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Apparently Hee Yit Foon is heartbroken, a common malady attributed to the female gender. For all the ladies who read this, don’t rise up to throw brick-bats at me, because when you become a politician you have to be hardy and robust and take things with a pinch of salt and fight. Failing which, don’t enter politics, start something elsewhere to keep you occupied.

Now this lady was incommunicado for some time by switching off her phone, the reason she gave was she had too many calls on the deflection of some PKR members. That was the first stupid mistake she made, being an elected member, she is telling the whole world that she cannot take the pressure of being a politician.

When DAP reprimands her, through Lim Guan Eng, Guan, she gets heartbroken. 

Any move she makes to join MCA, would be an affront to the 12,000 voters of Jelapang, because they could have voted otherwise.

Now these two PKR goons are going to independent members, and eventually switch over to Barisan,  and if this lady does the frog dance, Barisan will have 30 seats and PR 29.

Please think Hee.

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