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MIC Youth Chief T.Mohan, a devout follower of his chief Samy Vellu, knows his future in the party is not bright without Samy Vellu, has now turned a sycophant, flattering and beating the drum to ensure that the chosen candidate of the choice of his chief gets to be the next President of MIC. There then goes the dreams and aspirations  of Palanivel – the chosen one is Sothinathan.

T.Mohan feels the right candidate for President should be one who is able to push the party forward. True, true, with all the heavy baggage MIC drags along one must have a brawny fellow with bulging muscles to give the party a hefty push. Apparently Sothinathan fits into this category well. I can well imagine all contenders for President rushing to the gym to tone up their muscles. But, be careful though, don’t get hurt carrying iron – it is heavy.

What about Muthupalaniappan’s challenge. He is 66 and old and one sees a bulk of a man but no muscles – definitely cannot be a contender to push MIC.

The youth leader worries the prize will be handed over in a silver platter to the most senior man and the MIC youth as a whole is against this practice of seniority and ability. Muscles and  size will suffice.

Palanivel at 59 is old and following the old is gold concept Samy at 73 is vibrant and ever ready to prove he has muscle. Anyone for arm wrestling! No wonder Mohan wants somebody vibrant and young.

I can understand the undying admiration of T.Mohan to push forward the idea of the President, but has he thought about alternatives. Why not crown Samy as King of MIC, I am sure Mohan can pull a few strings and ropes to get it done. In this, the question of election is put to rest. Samy can reign until his last breath and be succeeded by his son Vel Paari. Problem solved.

T.Mohan need not worry about physical strength, muscles, silver platter, pushing and shoveling and all that.    


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