are under corruption charges and if the Court dismisses their action, it would establish the fact that the Barisan Nasional government does interfere with the justice system and the rakyat can no longer expect a fair judicial system if this ‘uncaring, useless, arrogant and corrupted’ UMNO-led Barisan Nasional government remains in power. Even to our dismay, some Barisan Nasional leaders have expressed their reservations with the way this incident had taken place.

The next question is IF THERE IS ANOTHER DEFECTION, what would the Sultan of Perak do. Give it to the majority that commands the State Assembly or DISSOLVE the State Legislative Assembly. The Sultan would have no alternative but to repeat history. But when will this end?

It seems that the position of the Sultan would have to be addressed immediately through formation of a ROYAL COMMISSION and their powers should be precisely specified to overcome these sort of politicking by the Rulers in future which ‘anger’ the rakyat who have given their trusted vote.

Posted by Mohd Kamal Abdullah at 3:42 AM

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